Dave's Garage: Judgement (by Maple)

This is a tangental story attached to Brookshire Farms. If you’re unsure of who any of these characters are, I recommend reading the first two parts.


You had a garage full of fluffies again.

Not just any fluffies this time. No, these weren’t some random ferals you rounded up. These were some nasty fuckers. However much fun it was to break the spirit of a creature that had done nothing wrong, it was a special treat to get to punish sinners like these. It took skill to come up with the sort of abuse that they would understand they had brought on themselves. One could call it an art. You were active on various abuser forums and were looking forward to providing them with some well crafted content to break up the generic beatings and mutilations. Not that there was anything wrong with those, it was just comparing grape juice to fine wine.

You kicked open the door to the garage. Immediately the complaints and whines began. You had 6 adult fluffies in stacked wire cages. Three toughies all threatening to stomp various parts of you, their smarty who had his tail lifted and was waiting for you to come into sorry poopies range, and two mares. The first was screaming for her four foals, which were off to the side in a hamster cage, and the second was yelling that “soon mummah need sketties”. It was music to your ears.

You had convinced Sam to let you interview Lilac and Clover, promising they wouldn’t be traumatized over it. It took some convincing, but eventually he left you alone with them in his kitchen long enough to talk. You had taken polaroid pictures of each of the condemned fluffies and set them down one by one.

“Let’s start with this orange toughie.” You slid his picture over to the pair. He was mid yell, hoof raised for a stomp, green mane tangled in the wire cage. “What can you tell me about him?”

“Pumkin.” Lilac answered softly. “Pumkin meanie. Nu wet Wiwac sweep with hewd.” She sniffled at the memory, Clovers eyes narrowed with anger.

“Thats so horrible sweetie, it must have felt awful.”

She nodded. Clover continued for her. “One cowd time, Pumkin nu let soon mummah sweep wif hewd cuz soon mummah nu wet Pumkin have speciaw huggies. Was bad fow tummeh babies, Pumkin nu cawe.” He paused looking away. “Soon mummah take fowevah sweepies in da dawk time.”

You pulled the picture back, making a note on the back of it. “That’s horrible. I’ll make sure he gets what he deserves for it.”

“Pumkin desewve huwties.” Clover agreed.

You slid the next picture forward. This was a purple mare with a green mane, another of the toughies. She was blowing a raspberry, cheeks puffed.

“Dat Bewwy.” Clover spat, hatred in his voice.

“Don’t like her much, do you?”

“Nu! Bewwy wazy! Bewwy dummeh! Bewwy nu hewp fwuffies when dey need it!” He stomped repeatedly on her photo until Lilac put her hoof on his shoulder. He took a deep breath and continued, calmer. “Cwovew bwuddah Cwoud get stuckies in meanie bush, and Bewwy just weave him dere. Nu tell hewd until dawk times when Cwovew mummah ask where bwuddah is.” He sniffled. “Bwuddah awive when Cwovew and mummah found him, but he get sickies. Went fowevah sweepies aftew.” He stared blankly at the photo.

You pulled it back, making another note. “I’m so sorry buddy. I’ll make her pay.” Clover just nodded.

“This is another of the toughies.” You set down a picture of a grey stallion with a blue mane. Lilac yelped, and shoved her face into Clover’s shoulder. “It’s okay sweetie, they can’t hurt you. They’re far away, on the sorry farm.”

“Dey… Nebah comin back?” She sniffled.

“Never. See the cage he’s in? It’s locked, he can’t get out.”

“O… Otay.” She took a big breath. Clover set a comforting wing on her side.

“Take your time honey.”

She steeled herself for a second longer. “Dat… Dat Stowm. Stowm gib… Bad speciaw huggies.” She was shaking at the memory. “Nu just to mawes. Fiwwies, cowts, stawions…” She hid her face again and sobbed.

“He bad bad fwuffy.” Clover continued for her. “Gib bad huggies to own babies. An…” He looked down at his crying mate. “An to Wiwac too.”

You made a note on the back of his picture. “Thankyou, I promise he will never be able to hurt anyone else. There’s only a few more.” You gave them a second to compose themselves before pulling out the next photo, the pregnant mare. She was very fat, pink with a red mane, and looked terrified.

“Dat mawe am Fwowew” Clover said, hugging Lilac close. “Fwowew eat aww nummies, say nummies aww fow tummeh babies but nu weave nummies fow oddah fwuffies. Nu even oddah soon mummahs. Smawty wet hew cuz she gonna hab smawty’s babies.”

“That’s so selfish!” The pair nodded in agreement as you wrote it on the back of the photo.

“Last one, who is this?” You showed them the last mare, a dirty off-white color with a deep blue mane.

Lilac reacted immediately. “Dummeh Wain! Hatchoo! Hatchoo!!” She spat, her mate holding her back as she tried to bite the photo. You pulled the photo back in shock. Lilac was a shy fluffy, but whatever this bitch did was bad enough to have her screaming incoherent abuse.

Clover wrapped himself around her, mumbling comforting words until her screams turned to sobs and then whimpers. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know she was that bad. You don’t have to tell me anything.” You apologized. Not only did upsetting such a gentle creature make even your hardened heart ache, Sam would kill you if you triggered his fluffies clear PTSD.

Finally Lilac spoke. “Wan Wain to get wowstest huwties.” She mumbled.

“I can promise you that. It would help me give her hurties if you could tell me what she did.”

The brown fluffy took a deep breath. “Wiwac hab tummeh babies fwom Stowm. Wiwac nu wuv bad speciaw huggies, but wub tummeh babies anyway. But Wain…” She glared at the photo, gritting her teeth. “Wain say tummeh babies nu fow poopeh fwuffies. Say hewd nu want poopeh babies. Wain gib stompies and stompies, get smawty to gib stompies tu, untiw…” Her voice caught in her throat. “…babies cum. Dey… Dey too widdwe…” She buried her face in Clovers fluff again, who rubbed her back with a hoof and made soothing noises.

You hated fluffies on the best of days. But these fuckers… Oh they had a world of hurt coming towards them. “Thats horrible, I’m so sorry honey.” You pulled the photo back, not bothering to make a note. You would remember. “I promise, none of them will ever hurt another fluffy again. Never ever.”

“Tankoo Mistah Dabe.” Lilac mumbled. Clover just pulled her in even tighter.

You had what you came here to get. Did you need a motive? No. These were awful creatures as is. But knowing what they were capable of made the punishment so much sweeter.

You returned home, and scanned each of the photos before uploading one to Abusenet, writing up a short description of the toughie you decided to start with.

Got some new toys from a friend of mine, he took in a feral herd and let me keep the assholes.

I think I’m going to start with this orange fellow here, according to my sources he thinks it’s funny to let fluffies freeze to death in the winter just because he doesn’t like them. He’s generally a dick, was one of the toughys.


Taking all suggestions for what his punishment should be!



Might be a bit hard to do, but maybe find a way to freeze his genitals solid and shatter them.


“toughie” legs vs liquid nitrogen not so tough then.


Let’s see, we got racists, laziness, a rapist, and a child murderer. Yeah, I’d say inflict hellfire on them all.


Rain should be given bad special huggies, forced to raise and love her babies, then just when they turn into talkie-babies, Dave should crush her foals in front of her. Let her feel what that’s like on the other side.


Also, when it comes to the smarty’s special friend, fat fuck likes to eat everything, so force feed her until her stomach bursts. Maybe wait until she gives birth then add her foals to the food.


I’d say thare some seven deadly sins we got here so I say give them a chance to hehehe get out of this situation all of them have to pass Through trails and deadly sins and the sins they committed.


I agree since she haggle all the food suppose for the herd not hers alone!


Hmmm :thinking:

Pumpkin: crush his dick, and left him outside to die in cold freezing temp.

Berry: throw him on a thorn bush , make sure he is stuck and cant get out, pillowed him if u want and left him to freeze to death the whole night.

Storm: cock and balls gone, pillowed him and have stallion enf him non stop

Flower: the fat bitch have her foals and have em grind and serve as food as expect she would haggle everything again and tell her the secret ingredient.:smiling_imp:

Rain: if shes pregnant stomp on her have her not ready babies out too early or have her eat parsley that causes miscarriage or mix Foal-Be-Gone sketti flavor with her skettis.


For Pumpkin, cork him and put him in an old fridge. Give him plenty of food (frozen veggies) and ice cold water. Set up a webcam and let the audience enjoy the show. Hell, take bets on how long he’ll last and if it will be the cold that kills him first or going septic from being unable to poop.


Empty box illusion container to hold him with the front being kept inaccessible by wire, one-way mirror replacing the regular mirror. Air supply provided externally via a hose, with music being played from a radio next to it to drown out anything.

Convince him he’s invisible and cannot be heard by other Fluffies. That he’s alone forever. Then pretend he’s fading to humans too, and is being fed/watered just in case he’s still there. Stop cleaning up after him by claiming the waste cannot be seen. Then feed way more than he could eat, come back and claim he must have disappeared since the food looks untouched. Then leave the box alone. He’ll die of dehydration, all the while watching the fates of the rest.



Suggestion for Rain: gaslighting.

Convince her she killed her babies for all being Poopies but in actually she’d just shitted on them and covered their colors, which all Fluffies thought were the prettiest ever.
Those babies are Lilac’s. Temporarily dye them brown, tell her that she stole them and convinced herself they were pretty colors. That all the other Fluffies only pretended so they could laugh at her.

Give Sam back her babies for Lilac to raise as justice. Tell Rain she asked him to give them back, but claim they are shedding their winter coats and the fluff underneath is pretty colors; they’ll be pretty adults and everyone will know that Lilac made such pretty babies. Rain will just be remembered for being stupid, pooping on a litter that was all Bestest then raising Poopies that got pretty when they weren’t hers anymore.

Then just keep going. She never had a Special Friend, just a string of males who had their way with her and she convinced herself they were a Fluffy who never existed. That Clover is her most frequent paramour.
Smarty probably shagged her, so convince her she was his son and also Derped.

Feed her something of poor nutritional value and drink to dehydrate, tell her she is a VERY old Fluffy and spent most of her life giving butt licking to the entire Herd. That they’re all dead because she lead them off a cliff and into water, and so on and so forth.

Just keep rewriting her life story to be as miserable as possible until she Wan Dies. Then finally convince her she has died, she’s a ghost but was too stupid for Skettieland so now she lives in her cage forever.


I actually prefer this to my own suggestion.

Tell them a VERY basic version of Inferno. Give each an actual chance after you, as Fire-Daddeh, explain why its bad and how what will kill them if they fail will happen to them forever if they fail.

The penitent get dropped off in the woods.


My suggestions

Pumpkin: put him in a cold sorry box, with the sound of a tap dripping loudly to scare him with ‘bad wawa’. Drip a few drops of water on him every time you catch him going to sleep to wake him up. Repeat until he’s delirious with lack of sleep or his heart gives up.

Berry: put her in a cage with barbed wire wrapped through the bars on the walls, and ‘forget’ to feed her.

Storm: set up a lovely saferoom for him, full of enfie stuffy toys. All the enfie toys are prepared with hormone spray, and filled inside with shards of glass. When he cries about his bleeding cock, tell him one of the enfie toys has medicine inside to make his nono stick all better, but you’re not sure which one.

Flower: take her babies while she’s sleeping and splatter her in blood. When she wakes up tell her she ate her own babies. Better if you can record her mummah song and edit it to sound like ‘numming babbehs’ with some stock ‘foals in pain’ sounds layered you can play back to her as proof.

Rain: make her a milkbag, unable to talk, watching her foals call someone else mummah. Dying her fur brown also works, that would make some more dissonance for her mindset.


Pumpkin: Put him in a sorry box that can both heat up and cool down. Also have speakers so he can hear other fluffy voices and other noises. Make Pumpkin feel like there are other fluffies around to comfort him before suddenly bringing in monster sounds so he can soil himself. Make him believe that he’s hiding but still needs to be quiet as the monster eats the other fluffies for long time before falling asleep and snoring. The amount of time is long enough for Pumpkin to get hungry and his belly growls and he also realizes that it’s cold. He finds food and water that are cold and frozen so it’s hard to get at and eat. Have a voice ask if he wants the bestest warmies to eat the nummies. Then slowly crank up the heat until Pumpkin is stuck to the ground. If he can ask for coldies then pour in very cold water until he drowns.


See how he likes the cold. No warm food, a room that’s not cold enough to freeze, but enough to be uncomfortable. No way to get warm in his room. Only cold showers.


Totally agree on using cold as a primary punishment for Pumpkin, however I had a thought: that kind of toughie will try to give sorry poopies the first chance he gets, right? Cold cork. Glass or steel left in a freezer, or just a big enough ice cube. Make him feel cold from the inside out, prevent him from making a mess, all in one step


More or less what others have said. For the rapist stallions don’t just cut off their junk, leave their balls so they can still be hurt, and maybe still get aroused with no outlet (spike some food with testosterone supplements I guess?). Then shove something up their asses till they break.

Pillow the lazy mare and maybe douse her with some cold water, anything to put her in perpetual discomfort. Then proceed to ignore her. Maybe sow her mouth shut too?
The gluttonous mare should be forcefed her own foals and shit till she pops.

Make Rain the official litterpal. Put her in a bin and cork all the others and then empty them out into said bin. Hopefully she’ll enjoy being an honorary poopie fluffy.

Something I’ve wanted to see is a human have a 1-on-1 “fight” with a toughie. Let the toughie try and kick or bite at you, only to move out of the way or lightly kick it away. Let it tire itself out. Maybe repeat the process until it (and the herd) realizes how weak and pathetic it truely is. Maybe maintain a calm demeanor or whatever you think would best convey how little it’s “attacks” effect you.


Maybe tell the herd her bloated corpse is all the food they’ll get. Or fatten her up while starving the others. Then have the herd eat her alive out of hunger, desperation, and anger.


Pillow rain, get her knocked up,let lilac get vengeance for her babbehs

Children should not suffer for the sins of their parents