Creators, What is Your Favorite Piece of Yours that Others Don't Like as Much? (OtherCoraline)

Creators of the FC, what is a piece that you are particularly proud of, but didn’t quite get the reaction you were hoping for. Text, audio, animation, stories, images, comics, whatever.

Here’s your chance to shill for yourself. Post your image or link your animation/text and let me know why it’s your fav, and why you think it may have missed its mark.

I’ll go first.



Why It’s One of My Favs

I love this comic because the foals look so miserable. The first panel puts them in a nondescript place, and the fact that the green foal can hear its mummah means they are so close to rescue.

Cue the second panel. The box the foals are in are on top of a garbage can. A simple task for a human to reach into (or put the box on the ground) but an insurmountable obstacle to a fluffy.

The mare is desperately looking for her foals and can hear them. She’s shaved, poked, prodded, and marked. She’s survived abuse but her only thought now that she’s away from her abusers is to save her babbehs. The phrase “so close yet so far” springs to mind.

She can hear them, but can’t see them. Even if she does eventually figure out they are in the cardboard box, there’s nothing she can do. She’d be wary to ask any humans for help after what she just recently went through. The best she could hope for is to slump down next to the garbage can, try to console her foals, and hope a helpful human comes to save the day. Maybe poke and shake the garbage can and take the risks that her foals survive the tumble. Most likely, though, she’ll sit next to the garbage as her foals struggle out their last words and succumb to the elements, only a foot or two away, but impossible to reach.

Why I think It Didn’t Land:

I tried tying it into the Stomping Day Theme contest when it is not related at all. The text I added was unrelated and I think just confused people. Stomping Day was already a foreign concept to some. Making a comic called “Stomping Day Preparations” was just a poor decision all around. This should’ve just been a stand alone with the images speaking for themselves.

Hopefully some people will share. Give one of your favorite creations a second shot at life! I’d love to hear why you love a piece of yours that you feel may have gotten overlooked. If it’s a long comic or text story, please link it in your comment, otherwise, I’m 99% sure you can embed images into comments just like you can with Topics.

Luvs :hugs:


I think that’s a pretty good comic. I do like a groaner.


probably the whooky sack post
just kidding its probably the wholesome sides to my story. i like writing it because it makes me feel happy and warm but others dont like it as much because theyd rather see the crazed abuser fight with the voices in his head, which i totally understand


I wish I had an entry in this, but the simple fact is nothing I’ve done so far has any real risk to it. Everything has been quite safe both for me as a creator and I think for the audience. I don’t think it’s like junk food content, but it’s not challenging either.

Props to everyone who has an entry here! I’ve yet to make any real risks in that department.


The most negative comments I’ve received were from the final chapter of Home Is Where The Sweetheart Is, because it had a happy ending. Granted I could’ve gone sadbox for the ending and it would’ve fit the harsher elements of the story, but I tried to incorporate as many upbeat moments as I could to lead into the happy ending, Sweetheart’s loving family, her growing romance with Archibald, the fact that she actually escapes Josef which is a feat unto itself.

I think some people just weren’t a fan of the way things turned Hugbox in the last chapter, but I made it no secret that the series only existed cause people loved Sweetheart and I wasn’t about to piss them off by pulling the rug out from under them.


I still feel you were in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario with her regarding readers. ANY continuing of her story would’ve made folks mad simply because a resolution would have to happen.

It was a tough spot. You would’ve gotten flak either way.


I’d say my Destiny 2 X fluffies crossover comics (commissioned for WatcherOfEternity)
I thought more ppl would be into it, but it was not a blast as I thought it was going to be
anyway I had a LOT of fun drawing it
I love working on crossovers with fluffies and other things
ps: not complaining lol xD



The comic that flopped the hardest was this

Not So Smarty.

Eh, you might be thinking Its over 2K views! Why are you complaining?

It was due to the mixed reception it originally had on the subreddit, which was the reason for me abandoning reddit. From then on I pretty much lost motivation to continue the story really.

It wasn’t that people were criticizing me, that part was valid. What fucking hurt was the messages from people, just straight up telling me this sucks and I butchered First Blood’s story line.

Eventually, it got to me and I had to take a break.

Don’t worry though, I’ll comeback with a heavy hitter for the story.


People seem to ignore things I write. I don’t really care through, pretty much write and draw for me. If other people like it, they like it. but I can think of something I made that wasn’t received will, that I’ve never posted here.


I have some that at the time I thought would be more striking, like Grief therapy, but since it was well received in the Latin American fandom I am satisfied with it.

I guess my mistake is that at first glance my cartoons and comics do not look so vibrant, they do not have bright colors or a dismembered foal in the foreground, everything is grayscale and has to be thought to be understood.

Being subtle is complicated, most prefer everything to be as graphic as possible and that is something complicated for me, who tries to mix the everyday with fluffies, that’s why I think some did not reach the level of acceptance that, from my point of view. view, they deserved, another example is A questionable roleplay.


To deep for you haha


Then tell me about your favorite and why it’s special to you, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:


I’ve had a couple of mine that I don’t know if they did their job… but I’m also not a regular poster and keep having life issues get in the way of posting regularly. My dog just passed away so I’ve been too busy. I like this topic and love reading responses though. I hope to get better at this.


To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of fluffy x crossovers. I like fluffies being fluffies (i’m a stubborn fart). But I looked at those and I can see why you’d enjoy drawing them so much. Fitting a fluffy into the Destiny aesthetic (no small feat) plus the plenty of action panels to flex your artistic muscle. You must had a blast making those! Super fun crossovers! :smiley:


For the time being it’s still “Follow Fluffy To SkettiLand” from the fluffies flying theme month.

I came up with it after reading @Oculusfluffy’s “Milk” story, which was a real gut punch at the time. Changing my meds plus the fact my folks are getting up there in years (70’s and 80’s) factor in. It started of as an attempt at a song, turned into a short story, and I finally drew it out. So it’s probably the best developed piece I’ve done to date, period.

I think all the work plus it being my first attempt at story telling is why it’s still my favorite. It represented an actual project versus a one off. An actual “I did it” milestone. And I feel it’s relatively subdued versus hitting you over the head, whereas most of my work tend to be way more direct in what I want to communicate.

Won’t lie: the feedback on it, including at Reddit, was particularly encouraging as well.

I’m not sure when I’ll get another idea like that. Sometime I’m sure.


You can please some of the people all of the time;

You can please all of the people some of the time…

You can never please all of the people all of the time!

I Can’t believe some of you have gotten such a negative feedback… when it comes to art and writing, I think people commenting on how “they would have done it THIS way” or “you should have…”. NO. STFU. People are contributing and if you have something to say, just comment on what the author art artist chose, no one honestly CARES if you think it would have been better blue instead of green…

…people have a lot of nerve posting criticism when they haven’t contributed a damn thing. I see it all the time on here and it drives me nuts!

Thank you for coming to my Ted tawk


Just checked it out, and holy hell, that’s a heavy story. A lotta things to digest. I can see why the sub reddit wouldn’t be able to handle it. Human Drama? Nah man, gimme gore/vore and squee hugbox, no inbetwen or imma cut ya :triumph:

Was is it in 'Controversial' for the incest tag or why did I not see it when you made that? :thinking:


yep, had to study a lot of models, and since I played it a lot when I had a ps4 it was cool to be done :smiley:


I feel like I never have time to read all the text posts. There’s so many good ones.

But I LOVE your (non-anthro) drawings. Nothing against your pics, I just tend to avoid the anthro/controversial side of the site altogether.

You need to draw more! Patchwork gave me ALL the feels


:frowning: I’m so sorry. I have a bombay kitty and I know the day I lose her, I’ll be crushed. I hope you’re okay. All I can say is let yourself feel all the emotions, especially the ones you don’t want to feel. it’s healthy to let things out. Helps you work through them.