Coloured Milk Bags by CardboardCuddler (Line art By MagentaDemon)


To make up for my bad drawing, have some coloured line art.


I think the foals you intend to sell should not have this much exposure to a milkbag, don’t want them getting attached. The undesired foals can have as much exposure as they want, its not like the mental trauma of separation to be an issue given their expected lifespan.

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why are the stumps colored?

I mean, they’re freshly coloured stumps without fluff - so kinda skin colour?

i like the point, that the foals kinda seem to be quite chill with the whole scenario

As others have mentioned, it’s best to have only the foals only see the teats. It’s also best to blind and deafen the milkbags so they can’t get emotionally attached to each other. A hot iron into the eyes and ears should do the trick.