Color Coding of Fluffy Names

Hi! So, I recently started my first story and some of the details have been inspired by other artists such as Karn, particularly when it comes to highlighting fluffy names via color.

Now, I’ve done some experimenting and thought I could take it to the next level. Fluffies are usually dual-colored, fluff and mane/tail color. Since we have the ability to do colors and background-colors of text, I was wondering if there’s maybe a case to be made for utilizing both.

Some examples:

  • Fluffy with pink fur:
    • “dis am fwuffy speech”
  • Fluffy with pink fur, brown mane:
    • “dis am fwuffy speech”
  • Fluffy with brown fur, pink mane:
    • “dis am fwuffy speech”

I’m worried that, with particular combinations, this will become ultimately less readable (though the colors to use are, ultimately, at the discretion of the writer). What are your thoughts on this?
Is it too much? Does it make it harder or easier to understand?


I generally only do both if it doesn’t strain the eyes but my eyesight isn’t great and I have been told that a few color choices I’ve made are a little hard to look at.
I do really like knowing some characters primary and secondary colors at a glance though.


Personally, I like it. I think it’s a fun and illustrative visual flourish.

Like you mention yourself, though, there are definitely limitations to its use.


Its neat, but not all colors work with all themes for the website. And you never know who is using what theme. Or how bad someone’s eyes are!

I mean, its /nice/ when it works. Really nice. But it can be frustrating when it doesn’t.


While the idea is great I cant help but think you’re overthinking it a bit. Sure its super useful to have both the coat and mane colour show up but they need to be contrasting colours. Its not easy to read black on brown.

Personally id say colour code the outline or the text itself and if two fluffies have similar colours just make sure to distinguish them in your writing.

Other than that its an awesome concept

You can also use color hexcode’s for specific colors.

“dis am fwuffy speech”


[bgcolor=#7B3F00][color=#F060F4]"dis am fwuffy speech"[/color][/bgcolor]

I’m assuming you’re doing a chapter based story.

But maybe have it only for reminders. Like, once a chapter whenever each fluffy is mentioned. Makes it easy to remember who’s who.


I thought that background colors were limited to basic colors.
That’s super neat

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personally, I’d recommend avoiding it entirely. at the worst, it makes dialogue illegible, and at best it doesn’t add very much to the story. outside of fluffy, it’s a gimmick at best and for good reason. no need to distract people


I use colored text for various supernatural entities, and certain… is sound effects the right term?

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God no. No no no no no.

You don’t need to use colors to “help the audience” keep track of your characters. You just need to work on your character descriptions and development, and maybe your formatting/structure. Even your one-shot quick-and-dirty disposable abuse adventures, when well written, need not have this kind of eye-boiling involved.

Use colors to break up a multi-chapter post, or to switch POVs, or for otherwise imperceptible characters. Use it with other formatting to make informational posts. Don’t use colored text as speech or character descriptions.

Is there any interest in a general writing thread/topic?

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