Cold Times pt3: The Unfair Advantage (by Fluffy_idiot_2)

Before we begin:
“The quotes surrounding these words means a fluffy is talking.”

‘The quotes surrounding these words means a human is talking.’

Two minutes of trying to escape a soaked plastic bag, the pegasus looked around finding her friend. Although she hated her and her lame excuses to not help out, she did missed her and felt that she could convince her to also migrate so they can spend the winter together.

Meanwhile, the pregnant fluffy found a compost bin, which she proceeded knock over to eat whatever was inside.
"Nummies fow tummy-babbeh and soon-mummah! Huu, Why tummy-babbeh kick Soon-mummah? Am gud mummah.
sigh soon-mummah miss special-fwein. Gasp maybe if tummy-babbeh comes out, special-fwein will come back! "

All of a sudden a human appeared!

‘What are you doing here?’

"Eek! Nu huwt soon-mummah, will do anything Just weave tummy-babbeh alwone! If human make soon-mummah die, special-fwein will have biggest saddies ebah!

‘I said why are you here, not telling me what to do talking plush.’

“S S Soon-mummah is finding nummies, n nice human.” The fluffy stuttered

‘See there’s your manners. Maybe Their is something in my fridge I could feed you.’

“N Nummies? Bwing extwa nummies fwuffy have a-”

‘A friend?’

“Uh Nu. Fwuffy have a tummy babbeh!”

‘Huh neat, so when are you expecting? Oh yeah right, I need to stop distracting myself, Follow me.’

“Otay nice human.”

Couple of meters alway, the pegasus was looking for A) something to eat
B) something to drink
And then she found option B. A puddle of slightly murky water which she proceeded to drink from.
“that was gud, bu’ nee nummies moaw! Hope fwein fin’ nummies fow fwuffy.”

Back at the humans house, the human accidentally opened the freezer.

Eek “Stop! Stop! Coldies are bad foaw tummy-babbeh!”

Although it was slightly exaggerated the pregnant fluffy did had some cold raindrops on her which proceeded to freeze.

‘Oops sorry Girl, I’ve never been pregnant, but I could only imagine what you have to go through during pregnancy.’

The human then opened the fridge away from the fluffy.

‘Milk? No, Blueberries? Probably not, plus there cold, Yogurt? Nope, it will probably have difficult time eating it, uncooked spaghetti-?’


‘There’s blueberries and yogurt, and-’

“Nu, da other ting.”



‘Uncooked spaghetti?’


‘Yeah but They’re not even made.’

(Sad Violin Music plays) “Pwease nice human! Fwuffy nu wan get tummy-owies, tummy-babbeh gu foweba-sweepies fwuffy will die an special-fwein an’ wingy-fwein will be sad-”

'So you do have a friend, is your friend hungry to?

“Nu, fwuffy meant special-fwein.”

‘Oh, I don’t know It’s going to take a while and I need to check the my pumpkin patch’

As the human opened the curtains to show a pumpkin patch, the fluffy noticed someone familiar… It was the her pegasus friend.

The pegasus looked at something. “Nummies?” She said as she walked closer, noticed a knocked over compost bin filled with moldy peels. The pregnant fluffy ate all the ones that were still safe to eat which wasn’t a lot.
"Nummies nu wook pwetty. As the pegasus was about to walk away she remembered something she said the other day…
“Even if nummies nu taste pwetty it still nummies…”
The pegasus couldn’t ignore that especially since she said it to tell her friend to not judge food, something she was doing right now.
And so opened her mouth for a big bite of hazardous peels…

“Fwein, nuuuuuu!!” The pregnant fluffy said.


:astonished: well now what will it be, man that pregnant mare can be something else

Glad she stop the pegasus from eatin bad food or is it? :thinking:

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