Co2 Euthanasia Retort [by researcher7201]

Introducing the Model 351 combination Co2 Euthanasia and retort offers shelters with a simple yet effective method of disposable of bio toy materials which comply with humane treatment laws in nearly all 50 states excluding California, and Washington.

What makes us unique!
Unlike the vast majority of retorts on the market we pride ourselves on offering a humane solution to bio toy disposable. With the integration of C02 Euthanasia gone are the days of live burnings. Live burnings result in employee apprehension to use retorts resulting in over crowding, but with painless Euthanasia the guilt is gone along with the screams! Fluffies exposed to C02 gas will experience tieredness and within 60 seconds will lose consciousness. Several minutes later C02 extanguination will result in death. Our chamber then holds the atmosphere at 12.5% C02 concentration for an additional 5 minutes to ensure no Fluffy meets the flames while still able to feel pain. As the Fluffies are cremated released C02 gas is collected and processed to be used in later Euthanasias making the process that little bit greener!


The Model 351 has a chamber 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters x 1 meter, and can humanly accommodate 20 adult fluffies or their equivilant. We pride ourselves on easy operation, and so the Model 351 posses only 4 controls. The first control unlocks and locks the retort chamber. This will be the first step taken during operation. This step also triggers the interior lights. Once the chamber is unlocked the 1 meter square easy load door can be opened and raised virtually or horizontal on our ez flow hinge which ensures venue comparability! Next Fluffies or other Bio toys can be loaded in to the chamber. Their is a roughly half meter slope leading down to the retort. This is angled in such a manor that it prevents fluffies from climbing back out while also ensuring injuries are kept to a minimum. At this point the door is closed and the lock button is pressed again. Only in the locked position is it possible to engage the next sequence. Now that the retort is locked, you can engage the C02 Euthanasia cycle with se second button. Once engaged Co2 is pumped in to the retort untill concentration reaches a concentration of 12.5% the cycle will then pause for 8 minutes. The chamber will ventilate to remove all co2 and return the chamber to normal atmospheric conditions. At this point the chamber will unlock. Remains can be extracted for burial, or the chamber can be relocked and the 3rd phase begun by pressing the 3rd button. Gas will then flow to the nozzles and ignite to heat the chamber to 1300 degrees C for 1 hour. The chamber will then spend 1 hour more cooling at a controlled rate. The final stage a button may then be pressed to begin ash and bone extraction will. Once all ash has been cleared and ground and placed in the waste bag the chamber will unlock and may be used again.

Emergency stop

If at any point the sequence needs to be halted any of the 6 bright red stop pull knob located on the Model 351’s 4 surfaces, remote, and power junction box. This will initiate a rapid ventilation cycle, and gas to flames will be cut. Once sensors detect flames have been extinguished and air has been cycled the retort door will unlock. Cycled air will have C02 removed and stored for use in later Euthanasia, and all expelled gasses are passed through filtration to extract noxious compound prior to atmospheric venting allowing for greater use in congested city areas. Warning rapid cooling caused by emergency stops can damage the refractory lining.


Idea I had kicking around low effort and no review is what it is


Looks nice.


Thanks seemd like a simple more humane offering. Likely be a little easier on the staff and I could see something like this existing if gas was a little cheaper which given the prevolence of cremations in the fluffy verse I’m guessing it is lol


How would it be if you just leave the fluffies in a sealed chamber until they deplete the oxygen themselves?


That would be too long. It’s faster to let them die from breathing not oxygen, then to just ran out of it


The chamber is flooded with C02 which displaces the oxygen imidiatly resulting in sufication. 10% concentration can kill a human in minutes. This device uses 12.5%


They don’t deplete the oxygen it’s displaced with C02 when the chamber replaces 12.5% of the chambers internal volume with C02


Just use CO (Carbon Monoxide) instead much more reliable.

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While more deadly carbon monoxide is also more dangerous. This device was manufactured with low income shelters in mind improper maintenance can result in leakage CO2 does not inhibit red blood cells from carrying oxygen in the future like carbon monoxide which permanently binds to hemoglobin preventing it from ever carrying oxygen again. A failure in such a device would likely kill the shelter employees as well where a failure in a CO2 based euthanasia system would likely result in dizziness but no long-term health consequences as the amount that needs to build up is far higher and would likely be rapidly dispersed and diluted into the atmosphere outside the retort


This is actually a terrible choice for a humane euthanasia, as lungs detect suffocation not from the lack of oxygen but the presence of CO2. Carbon Monoxide doesn’t trigger the suffocation reflex, and nitrogen has actually been described as a pleasant way to go.

Helium is also used in human exit bags, but that would be too expensive for fluffies.


Whoops :wink: