Cleveland wall breach incident report #2 (written and drawn by Quack-Man)

Hello everyone! heres a new incident report. I dunno if i should make this into a series, or if i should move on to something else. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:
Anyways, on to the report!

Cleveland breach incident report# 197,
Designated as “The Gymnast”
Creature’s status -Still at large- Edit: creature is presumed deceased. see addendum 2
March 27th, 20XX-present-Edit: Creature neutralized on January 1st, 20XX

At approximately 6:15 am, March 27th, Non-emergency services for Chestonville Ohio were contacted. The conversation proceeded as follows,

-Begin Transcript-

Operator- "Good morning, you’ve reached non emergency services, how may i help you?"

Caller- "Hi, I was calling to report a bunch of trees were knocked over last night."

Operator- "Ok, thank you for reporting this. Would you mind if i asked you some questions about this?"

Caller- "Uh, yeah not a problem."

Operator- " Thank you ma’am. Now, you said that several trees fell down, could you tell me a bit about that? Were they cut down, or did they fall roots and all?"

Caller- "Neither. It was really weird! It looked like something had crushed the middle of the trees. The bottoms of the trees are still i the ground!"

Operator- "That does sound odd. Could you hold on for just a moment? I’d like to ask my supervisor for advise on this."

Caller- "Uh, yeah i guess…"

(Caller is on hold for approximately 1 minute before The operator resumes the conversation)

-Transcript ended-
Reason given- The rest of the transcript consisted of the caller giving their address and full name.

After this Phone call ended, Several police officers and a Cleveland specialist were sent to the callers residency to evaluate the damaged trees and see what the probable cause could be.
Once on site, Cleveland Specialist, Doctor [Name classified] quickly determined that the cause was most likely monstrous in origins. A strike team was called to surround the town and several large areas around To both search the area and the surrounding woods in an attempt to make contact.(See addendum 1)
The search continued for nearly six days with close encounters several times, but no direct contact.

The blockade was breached on April 3rd at 12am by the creature rampaging. It attacked anything and everything that moved within a 500 foot radius. Civilian casualties are numbered at around 100, with approximately 300 injured, traumatized, or a combination of the two.
Teams 4, 7, 5, 1, and 3 were wiped out in a series of vicious attacks. There were heavy casualties and injuries in teams 2, 6, 8, and 10.
A state wide emergency was called as both experts and officers were sent to the surrounding area to both evacuate survivors, and search for the creature. A search of the town and the surrounding area turned up a cheep camera found near an unknown deceased person. While most of the film had been ruined, a single image was able to be saved.

The gymnast on tape

As of November 29th, 20XX, this creature is still active and both deaths and sitings continue.

[Addendum 1:] While most creatures that emerged from Cleveland are hostile, there are a few who are neutral towards humanity. An even smaller amount are willing to help humanity deal with the more hostile creatures (see Incident Report: The god of Flesh.)

[Addendum 2:] On January 1st at 3:15pm, 20XX, Police were notified that a logging site in Nebraska had been attacked by -Quote-
"Some creature screaming and crushing trees!"
Before police and Specialists were able to arrive, one of the loggers managed to cut a 207ft pine tree that promptly fell on the creature. It did not survive the impact. By the time Both police and specialists arrived, the logging team had cut up the tree that killed the creature and were using its corpse to play beer pong. The logging crew received medals of bravery for stopping it before it could cause more death.
While there have not been any new sightings, specialists are keeping a look out. If another were discovered, it would mean that we are dealing with a new species.
Let us hope there was only one.

-End of incident report-

Well, that took forever to do! Let me know how it was. Should I keep doing these? I never really know how to format this, so it just ends up all over the place!
I tried some new stuff with the picture too!


It’s actually really cool, though I feel like the creatures should have something linking them to fluffies (or even better, an amalgamation between human and fluffy).
A patch of fur, a ragged mane, some incoherent babbling of “tummy sketties” or the likes…

Just spitballing here.


Nice report story, glad it is dead the worry some thing is if that thing didn’t manage to breed :cold_sweat::scream:


That’s a good point! The creature’s I’ve done so far either cant talk or dont feel the need to talk to people, (it’s like taking to the chicken that’ll become your dinner.) If you have any ideas for future creatures I should do, I would love to hear them! :slight_smile:
I’m probably gonna do “the god of flesh” next. It does talk and is all the amalgamation anyone could ever want…