Clarke's laws (L.AVaught)

Be fluffy named Elvira
The gods are kind to you
they provide you with shelter from the water which periodically drowns the world
the bring you amusements which your mind can barely fathom
on some occasions they give you the ambrosia known to you simply as skettis
yet even then despite all their kindness you still feared them
though they had never injured you before you understood their abilities
they could seemingly immobilize you and turn the entire world upside down as you futilely struggle
or worse yet throw you into the infinite black void for what felt like decades
still this was only if you sinned in their eyes, though sometimes you did not even understand how you have slighted these omnipotent beings
but on a few occasions they randomly like to flex their power
to show you just how fragile you really are
one of the gods a male known as matt calls to you with his booming voice
you timidly approach, the tone making it clear he plans to give you another mind breaking demonstration
do they expect you to understand or does your fear amuse them
you sit down cautiously as he begins to move his right thumb into his left hand.
your eyes go wide
your body shivers in anticipation of the agonizingly confusing wonders you might behold
then he pulls his right hand out
and his right thumb is gone
Indescribable vistas flash across your mind
”Where is it?”
He booms
Is this a test
Have you failed his commandments
surely he did not expect a lowly mortal such as you to be able to explain his doings
you stare at him looking wide eyed and nervous as his grin grows larger
He gets up
You are still in awe
You feel something cold and wet drop onto your shoulder
”There it is!” He says with a disturbing calmness
where was his thumb
then the most horrid realization hits you as the cold damp, finger shaped object falls off you and onto the floor
be Matt
you just dropped a baby carrot on your roomate’s fluffy and now she’s running around the house screaming
the best part
this is the second time you’ve tried this


Sorry this isn’t the eldritch sigil one, I wrote this in under ten minutes though.
I recommend that you listen to this song while reading.
Ulysse 31 Soundtrack La malédiction des dieux - YouTube

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Also the actual gods turn them all into serpents or some shit for Hubris.


This is awesome! It’s exactly the kind of overwhelming imbalance of power and knowledge that makes messing with fluffies so amusing! :rofl: