"Cherry and Brian" Characters If They Were Little Kids (Star-The-Alicorn)


Brian would be a very sweet kid! His compassion for others was definitely there when he was a kid, so he’d keep that aspect of his being. He’d be given Cherry as a support animal for helping him feel better when he’s thinking about his sad past. He’d love little Cherry to bits!

  • He’d be the kind of kid to chew on EVERYTHING. Pencils, crayons (I know this because I ate a black crayon as a toddler), his toys, even furniture. Get that kiddo a chew necklace!

  • Brian would be a really shy kid. If you’ve heard of the toddler stage where they’re super shy and hide behind things a lot, that’s Brian. He’d constantly stuff his face into Cherry’s fur, hiding behind his pet.

  • He’s shy, but if he sees someone getting bullied he stands right up, even if the bully is far older than he is. He’s just a good kid that way, and he never regrets it, even if he gets hurt.


Gavin is a total cutie with a massive heart. He’d be a little cuddlebug too, not to mention a social butterfly.

  • Gavin has a massive love for animals that carried over into adulthood. So seeing a talking animal that looks like a plush toy would be an absolute dream to him. Fluffies would be his favorite animal, period.

  • Fluffies are real animals to him, and nobody can convince him otherwise.

  • Baby Gavin isn’t old enough to bleach and dye his hair, so he’d try to use hair chalk!

  • If he sees another kid crying, he starts crying. He was a very empathetic, sensitive kiddo and seeing people (and fluffies) sad breaks his little heart.


  • Cherry doesn’t behave all that well, so he’d get sent to the corner. As a chirpie, he’d be far too little and delicate for physical punishments, so corner time it is.

  • The little alicorn would be kind of insecure about his alicorn breed since it was ridiculed by his first mummah. Thankfully, taken away from Berry quickly enough, he wouldn’t have nearly as much trauma. Threats of violence would have little to no effect on him.

  • He definitely seeks approval from humans and adult fluffies alot. He likes making people proud of him!

  • Cherry would have a very hard time preening his wings! His wings are too tiny for him to reach them forwards and clean the feathers.


  • Switchy is the “grownup” of the fluffy bunch. He’d still try to make sure everyone’s safe and behaving, even having to reel the human kids in from time to time. He’d be such a good foal.

  • Without his trauma, Switchy would love to dance. He’d try to copy human movements onscreen and translate the moves to 4 legs instead of two.

  • Switchy is still large for a fluffy, and that includes during foalhood. He has to be gentle when playing so he doesn’t injure other fluffies!


  • Dusk is protective as an adult, so as a foal he’d be just the same. Especially of Apple. Allowed to grow up together in peace, the two would be inseparable. Dusk’s dog DNA gives him a strong pack bond with his family, fluffies and humans alike.

  • The little earthie would be an absolute menace. He’d say “No!” whenever possible, refuse to eat his first kibble, and have a lot of tantrums. But that doesn’t mean little Brian and Gavin can’t love him!

  • Dusk is a grumpy little baby. He’s the “No talk me I’m angy” meme but personified. That doesn’t stop everyone from cuddling him at every turn. The earthie secretly loves cuddles.


  • If allowed to grow up without being tormented by his abuser, Apple would be a lot different. He’d be more confident in himself, and he’d be physically stronger.

  • Apple would be very playful! While fluffies continue playful behavior their whole lives, foals are much more playful.

  • He’d still cry if he was asked to eat an apple, though. He’d think it was cannibalism!


  • Lucky was an absolutely tiny foal. She’s mostly rabbit DNA, so she’d be about the size of a baby bunny or less. She grew out of the chirping stage a bit late.

  • She’d still try to fix things with hugs, thinking she had magic powers to fix things. While hugs don’t actually fix, they can help people feel better. And she gives great hugs, so that’s what makes her hugs seem like magic to other fluffies.

  • She’d love to sing! Her and Switchy would be besties from day one. Switchy would listen to her visions, since her premonitions are always right.