Cherry and Brian, Chapter 8.9: Mini Tantrum (Star-The-Alicorn)

(This chapter wasn’t big enough to be made into a separate chapter, and it also wasn’t small enough to fit into chapter 9. So this is just an extra tidbit you can read if you want. It’s not all that important to the story.)

When they arrived back at their house, a beat up, black pickup truck sped by. The sudden loud noise made the fluffies jump, and the exhaust made them all cough and gag. “Damn diesel fuel,” Gavin muttered. “Shit always smells bad.”

Switchy gently touched a hoof to Gavin’s lips and said “Nu bad wowdsies, Dad!”

Gavin laughed. “Sorry, little buddy. I’ll watch my mouth around you.”

They made it back into their house, and they placed Switchy and Cherry into a temporary playpen. Switchy had a saferoom, but they were using that as a one-day storage spot for extra boxes they needed to sort through.

The fluffies behaved very well, until Cherry realized he’d finished his ice cream a few hours ago and wanted more. He still tasted the delicious spaghetti flavor on his tongue. “Bwian?” Cherry asked. “Can Chewwy hab mowe ice cweam?”

“Sorry buddy, I know you had a hard day and it tasted good, but if you have too much you could get sick. And remember to ask with a ‘please’, little guy.” Brian answered, smiling kindly from where he sat and cleaned a delicate vase.

Cherry’s smarty flared, and he grew annoyed. He puffed his cheeks, pouting. He laid his ears back. “Nu! Chewy wan’ mowe ice cweam!” Cherry demanded. Brian narrowed his eyes, and Switchy stared at Cherry.

“Chewwy, be nice to nyu daddeh. Bwian am gud hooman an’ gave gud nummies fow make fwuffies feew bettah. Nu gif nyu daddeh heart huwties wif meanie wowdsies!” Switchy warned Cherry.

Cherry growled and glared and Switchy, his muzzle wrinkling in a snarl. “Nu cawe! Wan nummies! NAO!”

Brian glared. “Stop arguing with me and Switchy, Cherry. I’m cleaning a very important heirloom right now and don’t want to deal with any attitude.”

“FUCK YOUW STOOPID AIW-WOOM! GIF NUMMIES!” Cherry charged the playpen’s fence and pawed at it with his hooves, yowling angrily. Switchy startled and gasped at Cherry’s unexpected, swear-filled outburst.

“Alright, that’s it!” Brian snapped, putting the vase down. Then Gavin gently placed a hand on Brian’s shoulder, making the black-haired man jolt and flush bright red.

“Here, I’ll take care of it. You keep cleaning up, I’ll discipline Cherry.” Gavin lifted the pissed off red alicorn out of the playpen, heading to the bathroom. He placed Cherry on the counter, where Cherry tried to hit him.

"Cherry! We do NOT hit. We do not use bad words and call Brian names, either. You know better than that.” Gavin scolded. His gaze softened into disappointment. “Be a good fluffy. Brian was nice to you and gave you a treat to make you feel better. You didn’t even say ‘thank you’ afterwards. Come on man, good fluffies don’t disrespect their owners. I’m disappointed in you. I know you can do better.”

Gavin’s words got to Cherry’s ears and Cherry slumped down. Now he felt bad for upsetting Brian and Gavin. “Huu, Chewy nu wan’ be nad fwuffy!” Cherry sniffled, tearing up.

“Then what do you think you should do to make things better?” Gavin asked. Cherry thought. Then the alicorn shook his head.

“Huuu, Chewy nu knu!”

"Here, I’ll help. Open up, buddy.” Gavin held the can of anti-chew spray up to Cherry’s face. Cherry whimpered and opened his mouth. Gavin briefly sprayed the inside of Cherry’s mouth, and the alicorn gagged. The taste of his spaghetti ice cream was now washed away by the bitter apple. “Don’t swear or call us names. Don’t argue, either, understand?” Cherry sniffled and nodded.

“Now, go apologize to Brian.” Gavin gently set him back down on the ground and pat him on the rear to get him moving. Cherry trudged back to the playpen, looking up at Brian.

“Huu huu, sowwy fow meanie wowdsies, Bwian. Chewwy nu mean it. Bwian fowgib?” Cherry asked, gazing up at his owner with teary eyes.

“How could I say no to a cute face like that? Of course I forgive you. Thanks for apologizing.” Brian answered. Cherry nodded, then trotted over to the water dish to rinse out the nasty bitter taste.

Later on that day, Brian stepped into the bedroom for the first time to place a box in there. Then, he realized something. The couch was small. Gavin didn’t have a guest bedroom or a separate bed. Brian hadn’t brought an inflatable bed or anything. There was only one bed.

Ho. Ly. Shit. Was he actually going to be sleeping beside his crush tonight?! His face blazed bright red as he zipped out of the room without opening the box. He needed to go outside and have some water or something.

That night, he couldn’t sleep. He was far too flustered, hearing Gavin’s soft breathing behind him. Every once in a while he’d talk in his sleep, and Brian’s heart would beat faster. When Gavin turned over and snuggled up to him in his sleep, Brian nearly squealed like some teenage girl at a boyband concert. He’d end up baggy-eyed and drowsy the next day.


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I think some sorrysticking was in order for saying fuck! Still cute as fuck tho.


He has a bit of a potty mouth on him sometimes, especially if things don’t go his way. But he’ll chill out eventually.


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