Château de Vertige. Cours: Un [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Clint buttoned up his shirt, ready for the long awaited date with Donna.

Clint was down a path of realization. He enjoyed the idea of Justifiable Abuse. Ruin his yard? Ruin ya herd. Try to kill one of Clint’s Fluffies? Ya dead, so on and so forth. But when Donna texted him the place that they would go to, a pit formed in his gut.

Château de Vertige… That’s French for Vertigo Castle… At least, that was google translate says. When Clint looked at the reviews of the place, and saw that it was a mixed Japanese and French fusion Fluffy restaurant, Clint nearly threw up. The Fluffies would be alive as they were eaten.

It was a good thing Clint REALLY liked Donna, or he would have never show up.

Getting ready for the date, Clit stood in his living room, admiring his two newest additions to the family. Lusca and Ahklut. The two Angler-Fluffies were swimming around their new tank alongside the far wall. They watched as Clint began to button up his shirt. Clint, although rich, didn’t have much taste for style. As Clint finished buttoning up, he heard a familiar noise ask, “Daddeh? Whewe goin’?”

From behind Clint, Oingo stood with his friends, Gravy, Chili, Mambo, and Argus. (If you dont remember Argus, I actually forgot about him but he was introduced in This part of A Munsta In Fluffy’s Clothes lol He was the Shiny Silver Unicorn who Clint rescued)

Clint looked down at the band of brothers and gave them a smile. “Daddy is going to try and get a uh… Special Friend… Hopefully!” Clint said, trying to put it into terms Fluffies would understand. “DADDEH GON’ GET SPESHUW FWEND?!” Mambo peeped up from behind Oingo. “Maybe, i don’t know if she’ll want to be my… Special Friend.”

Chili Peeped up, “Nu! Daddeh wook su pwetty! Wiww get Speshuw Fwend!” These five were always the nicest to Clint, of course the whole herd was nice to Clint, but these ones? They LOVED CLint, and that made Clint’s whole night. “Thanks for the reassurance guys… Now i need you all to go back to the safe room and go to bed, its late, and you should be sleeping.” Clint’s command was not greeted with a answer. Clint turned around and saw the Chili Gravy Argus and Mambo hiding behind Oingo as they faced the new Tank.

From inside the water, two orbs of light shown, revealing the faces of Lusca and Ahklut. The two stared at the five with deep intent. “Munstas…” Oingo finally said. “Guys… Go to the saferoom.” Clint said sounding a bit more stern. This time, the five moved away slowly, when they were far enough they ran back into the saferoom. Clint pulled out a small clicker from his pocket. Clicking it twice caused Lusca and Ahklut to rise from the water and peer out at the top of the tank. “Yus Daddeh? Daddeh hab nummie fwuffies?” “Nummies Fwuffies? Wuv Nummie Fwuffies!” The two said.

Clint stared them both down and sternly laid the law down. “You don’t eat ANY of the Fluffies you see, unless I feed them to you, understand? If you break this rule, I. Break. You” The two began to shiver at the threat and submerged themselves to get away from there new Daddeh. both nodding underwater to show they understood.

And with that, Clint grabbed his keys, did a final check of the house. Locked up, and went to Meet Donna, he was a bit early but that was how he enjoyed his meetings, always a bit early, and never late.

Clint had arrived about ten minutes early, but the line for the Château was already so long. It seemed as if everyone was told that this place was either Black tie only, or that it was its own gala. women wore dresses Clint had only seen on project runway, the kind you laugh at and say “Who would ever wear something like that?!” Every man there had some form of Tux on, making Clint’s Buttoned up long sleeve and Jeans look like absolute shit.

Clint had made his way to the back of the line to see Dona standing there, earlier than he was. She wore a beautiful one sleeved Maxi dress, as she was a bit smaller, with a… ‘wider’ set of hips, the dress became a sort of long skirt. She wore a small broach above chest, it was a golden foal who had a Pin pushed thru it.

If this was a Cartoon, Clint would have had his eyes bug out of his head if it wasn’t for the two gentlemen trying to flirt with her. As Clint approached Donna’s annoyed face turned to one of relief. “Ah, Gentlemen this here is my date, sorry, he had first dibs.” The two gentlemen seemed annoyed and began to turn around, only to meet with the much taller, and much larger Clint.

They left with their tails between their legs… So to speak.

“They give you much trouble?” Clint asked, trying to not look obvious as he absolutely stared at his date. "Nah, besides, it was pretty fun, normally the only things that flirts with me are sicko Fluffies. " Donna said, causing Clint to laugh. “Well, you look stunning.” Clint said, once again trying not to stare.

Donna blushed and tanked him for the compliment. As the two waited their turn for there reservation, they chatted over Fluffy stories, failed Invasions, and adoptions. soon as Clint mentioned the former intruder Napoleon, their turn was up, and the two entered the Château.

“Welcome to Château de Vertige, my name is Damien, and i will be your waiter today, from your reservations you requested two orders correct?” The waiter asked. Clint not knowing what was going on simply let Donna answer for him. “Yes-sir, one Spécial Abus Moelleux, fresh style, and one Plateau de Justice, also fresh style, any drinks to start off? Wine, water?” Damien asked.

“DO you guys have any sodas? I try to avoid alcohol.” Clint asked. “We do, we have a few craft sodas, made in house, and we do serve non-alcoholic drinks as well, mostly juices blends that pair well with the courses we provide.” Damien explained. “I’ll just keep it simple and have one of these Craft Root-beers.” Clint said, fully realizing this wasn’t anything like he imagined it would be. “And for the lady tonight?” The waiter asked. “Same as him, but ill also have a water.”

as the waiter wrote down the order and left, Clint finally realized there table wasn’t a just a table, it was a booth, And the room was filled with ambient music. “Man this place it just too fancy for me.” Clint jokingly said, waiting for the two’s drinks. “Yeah, but coming here is worth it at least once.” Donna said.

The two began to converse about Clint’s plans for his store, Donna’s plans for after the Fluffy craze dies down, and finally after much waiting, the door to the room opened, a single chef entered, Itamae Verdun adorned his name badge. Along with the chef, two large trays, covered with metal domes appeared before the two patrons. “Good evening, I am Itamae Verdun, and i will be your chef for the evening.” Clint and Donna sat back and watched the ‘show’

The Chef opened the first dome, revealing a small family of Fluffies, a mother, and four Foals. the mother was Bright Neon Yellow, sporting a Hot Pink mane. Two of her foals were white, one a Unicorn the other a Earthie, the third was a pastel Violet Earthie, and the forth was a Crimson Red coated Alicorn. All Foals were plump, practically jiggling as they waddled around the tray.

“Hewwo nice wady! am ‘ou hewe to be new mummah? an’ new daddeh?” The mother said, seeing a small plaque next to the platter that read: Lemon’s Family. Clint watched as Donna pointed at the White Unicorn first, Verdun, nodding, separated the foal from its family, and placed him in a small container underneath. Donna looked over to Clint and explained. “You get to keep one if you want, i got a soft spot for unicorns.” giving off a wink, she then turned back to the rest of the family, now confused why one of the babbehs was gone, and pointed to the Pastel Violet one. “That one first please.”

Verdun nodded again, and began the cooking process. the second cart was revealed to be the cooking utensils and such. Verdun began the process by picking up the Violet foal with a pair of tongs, the confused foal, barley able to talk, peeped and looked around for its mother. “PEEP! PEEP! PEEP!” it cried. “NU PWEASE NU HUWT BABBEH! AM TOO WIDDWE FOW WAWA!” Verdun ignored the mare, and began to submerge the foal into a bowl placed on a open fire, created by the cart, obviously being some form of mobile grill. “ASDHASDHSSPEEPSPEPSPEPPSEP” cried the foal, as its Fluff began to ‘melt’ away. “NUUUUU NU HUWT BABBEH! PWEASE NU TAKE PWETTY FWUFF!” the mother begged, the other three foals, now completely frightened by the frantic screaming. Verdun then placed the hairless foal into a bowl filled with water and ice cubes, the foal was taken out of the water after finally being removed of all its Fluff. “PEEP… peep! Peep!”

“PWEASE NU MOWE WAWA! WAWA AM BAD FOW BABBEHS! PWEASE GIBE PWETTY FWUFF BACK!” cried its mother. Clint watched in a grotesque interest as the foal was then placed in a large bowl filled with a a dark brown liquid. The bottle next the bowl read: Vin de Poulain…

Foal Wine…

The Process was repeated with each of the remaining foals as Verdun had begun to now work on the Mother letting the foals bathe in the wine. Verdun begins by trimming the Fluff off of Lemon as she is now Fluff-less from the ‘chest’ down. raised up in a… Shawarma rack? The mother, now completely off of the ground, begins to wiggle around, her fat wobbling as she tries to get free. Verdun makes a deep cut down the center of her large belly, causing the mare to scream loudly. “NUUUUUU SCREEEEEEEEEE NU POITNY HUWTIES! SCREEEEEEEEEEE!”

As the foals watched their mother being disemboweled in front of them, they began to peep in horror. Clint looked over and saw one was even trying to run away, but it kept sliding back from the wall of the bowl into the wine and spices, by now, their skin had been ‘dyed’ the same color as the wine, causing them to think they were poopie fluffies. The mother, still alive, has had most of her guts taken out and removed. A third cart comes in. This time a strange metalic bowl filled with broth came into the room. next to it were cut and diced vegetables along with a Apple. The mother was placed in the bowl, exposing the mare’s top half to the rest of the room as her naked lower half was submerged into the broth and vegetables.

after about three minutes, the water began to boil, causing the mare to cry out in pain as she was being boiled alive. The foals Peeped and cried for their mother, Verdun, now ready for the foals, picked up the bowl and held it in front of the mother. “BABBEHS -haff, haff- WUN WAY, BAD HUWTIES, WUN WAY BABBEHS! -HAFF- -KAFF-” The mare cried, horrifying the foals even more so. Instead of letting the foals run away, Verdun slowly tipped the bowl into the boiling pot, making sure the wine mixture and each foal fell into the boiling soup.


Cried out the mare as her children drowned below her in a boiling pot of delicious broth.

after another three minutes, the drinks were brought in, along with water, the mare was placed, still hung up by a meat rack, on top of a large plate. below a mixture of dirty rice and wine soaked foals ‘fell’ from Lemon’s opened stomach.

WAN DIE! WAN DIE! WAN DIE! WAN DIE! WAN-” Lemon repeated as Verdun stepped away and bowed as he took the three carts away from the room.

Clint sat in shock as the mare, still alive, begged for death and for her foals to live. “Now i know that seemed fucked up, but i can assure you, this mare here? was a absolute bitch, and her kids would have grown up to be just like her.” Donna said, reassuring Clint. “How… How do you know though?” Clint asked, feeling disgusted, but hungry at the same time. “Course i know, i sold Lemon to the store a few days ago!” Donna said, grabbing a fork ant plunging it into the side of one of the foals, now silent. “Wanna try? This is only the first course after all!” Donna said, waving her fork in front of Clint.

As if to answer, Clint grabbed his own fork and tore off a piece of Lemon’s cooked Belly, dipping it into the wine sauce that glazed the foals… hesitantly… Clint took a bite, and a smile appeared on his face.

“This… is the best thing I’ve eaten in a LONG time! The belly is sweet like pork, but FUCK is it’s meat even more tender!” Clint admitted as he dug into the poor Lemon, her pleas for death begin ignored by the couple, he foals dead, her fluff, gone. Lemon stayed in the Wan die loop for a solid ten minutes before the two were done with the first course.

“ready for the next part?” Donna asked coyly. Clint finishing the rest of his root-beer looked up. “if the next part is as good as Lemon was, hell yeah!”

Donna pressed a button on the side of the table to signal to the staff they were done, but ready for the next serving.

This time, the mare (mostly eaten) was taken away, the drinks were refilled. Then Verdun cam in with a unique Plate, two carts, The Plate had a warning sign on it.



Well done! (No pun intended.)

This was a fun read. From Clint’s fluffies cheering him on to the awkwardness of a fancy dress restaurant to the presentation and all.

Kind of reminds me a little of going to Disneyland and that Japanese restaurant at Epcot but fancier.


im glad someone liked it! i never dabbled into Fluffies as food territory before, hopefully part two is also a croud pleaser

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Nor I, but I’d say you did pretty well. I could totally see this in a restaurant.

So, weird side story. Said restaurant at Epcot, the chefs do this cute sort of thing on their cooking surface which is using a bit of onion and, I think, oil to create this little dome with puffs of smoke coming out while they slide it around. I’m describing it poorly, but it’s well executed.

I could see a cleaned and gutted foal being slid across a skillet in the same fashion with smoke puffing out of its mouth in a weird culinary entertainment venue. Not this place, though. Definitely not anyplace that has Chateau in its name.


im stealing that and using it if i can

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Haha! Do it! :grinning:

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Rumors says that if you eat a Smarty, you will feel a little bit smarter.

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Somewhere out there is a lonely, lost soul that’s been capturing and consuming smarties for days, weeks, months… years.

His friends consider him a madman but he insists that he’s absorbing their vital essence.

One day, he disappears.

Years later, federal agents apprehend a crazed, naked man in the wilderness, living with a feral herd. He speaks only in fluffy and insists he is the smawtest smawty.


Oh thats just a starter? Glad Donna was there to explain to Clint as I think she knows by now he needs good explanation bout it.

Is the “smarty” meal main course?

Gotta admit classy resto aren’t my taste expensive and well too small on the serving :sweat_smile:

Id go for burgers and such much better I guess.

Can’t wait to see whats next.

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I would think having your meal scream for mercy would be off-putting to most people. Preparing it in the kitchen and then bringing it to the table would be far less unsettling unless you enjoyed the sounds of dying fluffies.

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Funny enough thats the point, its a abusers restaurant!

Could a explained how they stuffed her wine enriched babies up into her if they were “falling” out of her, or if they were laid on the rice under her. Also if they took out most of her guts she wouldn’t be able to scream for ten whole minutes, so did they leave the heart and lungs in?

I think we should all test this theory.