Chaos ensues: Chapter Six[ Written by Kathi ]

Drugging and kidnapping happens, if that is upsetting please do not read.
It’s eleven fifty seven, it’s the next day already, so have the chapter.
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Sliding back to the gals, they had just finished making the dinner, Chocolate ‘helped’ by getting the seeds out of the pomegranates, it was just another calm night with the three till Sophia had suggested that they do something, which got the fluffy excited at the thought, the plan was to get their nails done, get a drink and enjoy a day out. Everything was set to be a good time on a Friday but when the time came, well it was a bit… Off putting.

The feeling of being watched was constant. “Mummah. Soph, we shouwd go…” Chocolate was starting to feel unsafe, the women couldn’t blame her really. “Yeah, let’s go, Kathi.” Sophia couldn’t help but agree, what if it’s Xavier watching them? Can’t risk him trying anything but… “I’ll be fine, Iii actually saw an old co-worker of mine around here, could probably catch up and get a drink with’im.” The sigh that escaped the older woman was loud.


“Soph, come on, I can’t be afraid the rest of my life on what ifs here… He hasn’t been bothering me that much.”

“He started leaving voicemails again.”

“Probably all bark and no bite at this point. I’m also moving in a few months, thanks with your help, remember?”

“I know, I know I just… I’m worried for you.”

That got Kathi to poke her sister’s cheek with a small snort. “I’ll be alright! I promise, you can take Chocolate back, relax at home, I can catch a ride with the ol’ co-worker.”

“Ii don’t know… Text me as much as possible, okay?”

“Will do.”

With that, Sophia had taken Chocolate, the fluff just staring at her mummah. “Nu come wiff?” For her snoot to be booped. “I will see you back at home, baby, think of the time with Soph as a secret mission, see how much you can make her laugh!” That got the filly to nod but the feeling of something horrible was lingering around her, she didn’t like this, not one bit. Though the two sisters did part ways for now. Kathi goes off to find her co-worker and Sophia back home.

When Kathi did find Dennis the two had hugged and greeted each other fondly, Dennis may be an oddball but it was a nice change of pace from everything else. Though the greeting did anger somebody watching his target. “You still drink that tea from starbucks? We can go get one and talk, see how life has been goin’ dude.” Dennis got a nod with a snicker. “Yeah, that would be great, honestly. I’ve been with Soph for a good bit that talkin’ to others is what I’ve been wantin.”’ The two were off to get their drinks while catching up a bit, being followed.

“What? Chicky, back it up, he fucked your biotoy up? Duuude… I know ya view those things as animals, nearly everyone does! How the fuck does he expect ya to just suddenly be ‘fine’ with that?” They were at a table, sitting as Dennis leaned back, sipping at some weird American Cherry Pie Frappucino.

“I knooow! He’s been bombing my phone the entire time, I just… Didn’t tell Soph, she already has too much stress on her from work. Chocolate Chip is also just a baby so I try to hide as much of it from her.”

“Kaattty, Kat, that shit ain’t wise! The dude is suddenly becoming like… A serial killer kinda dude and you’re just ‘It will pass!’ Come on, that is crazy.”
“Ohoh, coming from yooou, Denny, the power of crystals shall heaal me broken bones!” She teased him a bit.

“Pff… Fine, it’s weird coming from me but it’s still some serious shit, man. Get like… A big badass dog or somethin’, hell a gun even if you-”
“I don’t want guns.” She had looked off as she sighed.


“”I just… I ain’t someone who uses’em, maybe I did when I was younger with Dad but… After his passing I just… Can’t.”

“You got so much on your plate. I’ll be back, gimme a sec, k? I gotta take a piss.”
“Woow, real charmin’, annd you don’t somehow have a girlfriend with that kinda talk?”
“Ohh, wow, real charmin’ ex you got.” The two stared with fake glares before snickering a bit.

While Dennis was off, she was texting her sister, giving her an update on how things are, unaware of someone walking by and dropping something in her drink, she didn’t even realize it as she took a slip. It took a minute for Dennis to return as he looked at her. “Mh, how’s that phone screen looking?” For her to look up and shrug. “Kinda bland, needs somethin’ more to it.”

The two continued their joking till she was feeling off. “I… Need to get home to Soph… God I… I feel tired.” She got up, nearly falling as Dennis got her. “Whoa there, did you push yourself too hard?”

Kathi had looked at him, vision blurring a bit. “D… enni…?” She couldn’t hear what he was saying at this point but they were moving out to the parking lot, he left her near his car saying he will be back, that he needed to tell the mall guards something happened as she was just nodding along to the white noise, after that? She just blacked out, hitting the ground with a thud as someone that wasn’t Dennis came and started to drag her off.


Please tell me Sophia was smarter than Kathi and stuck around to watch over her from a distance.

Also, 3 in a day? You are a mad(wo)man.


Sophia did stick around, I will say that, but it’s gonna take time for a possible rescue from the crazy man. It gonna get worse though, chapter seven, soon just not right now gkjnfa

And what can I say? This g a l just is more active at night-


I think I have some ideas of what is going to happen then…


He just wanna play a game! :slight_smile:
A horrible one but still a game.


A game? What, does he think he’s Jigsaw or something?

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He does view fluffs as toys so in his mind it’s all a ‘game’, you don’t torture your girlfriend and actual animals! It’s some silly thiing.

Ohhh, so he’s just Sid, then. Well, okay.

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