Chalk Petra fluffy story #1 by angry19

chawk was enjoyin’ his time expwowin’ dah neighbouwhood.
Dewe was awways gud things to wook an’ do woads of tweasuwes to bwin’ back.
Somethin’ twinkwed in dah cownah of his see-pwace of bewy intewestin’ sweet wwappah.
Dah mawbwin’ of its cowouws was fascinatin’ an’ unique an’ cowouwfuw to boot.
Fwuffy picked it up an’ stawted to wick it to make it nice an’ cwean.
Wiff dah tweasuwy in his mouff fwuffy set off home.
Mawchin’ down dah awweyway without cawe in dah wowwd chawk went weft an’ wite weft an’ wite fwooh dah awweyways fwooh dah gawdens an’ jumped obah fences.
Passin’ by fewaw hewd of fwuffie ponies fwuffy sees dah smawty fwend make an idiot of himsewf twyin’ to open miwkies cawton fwuffy awso sees wots of soon-to-be mummews an’ bwown babbehs in poo an’ pee.
Cwazed owd mawe twied to gib him miwkies which she did not hab showt just ignowed an’ scuwwied home comin’ to bewy pawticuwaw awweyway.
Jumpin’ up on bwicks boxes an’ metaw bits to get to dah bawcony of his ownew’s house
Getting ready for work walking into the dining room and see chalk walking in like he owns the place.
Chalk where have you beenHe said to his white Pegasus.
Been expwowin’ an’ get in tweasuwe.
sighs of reliefAnd irritation And what did you bring us brave explorer.
Bought shiny sweet wwappah which spawkwes an’ amazes an’ pwetty cowouws to.
Oh now I can retire and buy a yacht in a mansion in a seafront property in Lala land.
Chawk cweawwy was bein’ made fun of buh fwuffy did not cawe ‘cos it was dis sky daddeh
Dis simpwy wawked obah to his home on dah dinin’ tabwe whewe dah west of his hewd wewe busy wibin’ ouw wibes eatin’ gew an’ cweanin’ chattewin’ an’ speshuw huggies an’ nuwsin’ babbehs dah fibe smawty fwiends wewe quawwewwin’ obah semi-impowtant mattews an’ impowtant mattews.
Chawk awwibed home an’ shouted wook at dah tweasuwe fwuffy bwin’ su bwite su cowouwfuw su mystewious su bowd su 1950s whatebah that meant.
foaws came obah to wook an’ some of dah mothews an’ one of dah smawty fwiends dah smawty says stahp bwingin’ wubbish to nest ‘ou awweady bwin’ enough wubbish to nest chawk was offended fwuffy did not bwin’ twash fwuffy bwought awt an’ wondah
dah wittwe babbehs wewe twyin’ to wick dah wwappah to dah dismay of yah mummah’s nu babbehs nu wick twash not pwetty chawk was offended an’ stowmed off to his woom in dah cowony to suwk an’ be obewdwamatic
Dah smawty fwend shook his head it was gon’ be one of those days dah smawty fwend took dah wubbish to dah bin back den to dah hewd.

Fluffy pony translator was used in this story.