Can of Beans - P1 [Sexygoatgod]

I hope these smaller tidbits of story are alright in place of a proper chapter story. Fluffies are hard for me to write, I find their lives entirely boring compared to human and anthro characters. But what better way to take a break from writing my normal snuff smut stories than to write fluffy (eventually) hugbox. This story chunk is NOT hugbox, nor are some of the future ones, but the story as a whole is mostly happy.

Let me know what y’all think. Sorry it’s not edited.

“Sire 452 gave birth. Four males, one good colored the rest brown.” Were the first words little baby Bean ever heard in his entire life. He’d come into the world and found it cold, wet, and filled with the sounds of crying and pumping. The four tiny brothers laid in front of their mother, with her body strapped to a milking contraption, legs and eyes removed, and with a feeding tube pumping down her throat. The foals felt no love from their mother, left to lay in the sticky gore of birth as the cold, sterile air bit into their fur.

“They’re not too bad” Replied the other worker as he came up to stare at the foals. “Looks like they’ve got colored hair, they’ll probably sell to the more earthy, hippy like hugboxers if we train them right.”

“You sure about that, Sam?”

“Sure as shit, Carl.” Sam picked up the foals and carried them over to the sink. As the cold water rushed over their tiny bodies they let out terrified peeps and screeches, nubby legs flailing in terror. “Three pegasi and a unicorn, too bad she didn’t pop out an alicorn.”

“Take it we’re breeding her again, then?” Carl asked as he was handed the newly washed foals to dry off.

“Yup. That purple one’ll sell real good, so she’s got potential. Probably can get six or seven more litters outta her before her heart gives out.”

What a cold world to be born into. Bean shivered, curling into the towel and his brothers in an attempt to make something in semblance to a fluff pile. Their tiny hooves grasped at each others fur, muzzles quivering with the tears that threatened to begin pouring out again.

“Alright. Thinking food names for them, those usually catch people’s attention, ‘specially if they match. Purple one we can call Grape pretty easily, but what about the other three?”

Sam ran his fingers through his beard in thought then went back to tightening the straps on 452’s stubs. “What about beans? T’ll match their colors.”

“Yeah alright. Let’s do…Bean, Pinto and Azuki then.”

“Sounds good to me. Toss the little shitrats into the incu.”

“Yes sir.” Followed.

Finally, the brothers felt warmth for the first time in this world. Pinto was the first to cheep in happiness over it, followed closely behind by his brothers. While the world may still be scary and dark, at the very least they were together and they were warm. The tiny little babies snuggled up to each other, suckling on their hooves and nuzzing into eachothers fur.

They were left there for quite some time. Bean had no real concept of time, he just knew that his tummy ached and his once warm, clean bed was now soiled. Him and his brothers fussed, peeping out for their mother, for a single drink of milk to quell their growing hunger. His tummy grumbled, needing to poop again, and the foal stuck a hoof in his mouth to soothe himself.

“God fucking damnit!” Sam yelled once he came back to grab the foals. The amount of time that felt like years to the foals only half an hour in reality. “They shit fucking everywhere, how? They didn’t even get to drink from their fuckbag of a mother!”

Bean and his brother’s erupted into a mess of scared chirping and shaking, balling up even tighter together and unintentionally smearing feces further into their fur. The human was screaming so loud, it was terrifying. The sound hurt their little ears.

Sam roughly grabbed the foal that was chirping the loudest, a brown pegasus with dark green hair. “You fucking shitrats are trouble the second you’re born aren’t you? Pinto’s too good a name for you, even RAT would be too good a name for you.” He threw the foal into the sink, hearing it make a dull thud before it started screeching even louder.

Azuki.” Sam picked the foal up by it’s miniscule wing, getting a sick sense of justice when it opened it’s mouth and chirped with all it’s might. “Brown with red hair, you’re not even appealing to the hippies. I’ll be glad when I get to throw you into the incinerator.”

Bean heard another thud and scream.

“Oh Grape.” This time Sam was only a little rough when picking up the purple foal. He squeezed him lightly in his fist, enjoying how he was able to squeeze all the air out of it’s lungs with hardly any force. “You, you will bring in money. Good colors and a unicorn. It’s too bad your littermates are shit colored, cuz you’re going to be in for a hell of a ride until you’re sold.

Thud. Screech.

Finally Sam reached down and pulled out Bean by his leg. The foal was absolutely covered in shit, having been at the tail end of the fluffpile. Disgusting. The teenaged boy hated foals with a burning passion, even more than adult fluffies. Something about those swollen, closed eyes, the incessant chirping, the pathetic way they squirmed in his grasp…just really pissed him off. Why couldn’t he have gotten a NORMAL summer job? Get screamed at by angry white folks in the drive-thru, shovel dog shit, anything other than this.

Instead, no no, he just HAD to pick up a job at the breeding mill to try and get shifts with Cindy, the hot red haired slut from his math class last year. She worked in the front where it was just a normal fluff-go store, he had to work in the filthy back rooms where shitrats screamed at him from every direction. Just his luck. If his mom wouldn’t beat his ass he’d quit in a second.

Sam looked down at Bean, held tightly in his hand, smearing it with liquid shit. Now he had to clean the fucking incu too, all because these little fuck heads couldn’t stop shitting themselves for a single moment. The foal looked so pathetic as it stuck a hoof in it’s mouth and sobbed, other hoof grasping desperately onto Sam’s finger. It didn’t even flinch as he moved to hold it over the sink where it’s brother’s lay sobbing.

Slowly, Sam moved his finger down to Bean’s stomach, then started to press down. At first, the foal just chirped in confusion, unsure if it was being pet or harmed, but soon it’s peeping picked up in desperation as Sam pressed harder and harder down.

Bean kicked his back hooves with every ounce of power in his being, wings fluttering as fast as they could to try and break free as his tummy was compressed. He was a mere hour into the world and already knew pain a foal shouldn’t in its lifetime. Bean gagged as excrement was forced out if his digestive tract, vomit bubbling out of his mouth and shit exploding out of his ass.

His brothers peeped louder as liquid shit rained down on them, soaking them even further in filth. Even through his closed eyes Bean could see stars forming as his body screamed for air and release from the crushing pain. He tapped his front hooves on the thumb that was crushing him, hind legs kicking at it in a futile attack, anything he could try to get free.

Luckily, Sam had had his fill now that nothing else was rocketing out of the foal, so he simply opened his hand and let him go flying down into the sink. It was hilarious to watch his little wings beat as fast as they could to try and stop the fall, and the pathetic squeak he made when he hit the hard porcelain was a reward all it’s own. The boy took a second to stare down at the sink of foals, watching as their filthy bodies instinctively reached out and clung to each other for comfort. It was sweet. Sickeningly so.

Sam didn’t like it. He turned the tap for the cold water and laughed as the foals instantly shrunk away from the ice cold water. Their tiny hooves slipped on the sides of the sink as they tried to squirm away, kicking over one another in a desperate attempt to escape what their natural instincts screamed was certain death. Water is bad for fluffies, after all.

The water levels rose and rose, eventually each foal was left standing on the tips of their hooves to keep their heads above water. Sam was actually pretty impressed, he figured since they couldn’t even crawl yet they’d just sink to the bottom. He left them there for a minute or so, both to soak off the shit from their fur and to watch as they gasped and sputtered as water splashed their muzzles. When he was happy with the amount they had struggled, he plucked them out one by one and emptied their bowels into the trash like he had done to Bean.

They only got dried off because they’d risk dying if they got too cold and Sam couldn’t have another batch of foals keel over on his hands. Management was already up his ass about the last four batches…but how could he help it? They’re so fun to abuse!

Bean was the last to be lifted out of the water. His little legs, barely able to reach his mouth, were so sore from being stretched. They’d begin to give out and his face would dip under the water only for him to frantically stretch them out again. When he was removed he was filled with relief for a moment. He went to reach his legs out in a huggy motion before he recognized the smell of the human that had hurt him before. Instantly they retracted back to his body as he curled up in a little ball of fear.

He was placed into a new, cleaner warm place though. Bean felt his heart soar as he felt his brothers snuggle up to him. Finally, the horrible experience was over and he was back in his teeny little fluff pile, safe and sound. The group cuddled and chirped, nuzzling up to each other and gently licking each other’s fur. All was right in the world again for creatures with such limited thought processes. They were less than a day old afterall.

Shadows cast over Bean’s closed eyes and footsteps were heard leaving the area. He wasn’t sure what was happening, but something inside him told him it wasn’t bright time anymore and that meant it was night night time. Bean was so tired from all the peeping and standing he had to do, so he was quick to curl up, hoof in mouth, and drift off to sleep.

The dreamscape was kind to Bean. Although he didn’t dream of bright colors and pretty flowers he did dream of what he could comprehend. The warmth of another fluffy next to you, the sound of their quiet snores, the feeling of something warm beaming down at you as your body relaxed and rested. The only thing that was missing was something Bean didn’t really understand. He didn’t know why he had nothing to fill his tummy, nor why nobody spoke to him in sing songy, honey sweet tones. But then again, Bean didn’t know what it was like to have those things either, so he was able to just roll his pudgy little body over and resume dreaming about the happy, warm pile of love that surrounded him.

Hopefully tomorrow would be better for the tiny little colt.


backstory of the BOYS!!! Oh I’m so excited, I love bean :pleading_face:


I’ll, hopefully, be covering their entire story from birth to (mostly early) death! So long as people like it, I’ll keep writing it~


I’ll be reading every chapter !!

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Bean is one of the fluffies I love the most on this site, and I remember the pictures you made of his miserable, MISERABLE, life were some of my favorites when I first got into the community!

Soo, hell yeah, I’ll keep reading until you stop writing!


I already know there wont be a happy ending for him, but perhaps in some quantum timeline you change his fate. Very nice writing!


Bean actually has never had his ending spoiled :wink:
Now the other oooonesssss…Oops


In that case, his fate remains undecided, much like all of our fates.

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Early death ?
Hmmm, isn’t that a waste of good suffering ?

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Nah, so long as they go out with a nice bang. Sometimes fast is more fun~


I suppose so.
And with fluffies going out with a bang can be quite literal.

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Still my absolute favorite picture that (I think) this moment is based on


Tis! My favorite too~


:hearts: Yeeessss, such a great comic!

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Oh bean, we saw you and your siblings futures.

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i cannot in words describe how much i want to torture those fucking things. rubbing them on cheese graters, shoving sewing needles in their nuts and pulling them back and forth, shoving them ass first on vertical pointing metal bits and violently anusfucking them, then putting lemon juice in the holes, flicking them in the nose just for chirping for things, putting milk near them and flicking them for trying to drink it while yelling at them and telling them how shitty and worthless they are and how nobody will ever love them…the mind boggles with endless possibilities


Great story, love it. You do torture soooo good!11

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