Buddy & Snowball Pt. 2 [By MuffinMantis]

Part One

In spite of his hunger, Buddy flinched when he saw the bowl of spaghetti. As much as his stomach growled and the scent made him drool, the memories of what had happened to his babbehs forced themselves into his mind at the sight. A sickening knot formed in his stomach, and he retched.

“What’s wrong?”

“Buddy owd daddeh gib babbehs forebah-sweepies wif sketties.”

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t think about it! I’ll get you something else.”

“Nu. Buddy wiww num sketties.”

“Are you sure?”

“Buddy am suwe.”

Buddy approached the bowl, and the delicious scent overwhelmed the nausea. These were good sketties, not bad sketties! They were the best nummies a fluffy could eat! Once he took a bite, he realized just how bad the hunger was, and he devoured the rest with alacrity. Soon, the bowl was empty of even sauce.

Buddy looked up from his now-bare bowl. Snowball was still eating, and had barely eaten any, but she paused when she realized that he’d finished. Looking over at him, she backed away from her bowl.

Buddy wan mowe sketties? Snowbaww wet Buddy hab if Buddy stiww hab tummeh-huwties. Nu mind nu sketties.”

Buddy took a step towards the bowl, his stomach still feeling terribly empty, then stopped. “Buddy nu wan taek Snowbaww’s sketties.”

Snowball,” their mummah interrupted gently. “Buddy can’t have more nummies right now. He hasn’t had nummies in too long, and needs to eat only a little bit now so he doesn’t get sickies.”

“Bu’ Snowbaww nu wan Buddy tu hab tummeh-huwties!”

“Don’t worry, he can have more in a little while. Buddy, are you still hungry?”

“Buddy stiww hab tummeh-huwties, bu’ nu am su bad nao. Sketties taste pwetty. Tank 'ou, mummah.”

“You’re welcome, little guy. I’ll give you some more in a few minutes, we don’t want it coming back up.”

“Otay, mummah.”

“In the meantime, I need you to take some medicine so your breathing-place sickies don’t get worse.”

Buddy gagged a bit as he took the medicine, muttering “Nu taste pwetty” to himself, but he managed to drink it. Alice struggled not to laugh as she saw the disgusted expression on his face. Buddy rushed over to the water bowl and began drinking greedily, trying to wash the foul taste out of his mouth.

“BWEAH!” he half-yelled, half-groaned once he’d finished. “Nu taste pwetty!”

“Sorry about that. Taking medicine isn’t fun for us, either, but you need to take it so you can get better.”

Buddy flinched at the thought of taking the medicine again. He couldn’t understand how anything could taste worse than the fetid garbage he’d been eating recently, but the medicine managed to be far, far more foul. “Buddy nu wan nu-taste-pwetty wawa…”

“Snowbaww gib huggies! Maek sickies gu 'way su Buddy nu hab nu-taste-pwetty wawa!”

“I don’t think that’ll work, Snowball.”

“Buddy am otay, nu mind. Buddy am happy tu hab sketties an’ toysies an’ nesties.”

“Thank you for being so brave, Buddy. Now, why don’t you two play for a while before bed? If you’re still hungry I can give you some more sketties later.”

“Otay! Snowbaww pway wif Buddy. Wut Buddy wan pway?”

“Buddy wan pway wif bwockies. Buddy nu hab bwockies in su many forebahs, miss bwockies.”

As the two played, Buddy forgot about his sadness, for the first time in what seemed like forever. It’d been so long since he’d had another fluffy to play with, since even before his old daddeh had found him. Since his special-friend had died. He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed it.

Buddy! Snowball! It’s time for bed!”

“Otay, mummah!” Snowball went to the litterbox to prepare for going to sleep. After relieving herself, she went to lay down in the nest, but stopped when she noticed Buddy standing there unmoving, tears dampening the fluff of his face. “Wut am wong?”

“Buddy nu wan sweepies! Nu wan sweepie-time pictuhs! Scawed!”

“What are you scared of?”

“Buddy am scawed Snowbaww an’ mummah wiww be gone wen Buddy waek up!”

Buddy, we’re not going anywhere. There’s nothing to be scared of.”

Buddy! Sweepies in nestie wif Snowbaww! Snowbaww gib huggies, maek scawy-sweepie-pictuhs gu 'way!”

“NU! Nu wan sweepies!”

Their mummah sighed. “Will you feel better if I let you sleep with me?”

Buddy git sweepies wif mummah? Snowbaww wan!”

“Fine, you can both sleep with me. Buddy, is that better?”

“Otay. Buddy stiww scawed bu’ wiww gu sweepies.”

“Okay, but you two had better not make a mess. Buddy, let’s get you some more food before bed and then we can go to sleep.”

“Otay. Tank 'ou, mummah. Buddy wub sketties!”

Buddy lay awake, curled up with Snowball beside their mummah. He felt sleep creeping up on him, and desperately fought it off as the others slept peacefully. He was terrified he would wake up alone again, that this was all just a dream. He didn’t want this to end! He finally had a family again!

“Buddy nu sweepies, Buddy nu wose nyu famiwy,” he murmured to himself. “Nyu famiwy stay wif Buddy forebah.”

Snowball twitched in her sleep, then hugged him closer, her warmth comforting him. “Snowbaww wub nyu fwiend. Snowbaww am su happy…” she whispered in her sleep. Buddy began to cry once more, the first happiness he’d felt in so long too much for him to stand.

“Buddy wub 'ou, tuu.”

Part Three


Aww. Poor Buddy, he really needed some love.

So this is a rehab story?

Poor Buddy, at least now he slowly relaxing and manage to eat… hope he gets fully recovers :muscle: