Breeding Centre Blues: Opaque Couché (by Newb_ronswek)

M-51 was heavily pregnant, and due to give birth very soon. It would be her first litter and, as a white unicorn with a black mane, she was expected to produce a high quality brood. Her yellow eyes shone with glee as she sung to her unborn offspring.

“Mummah wub babbehs, babbehs wub mummah, babbehs dwink miwkies, gwow big an’ stwong!” the mother-to-be was sure her’s was the best mummah song ever. M-52 in next pen over did not agree. “Emmfifteewun make bad singies! Soun’ wike kitty munsta dat hab wan babbeh owwies…” the alicorn groused.

M-51 was struggling to come up with a good comeback, when her water broke. “BIGGEST POOPIES!” the mare screamed and flailed as she panicked. She’d been told that giving birth would hurt, but she never thought it would be this bad.

Once all the foals were born, M-51 cleaned and fed them. As they nursed she babbled to them, “Mummah wub babbehs! Wub! Gon’ be ‘ou mummah foweba!” she cried. An irritated grunt sounded from the next pen over, “Dat nu am how dat wowk, dummeh!” M-52 growled.

The younger mare ignored her neighbor, and continued babbling/fantasizing about all the things her and her brood would do together, from their first words to having foals of their own, M-51 wanted to be there for all of it. She would be the best mummah ever. She was so excited…

Martha glared down at M-51’s brood as the lay asleep in their mother’s backfluff. One was a white unicorn with a black tail (a potential “bestest babbeh”), another was an earthie who was not just brown in tail and fluff, but a specific shade of brown called “Opaque Couché” aka the world’s ugliest colour, and the last one was another earthie who was grey with a black tail. Management had had high hopes for M-51. It wasn’t looking like she would live up to those hopes.

Wordlessly, Martha snatched the the brown foal out of it’s mother’s fluff and hurried away to dispose of it. “CHIRP! CHIRP!” the foal cried out for M-51 to save it, but she couldn’t follow Martha thanks to the fence around her pen. “BABBEH! Gib babbeh backsies PWEASE!” M-51 begged. It was pointless Martha had already left the room.

“Dummeh. Babbehs NEBA’ EBA’ stay wit mummah fo’ wong.” M-52 piped up, “Babbehs dat nu hab pwitty cowouw fwuff git thowed in da twashies wen dey chiwpy babbehs cuz hoomins nu wike dem. Babbehs dat hab pwitty cowouw fwuff git taken ‘way by hoomins wen dey nu dwink miwkies nu mowe. Pway wit babbehs wen ‘ou hab dem. ‘Ou wiww NEBA’ see dem gwow up!”

M-51 wept in anguish for the rest of the night.




M-52’s behaviour makes sense. She is smart enough to see the shitty reality around her, but has no way of changing anything, so she is taking it out on everyone else.


She looks like a Hitlerfluff based on her position in the pic.


I notice in such story almost its “veteran” mares would get grumpy on new mares and verbal abuse them but its true but guess thats the only pleasure she can have…until get smack by the care taker if ever.