Breeding Centre Blues: Fetish (by Newb_ronswek)


Martha glanced down at the checklist Hanako had given her, confirming that it did indeed say what she thought it said.

“Clean Drumheller’s Saferoom”

Martha frowned. Drumheller was a dull green earthie stallion with an eye-hurtingly bright magenta mane and pale pink eyes. Normally, a fluffy that looked like that wouldn’t be allowed to be a breeder, but Drumheller was a carrier of some rare genetic traits; Both the sparkly mane and coat genes, heterochromia, the alicorn gene, ect. The main problem with him (aside from being an eyesore) was that he was very vocal about the fact that he had an alicorn fetish.

Martha had barely opened the door when she was bombarded with “Bwing wingy-pointy mawe fo’ enfies?! Dwumhewwew specha wumps huwt! NEE’ ENF-ENF-ENF!” eliciting an annoyed grunt from the young woman. “No, I’m just here to clean.” she said, “You’ll knock up a mare later.” the stallion drooled a little bit, “WINGY-POINTY MAWE?!” he asked, wild-eyed and shouting. Martha cringed and started cleaning, “I dunno, probably…” she said, avoiding eye-contact.

Martha cleaned the litterbox…

“Wingy-pointy mawes gib besest enfies! Dwumhewwew wan’ enf aww da wingy-pointy mawes!”

…and the floor…


…and lastly, she collected the semen from Drumheller’s enfie toy and cleaned it.


“I’m beginning to see why you’re not allowed around mares without supervision…” Martha grumbled as she left the room.

Hanako was sitting in the waiting room at the vet’s office with Barrhead, when she got a text from Martha. She read it, smiled mischievously, and responded; “Maybe I rescheduled cleaning Drumheller’s saferoom, maybe I didn’t…”




Drumheller. Like the Star Wars instrument?

More like the town in Alberta.

Huh. I thought it was based on this thing.

this dude played Monster Prom and liked it a little TOO much

monsterfuckers unite lol