Breaking The Family Bond Ch. 1 [by BFM101]

This is my first attempt at a Fluffy story, hopefully the Fluffy talk and the lore come out right. Don’t know how long this is going to be – probably no more than five or so chapters – but I’ll try to post them with some regularity. Otherwise I hope you enjoy and any feedback is welcome for improving things going forward.

When the kill order for the Fluffies came through most people went hunting through the streets like roving gangs, preying on the little bastards trusting nature to find entire herds and kicks them to death. Swift and violent but a little too easy for my tastes, no I wanted to experiment, see how Fluffies react to different forms of torture and see how long it would take them to reach the ‘wan die’ phase. There was the pregnant mare who died from a combination of traumas both mental and physical as I pulled her unborn foals from her womb, there was the Smartie prick who lasted less than a week of me carving up his dick like a Turkey roast, then there was a whole family who turned on each other once I glued horns and wings to their bodies to make them all look like Alicorns and none of them could tell the difference as they willingly slaughtered each other.

But this story isn’t about them, this story is about the one family who did what no other Fluffy has ever done before and to this day remain the best mistake I’ve ever made.

I found them, as I often found their kind, in an alleyway, I walked past on a seemingly innocuous morning when I heard the chirping of foals. Taking a detour I found an entire Fluffy family lying in an upturned cardboard box, there was the father, a masculine figure with fur the deepest shade of blue Id’ ever seen on a Fluffy, even with the dirt and grime over him I could tell the fur was impressive, capped with a mane of orange. Beside him the mother, a soft lilac colour with a mint green mane, decently pretty by Fluffy standard, and surrounding her were her foals, a white unicorn with a pink mane, a yellow Pegasus with a red mane, two regular fluffies, one a light blue with a yellow mane, the other brown with a dark mossy green mane, and finally a pure black Alicorn in the back.

I noticed the parents nuzzling into each other as I bent down to look at them all, clearly a happy family despite being ferals, instantly I thought about how I was going to change that. But those thoughts were interrupted by the father approaching me.

“Hewwo nice Mistah, pwease no gib babbehs huwties.”

The father flicked his mane back to show off the horn on his head, he was a unicorn as well, his voice was surprisingly calm but I saw through his intimidation tactic with the horn. I figured it would be best to play nice for the moment.

“Don’t worry my little friend, I heard the crying of your foals and I wanted to see if I could help.”

“Oh pwease nice mistah, tummies have huwties. Daddeh Fwuffy no find nummies in so wong, need nummies for babbeh’s miwkies.”

The mare nodded in agreement. “Babbeh’s so bwave, Mummah so pwoud of babbehs but babbehs need milkies and nummies and wuv.”

“Well then today is your lucky day, I have plenty of food and milk at my house and nobody to share it with, would you like to bring your family to stay with me?”

“Weawwy, yu want to be nu daddah?”

“Easy there, let’s try for tonight and see how things go, I promise you will be fed and cleaned and have a warm bed, we’ll talk more in the morning. Deal?”


“Ok then, let’s get you moving.”

I carefully tipped the box over so that I could carry it with the Fluffies inside, it wasn’t a long walk to my house but I wasn’t risking separating them and having one of them go missing. No I needed all seven for what I had planned.”

After calming his foals from the sudden movement, the father looked up at me with such trust in his eyes. “If not nu daddeh, what we caw you?”

“Call me? Most people call me Dr Mongola, but you my dear friends, you can call me Josef.”

We arrived home not long afterwards, I lived alone in one of the more isolated portions of the city, the closest neighbour was only five minutes away by walking but that was far enough to give me some decent privacy. Not that it mattered when it came to Fluffies but I’d rather avoid questions.

I set the Family in the guest bedroom, all seven of them immediately starting cooing and cheering as I poured them out onto the soft duvet, surrounding them with the softest pillows money could buy.

“Nu daddeh is bestesh daddeh.” The yellow Pegasus jumped on bed. “Wuv nu daddeh.”

The father moved in and calmed his foal down. “Joesep not nu daddeh, Joesep onwy wooking after us fow night. Maybe stay wonger but that him choose.”

I was intrigued by this Fluffy and his way of speaking, hell the whole family was different to any other Fluffies I’d seen before. They were all vaguely intelligent by Fluffy standards, and they all treated each other with respect and care, even the brown fluffy and the Alicorn, both foals who would’ve been shunned or even killed by other parents before now.

The experiments on them would yield some very interesting results.

“Well, let’s not jump ahead of ourselves, we’ll see how tonight goes. But since you will be staying here, I guess I should learn your names if we’re going to get to know each other.”

“We no have names, Fwuffy bown ousside. Caw other Mummah an daddeh an babbehs.”

“I see. Well if you like, I could name you.”

The foals all starting jumping around and cheering. “Wuv names, want names.”

I turned to the father first. “You can be Cobalt, after that magnificent coat you have him.”

Cobalt puffed his chest out proudly. “Cobawt happy wiv name.”

Next I looked to the mare, her eyes beaming at me expectantly. “Hmm, how about, Lavender?”

“Huuuu, Wavenda, such pwetty name for Fwuffy. Wuv name.”

I looked down at the five foals, the white unicorn and yellow Pegasus were both mares, while the blue and the brown fluffies and the black Alicorn were all stallions. I pointed to each of them individually as I gave out their names; the unicorn was called Rose, the Pegasus Sunrise, the blue Fluffy I named Cyan and his brown brother I called Chestnut. All four loved their names, naturally I could’ve called them Asshole, dickhead, bitchtits and cunt and they would’ve loved their new names but we were still in friend mode for the moment. Finally I looked at the Alicorn, I’d never seen a pure black one before, and given the fear most mares have about ‘munstah babbehs’ I was shocked that he was still alive.

I smiled as I reached out as gently stroked his horn. “I think I’ll call you, Spike. A tough boy needs a tough name doesn’t he?”

Spike jumped so high I almost stepped back in case he started flying. He turned and ran towards his mother. “Mummah, am Spike now, Spike pwotect mummah and babbehs.”

“So bwave, mummah wuv bestesh babbeh.”

I fought every instinct I had not to twist my face into confusion, not only was the Alicorn welcomed as part of the family, but he was the ‘bestesh babbeh’ as well. Part of me wanted to keep the little fuckers around just to study them and their strange bond. But another part of me wanted to see how much torment that bond could take.

After hearing their incessant screeching again, the second part easily won out.

“Now that names are out of the way, what say I cook you all something to eat. And since you’re all my honoured guests, who wants spaghetti?”

“SKETTIS! Wuv skettis, wuv nu home, wuv names.” The foals all started to dance and sing, well they tried to anyway, only Rose and Cyan were able to actually stand on their feet without falling over. Lavender absolutely loved the sight and began waving her hoofs.

“Dancie babbehs, dancie babbehs. Mummah wuv dancie-babbehs.”

Cobalt looked up at me, tears in his eyes. “Yu gud man Joesep, famiwy wiw awways wuv yu fow dis.”

Yeah, just think about that when I tear your daughters in half you shitrat.

“Happy to help Cobalt, now just wait there and I’ll bring the spaghetti through in a moment.”

I quickly left to head for the kitchen. What kind of fucked-up wholesome shit had I stumbled into? This fluffy family was strange even for me, and I’d seen Fluffies do some messed-up stuff, mostly cause I forced them to but that’s beside the point.

As I cooked the spaghetti and sauce I thought about what how I was going to torture this family, the obvious answers cam flying at me first, breaking bones, tearing off limbs, castration was almost certainly going to happen, plus I had my secret ‘enfie’ weapon in the basement for the females. But obvious answers didn’t seem to fit for this not-so-obvious family, no hurting them one-on-one wouldn’t cut it. I needed to force them to choose between their own health, and that of their loved ones.

Once the spaghetti was cooked I went to the cupboard for the next two items I needed for my plan. The first was a tube of what was colloquially known as ‘Fluffy Sleeping Powder’, back when they tried to humanely clean up the Fluffy mess they poured this stuff into the streets, it worked in knocking them out but the shits breed so fast it was nigh-on impossible to keep up with their numbers, now it was sold publicly for private home use. I poured the tube out onto plates, the Fluffies would barely notice the taste and even if they did, by the time they realised they would’ve eaten too much to do anything about it. Perks of being greedy little bastards.

The second item wasn’t needed until later but I liked knowing it was still available. A spool of barb-wire, thick enough to do damage, but small enough to be wrapped around a Fluffy’s neck, or it’s limbs, or other more… delicate parts of its anatomy.

I picked up the plates and smirked to myself. If I played this out right, I could get weeks, maybe even months of entertainment out of this lot. There would be blood and sweat and tears, but that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Making sure the bard-wire was hidden behind the door, I left the kitchen and called out. “Who’s hungry?”

The sharp, ecstatic chirping from the bedroom almost made me feel bad that this would be the last moment of happiness for this family.


Chapter 2


Not Bad for an Intro. Enough Infos about your Charakters and what you Plan as a hole. I’m interessed what happend next.


I enjoyed this first chapter.
The lore comes across clearly here, and the fluffy talk is good too. Cobalt saying “good man” seems a little weird to me, maybe “good mister” or “good hoomin”. That’s the only thing that stood out though, the rest is great.