Breaking into reality

Ok, Spoilers: this is a hoax. But goddamn i saw “fake bioengineered pets as toys” and what other community has explored that concept to the extent we have?


Could easily see flash frozen fluffies sold in similar packaging.


my biggest issue in this Genpet :tm: is how unnapealing it looks, like, if a kid went to a store buy a biotoy would they pick
a. image
b. image


and b is the only option


Remember back in the late 2000s and early 2010s when “gross” stuff was all the rage. So there’s a market for that kind of stuff

Moral of the story: I'll pick option C, please


Boglins sold well alongside My Little Pony and Trolls.


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huh, never seen that one o.o interesting paralel lol

There has to be a name for the huge explosion in ugly toys from the mid 80’s to like 2010. Not sure what though.

My Pet Monster had only one gimmick, being ugly. It had a movie, cartoon, and very popular toyline.

Ant Man even made a joke about it, with Scott Lang knowing his daughter well enough to get her an ugly rabbit doll and show up the stepdad.


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And I had just gotten over the fact that a YouTube family channel had begun selling their newborn son as a Reborn Baby Doll

I would kill both of those hideous abominations.

That thing should be put under a hydraulic press.

This has to be a joke right?

In all reality, it looks like this community has just predicted the future. lmao.

I looked it up and it’s an art project. It actually predates fluffies by a longshot, though; the site was created in 2004.

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Yeesh! I knew someone was playing around with genetics when it was in the lime light back in the day, but I didn’t expect anything other than glowing mammals, or growing amputated limbs to come of it. That’s a bit concerning, not going to lie.

Oh no, they’re not real! They’re just sculptures.

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Ah! I am less concerned now. Thank you.

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Seems a waste of $50.

Anyone who would pay that much for that ugly thing already wasted their money.

Sometimes ugly is better.



Though jokes aside its almost entirely nostalgia-driven, plus morbid interest.

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I’ve always thought Vulpix was way cuter than Zorua. Zorua’s nose is just so…needlessly pointy.

Also I adore that “old”-style Zorua. It reminds me of some of the pets on the Virtual Pet sites I play.