Bread fluffy Concept development / discussion thread

Saw a picture of a fluffy in a loaf pose this morning and had weird mental thoughts cause im on3 hours of sleep today.

So my brain was thinking, if bread fluffies were actually a thing, ‘what if a bread fluffy kept gaining weight / grew out its coat?’

‘Would its neck/body fat rolls / excess coat be pieces (rolls/loaves) of bread you could pull/cut off from the main bread body?’

So here’s the basic concept.

It’s a fluffy that grows an edible bread as insulation instead of a hair coat.

It converts grains / carbs and various nutrients above survival consumption into growing its coat.

Im guessing it converts a portion of its fat into a ‘binder’ in place of egg.

If it could constantly generate milk, its body could potentially siphon of this for bread production and that would keep it from over producing milk and feeling sore. Though if this is a binary sexy fluffy and not a unisex/mare only breed then that might imply that the males can lactate as well so that they can produce milk for the bread coat.

Body yeast for yeast substitute.

The big issue I see with this would be the ‘how does it cook’ since most bread recipe stuff im seeing is 250- 450 F range so body heats out. Though if someone knows a type that can be made at low temperature let me know. :slight_smile:

If necessary, I guess I can settle on it producing a squishy coat of dough instead of actual bread~ but that doesn’t fit the weird box im envisioning. ~chuckle~

Comments and pitches appreciated. Might write a story once I feel I have enough info to make it seem at least somewhat plausible.


Mmmm, sexy fluffy.

They would totally decimate the baking industry. There can be different breeds of bread fluffes (breads of fluffies? it’s like a pun) producing different kinds of bread and other related products.


Either that or they use them as a recycling at bakeries.

ie - feed them the bread you cant donate/sell after softening it and feed it to the bread fluffies. Bread fluffies reconstitute it and depending on quality of the bread they can produce~ you either sell it or donate it to fluffy shelters or something for tax breaks.


I’m sorry Elias, but I must execute you now



~doesn’t clarify if he means the pun or the execution~