Boogeyman punishment, by Elias

Another punishment/disciplining idea for y’all. I feel like someone must’ve done this, but I haven’t encountered the exact thing, so here it is.

This is intended to be used on fluffies you raise from foalhood yourself. As you teach it the rules, you say that bad fluffies who don’t follow them get stolen by a bad munstah that hurts them. Theoretical fear might keep them from breaking the rules for some time, but, depending on the fluffy, it may start acting bratty. That’s where you become the monster.

Put on dark, ominous clothes and a scary mask, perhaps get a little blood on yourself to smell scary as well. Catch the fluffy while acting overdramatically scary (don’t forget to mention how it is a bad fluffy), then carry it through a few dark rooms (so that it doesn’t understand where it is) and put it in the sorry box. Give an evil-sounding excuse, like “I need to take care of some other fluffies, but then, it’s your turn”. Then turn on some abuse sounds (maniacal laughs, fluffy screams, crying and other loud, scary sounds). Take off and hide your scary clothes.

Then, some time later, when your fluffy is thoroughly terrified and remorseful, you need to “save” your fluffy. Turn off the sounds, hurriedly pick up the fluffy and run with it back. Once you’re back, “explain” what happened.

“You were a bad fluffy, and so the bad monster came after you. I barely managed to save you, but the monster is still out there. Don’t be a bad fluffy, or he will come again and hurt you and give you lots of hurties”

It’s not a problem if you aren’t that good at acting. Fluffies are very naive and don’t pick up on lies easily. So why not take advantage of that to teach a memorable lesson?


Man I remember something like this from the booru but it’s all nebulous and such. Dude had a plague doctor’s outfit he used for the monster.


there was a comic with that premise reuploaded to the subreddit awhile ago.


So, basically Krampus?