Beta testing of alternate responses (other than Like) has commenced

Spam? Naw. From a technological perspective, I just don’t want to see FC swerve too far into the Reddit lane with all that badge nonsense. Not sure what sort of administrative overhead that tacks on to running the joint, if any, but I hope it’s minimal.


Don’t want to be a whiny bitch, but there should be some sort of a highlight around the emoji after it was pressed :,) I catch myself wondering if I already reacted to the post or not, only to find out I already pressed it by seeing the number go down after pressing it again… and again. And again.

I’m forgetful like that, and being the kind of person that I am, which is me wanting people to see my appreciation for them, it just doesn’t help :,) I hope something can be done about this, if not then I’ll just deal with it~

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Not to blow the lid off of the secret but I am 100% sure that reddit emoji is the brand of shame.


Ok, this is cool
(Probably will use this award system only when I need to tho)

Well, can’t use the Clicks face. It’s simply to handsome.

Whatever you guys go for is fine by me but I doubt I’ll be partaking in the usage of the things. Don’t really see the point of them to be honest. Could be because I’m not on reddit, Facebook or any other platform that use them so… well… knock yourselves out, kids. :yum:

I for one am excited