Bestest Sickie Friends: Buyer's Manual 2 (by fluffysomething)

AN: See Bestest Sickie Friends: Buyer’s Manual 1 for more information. Enjoy!

Can Bestest Sickie Friends commit malice knowingly?

Yes, and they do it knowingly and unknowingly all the time. The Sickie-Friend equivalent for hellgremlins are called Worstest Sickie-Shits, or just Sickie-Shits.

Can I use Bestest Sickie Friends in my story?

Of course! Just make sure to credit it as my idea and have fun with it!

What do Bestest Sickie Friends look like?

See this picture :arrow_down: for a quick look at what they look like!


Does color-bias exist in Bestest Sickie Friends, and how do I prevent/stop it?

Though uncommon, Bestest Sickie Friend parents will sometimes prefer a baby over other babies for being “prettier”. The main demographic for Bestest Sickie Friends are children, so their rare lack of empathy for “yucky colored” Bestest Sickie Friends is surprising. You can stop this by have your Bestest Sickie Friend sit down and talk about being friends with everyone, including badly colored Bestest Sickie Friends. (Or get out the disinfectant. Completely your choice.)

Are Bestest Sickie Friends pre-programmed?

Yes, just like Fluffies, they desire hugs, love, and babies. The first Bestest Sickie Friends to be manufactured were constantly played messages that said things along the lines of “Babies are the best things ever. You should have lots of babies.” and “Only bad Bestest Sickie Friends don’t listen to their mommy or daddy. Are you a bad Bestest Sickie Friend?”

Mental Conditions of Bestest Sickie Friends

Perey’s Syndrome: Also known as ‘thinkie-place sickies’, Perey’s Syndrome is genetic or can rarely be acquired. Bestest Sickie Friends with this conditions suffer from hallucinations, depression, and becoming derped in very severe cases.

Derp Syndrome: In Fluffies, Derp Syndrome is found by eyes that appear to be looking at two different things and odd speaking including the letter b in some words. Derp Syndrome in Bestest Sickie Friends causes them to only try and speak, regardless of age.

*This is not a complete list. See your local Fluff-Mart to learn more.