Berrybean's Ref! (Star-The-Alicorn)

This is a ref sheet I made of a friend’s fluffysona! They aren’t on here or the reddit, but they love fluffies very much and asked me to make a ref sheet for them.

Meet Berrybean! She’s a heavily mutated designer fluffy who was forced to live at a mill, where she was heavily abused. In order to make her stop crying so much, one of the workers ripped one of the pairs of her wings off. The mill was then raided by an animal rights group, and she was placed into foster care before being adopted out to a kind human.

This character is hugbox only! If you wish to make fanart/fan stories of her, no abuse, please. Weirdbox, hugbox, sadbox and stuff is fine, though!



Ah no offense but that text on that color background is really hard to read, otherwise I like it!!


She’s a cutie! Is that a third eye on her forehead?


It is! She used to have 3 pairs of wings too.

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Ah, I’ll fix that!!

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