Before The Storm: Index [By BFM101]

Before The Storm is going to be a fairly big undertaking for me, with each part consisting of a number of chapters, each with its own self-contained arc that leads into the next one.

This is a rough outline of what I have so far, I may add or remove Parts as I see fit, but for the moment this is what I’ll be working from and will act as a guide to the full story as it is built up.

Part 1: Hello Cruel World
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 (Controversial)
Chapter 5 (Controversial) [END]

Part 2: The Hellish Herd
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Part 3: Love Is Strange

Part 4: The Industrial Revolution

Part 5: Same Shit, Different Herd

Part 6: Not A Democracy

Part 7: Reunited

Part 8: In The Spider’s Web

Part 9: God’s Lonely Fluffy

Part 10: The Calm

Part 11: The Hard Choices

Part 12: Someday A Real Rain Will Come

Part 13: See Clearly Now