Because i like it [by Dhylec] Part 4 - The Bear, the Fox, and the Crow (43669)

Because I like it

Part 4 - The Bear, the Fox, and the Crow

I was woken up in the middle of the night by the fluffys screams and jumped out of bed, a big grin on my face as I knew what was going on. I grabbed my cell phone, and walked to the safe room door with long steps, hearing Asuna desperate screams for me echoing into the kitchen. I opened the door, and she fell in front of me, no longer having the door to support her front legs.


“What monster, Asuna? What is going on?” - I asked her, doing my best to pretend to be worried, walking into the safe room and turning on the lights, hearing the foals crying as I approached the bottom.


She was interrupted by a loud, long fart, one that made her and the foals shriek in terror while the stench of rotten beans filled the air around me.

“SSSSSHHHHRRRREEEEEEEKKKKK! HEWP DADDEH! HEWP! NU WET MUNSTAH NUM ASUNA!” - She screamed running past me, ignoring the fact that the fart came from her, and I couldn’t hold my laugh this time, starting to video record everything.

I focused on Asuna, making scary poopies inside the litter box while crying, and changed the focus for the foals, all curled up on their bed, hiding under the sheets while crying.

“What is going on guys?” - I asked them trying my best to sound concerned, and before they could answer me a new loud fart echoed inside the safe room, and I could see the sheets flapping from the power of the fart that came from one of the foals, probably Blueballs.

“BIG DAWK TIME MUNSTAH GIF FLUFFYS TUMMY HUWTIES AND MAKE SCAWY NOISIES!” HUUU HUU HUUU - Asuna cried inside the litter box, being mimicked by her foals.

They all stormed out from under the sheets, crying and begging me to save them, while I laughed recording everything. Man, fluffys were beyond awesome for simple comedy material. I got some good 20 minutes of recording before it became repetitive, and sat in the middle of the safe room, hugging them and laughing each time one of them farted, doing my best to say everything was going to be ok with a straight face, but it was hard with tears from laughing too hard coming out of my eyes. I felt a little bad for Raven, the kid hadn’t eaten any of the beans, and was beyond afraid just like the others. For my luck, Asuna seemed to be training them really well, and each one of them ran to the litterbox the moment they sensed they couldn’t hold their scary poopies anymore.

Their intestines settled sometime after they got the beams out of their system, and I went back to sleep after calming them down, singing a silly song about being safe that I came up with on the spot, promising to come back if the monster came back. I was awoken by scared screams another two times, but the video made it worth every single second of it.

My alarm clock woke me up. I was a little tired, but still in a really good mood, and got out of bed smiling while I stretched and heard my bones crack. Cell Phone in hand I went to the kitchen, got the coffee machine on, went to the closet, got one of the spare litter boxes I had, filled it with new litter, and walked to the bathroom, opening the door with a big smile as I knew what was going to happen.

Gaylord was sleeping in his corner, and my smile widened as I could see a little pile of shit on the opposite corner, the left one under my shower head. He was shivering from cold, eyes swollen and wet from tears; his newer welts had already acquired a purple color, but the older ones were starting to be a mixture of purple and yellowed-green, I was impressed by how fast Fluffys could regenerate, in people it would take some days for the healing process to get to that point.

I put my cell phone on the sink, turned the audio recording on, and put the litter box with new litter on the floor, in the left corner next to the sink so it wouldn’t get in my way as I used the bathroom. Everything in place I clapped my hands twice, as loud as I could.

“RISE AND SHINE KING OF ALL FAGGOTS!” - I said in a jovial tone while he was jolted awake, already sobbing.

“Huuuuu, nu huwt fwuffy!” - He whined looking around, and as his eyes focused on me he chirped.

“Daddeh! chirp hewp Gaywowd, su many huwties daddeh. chirp Gaywowd ned huggies an wuv! hhuuuhhuuu” - He cried trying to get up, his whole body shaking as the pain from the welts made it impossible, making him chirp in pain and sadness as all he could do was crawl in my direction, stopping at the shower box glass wall.

“No can do Gaylordio” - I said shaking my head and pretending to be sad - “I was sure you were starting to be a good fluffy, but you’re a bad one again”

“NNuuuu daddeh! NU! chirp Gaywowd gud!”

“NO, you’re not” - I said in a cold tone - “Good fluffys don’t make bad poopies”

He looked at me, eyes full of confusion, and I pointed to his shit. He followed my finger, his eyes widening as he saw it, and fat tears started rolling freely from his green eyes.

SOB Gaywowd sowwy daddeh! Gaywowd sowwy! Wan make gud poopies bu nu haf wittah box! SOB” - He sobbed trying to explain himself, and I stepped to the side.

“So what is that Gaylord?” - I asked him pointing to the litter box, and his eyes widened in disbelief.

“Bu… bu… bu…” - He started stuttering, mind unable to process the ‘magical’ appearance of the litter box, and I smiled.

“Don’t give me that shit! You’re a BAD fluffy Gaylord! You made bad poopies! You like to give daddeh heart hurties, don’t you?”

“Nuuuuu! Nu daddeh, NU! SOB Gaywowd wan be gud! Gud fwuffy fo daddeh! SOB Gaywowd wan mak daddeh happy” - He winned hitting the shower box with his front hooves, sobbing while being unable to reach me - “Why meanie nu see waww nu wet Gaywowd hug daddeh? sob hhuuuhhuuu, Gaywowd haf big heawt huwties!”

I opened the shower bor and stepped inside, looking at Gaylord as he chirped and crawled in my direction. I waited for him to get as close to my feet as he could, enjoying his painful chirps and grunts as the welts made even the crawling a tortured, and pushed him away with my right foot before he could hug my thumb.

“Bad fluffies don’t get huggies, Gaylord” - I said as he let out a desperate cry and chirped, trying to crawl to me again - “You know what bad fluffys get”

“NU DADDEH! NU!” - He shouted, eyes widened with fear - “Pwease nu mowe sowwy stick, Gaywowd haf su many huwties!”

“Oh? So you’d rather be a bad fluffy?” - I said, shaking my head, forcing my voice to sound sad - “And I thought you wanted to be good, I am very disappointed, Gaylord”.

“NUU! NNNUUUUU DADDEH! SOB Gaywowd wan be gud! Gud fwuffy fo daddeh!”

“If you really wanna be a good fluffy, you know what you must do” - I said smiling, and he sobbed while lowering his head.

“Yes daddeh… SOB Sowwy stick make bad fwuffys gud fwuffys” - He said crawling in my direction, and i crouched as he reached my feet.

“Gaywowd ba… SINF bad fwuffy…”

“You know what Gaylord? Just because you came forward to take your punishment, you won’t get the sorry stick” - I said looking at the top of his head, and he lifted it, eyes sparking with relief.


“Really! Instead of the sorry stick, you will get five mister good pinchies!” - I said smiling, and he looked confused.

“Mistah Pinchies?”

“Yeah! It’s like this…” - I said, approaching my hand to his right ear, and he crawled in my hand direction while stretching his front hooves to it. The poor guy was mistaking his punishment for affection, so cute.

I grabbed his right ear between my right indicator and thumb, pressing it as hard as I could and twisting it, and Gaylord’s face became a mask of pain and despair.

“SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE!!! HEAW PWACIE HAF BIGGEST OWCHIES!” - He screamed trying to get away from my grip, and I twisted his ear again, pinching it as I did it.


“Threeeeee” - I said, twisting it again, and Gaylord’s screams were followed by a blast of shit coming out of his ass, making me release his ear as I shook my head in disapproval.

“Oh, Gaylord… you really are a VERY BAD fluffy…” - I said as he cried and tried to crawl away from me, sniffing and sobbing while tears and snot slid from his face to the floor.

SNIF HHHUUUUU SNIF Gaywowd wan be gud daddeh! Bu Gaywowd nu wike huwties! HHUUUHHUUUHHUUU”

“If you want to be good, why don’t you accept your punishment? And why did you make bad poopies AGAIN?” - I said pointing at the trail of shit behind him. He looked at it, eyes widening in disbelief for a second, and looked back at me, curling on the floor and chirping.

“You give me no choice Gaylord” - I said after sighing - “If you can’t be a good fluffy I will have to throw you away, daddeh can only have good fluffys”

He kept chirping, and I scooped him from the floor with my right hand, getting a firm grip around him so he wouldn’t try to hug my fingers. I got out of the shower box and stopped in front of the toilet.

“You see this Gaylord?” - I said pointing his head to the toilet, and he just sniffed and sobbed - “This is the water monster nest. This is where daddeh thrown the bad fuffys”

“Gaywowd gu…” - He started saying, and I interrupted him by flushing the toilet.


Gaylord went crazy, screaming, crying, pissing and shitting my hand, and struggling with renewed strength.

“NU DADDEH NU! GAYWOWD WAN BE GUD!” - He screamed as I approached him to the toilet, flushing again.



“Anything Gaylord? Are you going to do ANYTHING to be a good Fluffy?” - I asked him, and he nodded his head, snot and tears covering his muzzle and dripping on my hand.

“Ok, maybe you still have a chance” - I said putting him on the sink, washed my hand while shaking my head and telling him he was a bad fluffy for giving me bad peepees and poopies, and seated at the toilet after getting the lid down - “If you wanna be a good fluffy, you have to do two things”

He looked at me, sobbing but trying to focus on my words.

“First: You have to start acting like a good fluffy, and you already know everything a good fluffy must do” - I said, and he nodded while sniffing - “Second: Until you become a good fluffy, you have to be a dancie babbeh for daddy”

He blinked and looked at me in disbelief.

“Gaywowd dancie babbeh fu daddeh? Su Gaywowd gud fwuffy?” - He asked me while trying to clean his face with his front hooves, sniffing and licking the snort and tears closest to his mouth.

“Not quite, but if you’re a dancie babbeh for daddy, daddy won’t throw you away” - I said smiling, and he emitted some huuuhuuu’s while looking to the toilet.

“Otay daddeh, Gaywowd dancie babbeh fo daddeh!” - He said, trying to get up onto his hind legs, and failed miserably, chirping in pain.

“So?” - I asked him after waiting for a while, enjoying his failed attempts to dance for me.

“Hhhhhhhhuuuuuu meanie weggies nu wet Gaywowd dance fo daddeh” - He cried looking defeated, being able to just sit on his ass while trying to keep his face clean.

“Yeah… seems like you’re really a bad fluffy, Gaylord. A BAD, BAD, BAD FLUFFY!” - I said getting up and walking to him - “Don’t blame me for what I have to do, I tried giving you a chance”

“NU! NU DADDEH! NU! GAYWOWD BE GUD! BE GUD FWUFFY FO DADDEH!” - He screamed, crawling away from me.

“WOOK DADDEH! WOOK! GAYWOWD DANCIE BABBEH FO DADDEH! WOOK!” - Gaylord said still crawling, doing a stupid shaking around of all his limbs, looking more like he was having an epileptic attack instead of dancing, but it made me chuckle.

“Gaywowd make daddeh waugh? Make daddeh happy? Gaywowd gud fwuffy?” - He asked me amidst chirps or pain and panting, still doing his epileptic dance.

“I gotta admit you pulled off the dance, Gaylord” - I said smiling - “But if you want to be a good fluffy, you can’t stop dancing until I say so”

“Otay daddeh! Otay!” - He said putting more effort in his dance, chirping in pain as he did so.

I grabbed my cell phone, stopped the audio recording, and turned on the video recording, supporting it with the soap dispenser so it would keep recording Gaylord’s silly dance while I grabbed what I needed to punish him.

“Remember Gaylord, don’t stop dancing” - I said as I got out of the bathroom.

I went to my bedroom, fiddling around my drawers until I found what I needed. Went to the kitchen, got myself a mug of coffee, and was back to the bathroom, smiling as I could see Gaylord still dancing, granted he was doing it with much less enthusiasm than before, tiredness clear in his face, but the little guy was trying his best.

“Gay… PANT Gaywowd gud? Weeze Gud fwuffy nao?” - He asked me, eyes full of tears while I approached him, putting my mug of coffee into the corner of the sink and beside it the black thread roll I got from my room, pulling the needle that was attached to it out, and smiling as I could see Gaylord eyes widening in fear.

“Not yet Gaylord” - I said looking at him, flavoring his despair as he tried to crawl away, but never stopping his silly dance - “You know that bad fluffy only become good fluffys after getting punished”

“HHHHUUUUU PANT HHHUUUUU! Pwease daddeh, nu mowe mistah pinchie! Heaw Pwacie haf biggest huwties!”

“I am not going to give you the pinches anymore, Gaylord” - I said laughing - “You had your chance and threw it away, now you get Mister Needle, and mister Needle is a BAD, BAD motherfucker”

CHIRP Pwease mistah needwe, nu huwt Gaywowd! Gaywowd dancie babbeh fo daddeh!” - He pleaded as I held the needle with my right hand, getting the cell phone with my left so I could record everything, he had gotten away from the screen with his crawling.

“Now, now, Gaylord. Don’t you wanna be a good fluffy?”

“Y… yes daddeh… hhhuuuhhhuuuu… Gaywowd wan be gud fwuffy fo daddeh”

“Great! You get two more pokes from mister needle from the bad poopies you did during the night, and ten pokes for the bad peepees and poopies you did on daddy hand” - I said getting the needle close to his ass.

“Pwe… SSSSSCCCCRRRREEEEHHHHHH!!!” - Gaylord screamed as i poked his ass with the needle, making his stupid dance be even funnier as he was also wriggling around in pain - “NU! NU DADDEH! SOB MISTAH NEEDWE GIF WOWSTEST HUWTIES EVAH! HHHUUUHHHUUUHHHUUUU!”

“One poke for the bad fluffy!” - I said, holding back my laugh.


“Two pokes for the bad fluffy!”


“Thhhhrrrreeeee pokes for the bad fluffy!” - I singed, following Gaylord around the sink and poking him, focusing on his ass so I lowered my chances of hitting anything vital, I wanted to make him suffer, not kill him, and I also kept an eye on the strength I was using on each poke, didn’t want to go too deep and hit his intestines.

CHIRPCHIRPCCCCHHHIIIIIRRRRRPPPPPWHEEEZECCCHHHIIIIRRRRPPPP” - Was all he could do as I finished the pokes, and man I gotta hand it to the little guy, he never stopped dancing, even if the dance had resumed to a faint and weak struggle.

There was blood all around my sink, it was flowing freely from the pokes I did on Gaylord ass as he crawled/danced away, but I was happy to see he didn’t shit or pissed himself while being disciplined. I turned off my cell phone, put it on the sink, washed and disinfected the needle with some alcohol, put it back into the black thread roll, and took a sip of my coffee. Nothing like a good morning to make you feel refreshed.

“You can stop dancing now, Gaylord” - I said after taking another sip from my coffee, and he sighed in relief as he stopped moving his limbs around, chirping and crying in pain, tears, and snot making a puddle around his head as he rested it on the cold white marble sink.

I scooped him up after finishing my coffee, giving the little guy some time to catch his breath, and approached him to the water tap, putting him beside the sink drain. I closed the sink drain stopper and opened the hot water, and Gaylord started crying and weakly thrashing around as the water hit him.

“Nuuuuu daddeh CHIRP pwease…. Gaywowd SNIF Gaywowd gud fwuffy… dan SOB dancie babbeh fo daddeh HHHHUUUHHHUUUHHUUU!” - He cried starting his stupid epileptic dance again - “Nu wet wawa munstah num Gaywowd!”

“Relax Gaylord” - I said scratching him behind his left ear as kindly as I could - “This is mister good warm wawa! He’s going to make you smell pretty because you’re an ok fluffy again!”

“Weawwy daddeh? SNIF WEAWWY? Gaywowd CHIRP Gaywowd otay fwuffy?!” - He asked me after stopping his dance, but still trying to crawl away from the water.

“Really Gaylord” - I said turning off the water, the amount i had was already good enough to bath him - “Here, daddy is going to make you smell pretty”

I started bathing him, even letting him hug my fingers and massaging him with the liquid soap as I got him clean, listening to him cry from happiness, coooo, and chirp saying that he loved me more than anything in the world. Fluffys were funny creatures, so easy to forgive and forget when given so little love and affection, no wonder I got such a hard-on from messing around with them.

I finished cleaning Gaylord and put him on the border of the sink.

“Now Gaylord, remember, good fluffys only make good poopies, so if you need to make poopies, use the litter box” - I said pointing to the litter box, and he nodded.

“Yes daddeh! Gaywowd do gud poopies! Gaywowd gud fwuffy fo daddeh!” - He said wagging his naked tail, and I smiled.

“Great! Now daddeh will clean your bad poopies, but if you EVER make bad poopies again, you will clean them with your mouth, you understand?!” - I said looking at him with my sternest and angriest look, and he shivered, nodding.

“Ye… Yes daddeh… SOB Gaywowd un… undas… undastand! Gaywowd nu do bad poopies evah again! Gaywowd onwy do gud poopies!”

‘Heh, let’s see about that kiddo’ - I thought, getting a roll of toilet paper from under the sink, and cleaned my shower box, getting inside it after throwing the dirt paper into the trash and putting the roll under the sink. I took my shower, humming a happy tune, and was surprised to see Gaylord trying to sing with me, laughing, bobbing his head up and down, and wagging his naked tail from the sink.

“Gaywowd make daddeh happy! Gaywowd su happy! Wuv daddeh!”

I finished my shower, got dry, and got Gaylord from the sink, putting him inside the shower box again.

“HHUuuuuu! Why Gaywowd in meanie nu see waww pwacie? Gaywowd gud fwuffy! Wan mommah and wawm beddie!” - He cried trying to crawl out of the shower boxer, and I closed it letting out a sigh.

“You’re an ok fluffy, Gaylord, you still have seventy slashes before you can be a good fluffy” - I said looking coldly at him, and he lowered his head, crying and chirping as I left the bathroom after gathering everything I used to punish him.

I got ready for work, got a proper breakfast, as was out before any of the fluffy woke up. Work was as boring as ever, aside from a fun fact I learned during lunch. I was watching the foals recording, laughing to myself and ignoring the rest of the world as I could hear their cries and farts through my headphones, and felt someone touching my right shoulder. I turned around, and Lorena, one of the girls that worked on sales, was smiling at me. I took my headphones out, trying to be polite, and smiled back.

“Hey there” - I said, focusing on her big brown eyes, doing my best to keep my gaze there instead of letting it wander to the big and nice pair of tits she had.

“I didn’t knew you had fluffies!” - She said in a happy and excited tone - “It’s good to find another fluffy lover in the store!”

“OH, oh yeah… yeah… fluffy lover” - I said smiling, and she sat next to me, looking at my cell phone.

“What did you record? Seems like you guys were having a lot of fun from your laughs.”

“Oh? I… we… we just had a crazy night fueled by beans” - I laughed, unable to lie to her.

“Oh god! I remember when i made the same mistake with Marcos” - She laughed, and I took my headphones out of the cell phone, playing the video again.

She started watching the video, laughing and saying “Poor things!” and “They are SOOOO CUTE!”, but went silent as Raven was focused on the video, grabbing my hand and telling me to rewind.
‘Whoa what the fuck?!’ - I thought, having to control myself to not jerk my arm away from her - ‘Personal space lady, ever heard of it?’


“Just go back, I must be mistaken” - She said, and I touched the scream, playing the scene where Raven was the focus again.

“OH. MY. GOD!” - She said, eyes widening as she looked at Raven, then to me - “Do you have ANY idea HOW MUCH CASH you can get for a solid black Alicorn?!”

“All I know is Alicorns are pretty rare” - I said with a shrug.

“Is it a female?”

“Yeah” - I said, and Lorena gasped.

“I have a breeder friend that would pay you at least two grands for her! She seems pretty young so I’m betting she didn’t have her first litter yet, you can make A LOT of cash from her”

“Er… I’m not really thinking about selling her, I don’t plan on selling any of them, to tell the truth” - I said as she was saying how impressed she was by Asuna being a Rarity but that Raven took the cherry from the cake for being a solid black Alicorn, and she stopped, looking at me in disbelief as my words got through to her.

“What? You’re joking right?”

“Nah, I just like them, I’m not keeping them around looking to profit from them, they are a good company and make me happy” - I said with genuine honesty.

“Haha… look… Liking fluffys is one thing, I also like them. I really do, but are you going to let an opportunity like this one go to waste?” - Lorena said, holding my right wrist, and I put my left hand over hers, taking hers away.

“Yeah, I don’t give a fuck about how much they’re worth, for me, they are all the same. I like them, and they are mine, my property, my fluffys, my pets, that’s all”

She looked at me in silence, even giving a small chuckle as if checking if I was joking, and her face was the perfect definition of disbelief as she noticed I was serious.

“Jesus… some people don’t deserve the blessings they are given” - She whispered, got up, and was on her way.

‘Well, you sure as heck don’t deserve the raises you keep getting, so fuck you too, bitch’ - I thought looking at her back and remembering the four raises she got since joining the store two years ago - ‘But while you get your blessings by bending over for some limp old cock, my blessing just knocked on my door.’

Maybe for some Raven could seem like easy money, Gaylord and Asuna would probably fetch me some nice money too if I was remembering right the color ranking I saw the first time I researched about fluffys online. But for me, they were all the same, my stress relief, my playthings, MY property. I was not going to sell any of them, not going to donate them, and sure as hell was not going to have them going around breeding so I could sell their litter, nah, they had only one purpose: to make me happy. If they ever failed to do so, I would dispose of them all without a second thought about it. I was the breadwinner, I held power over their lives and comfort, not the other way around, and it would never change.

I finished work without any new events, and as soon as I arrived home I could hear Asuna calling for me. I opened the safe room door, and they all stormed into the kitchen, laughing and hugging my legs, cheering because I was finally home. I told them to wait for me in the living room while I did some chores, and we all could eat together and watch a movie tonight since it was Friday. Their cheers got even louder, and they bolted to the living room, singing about having the bestest daddeh in the world.

I went into the safe room, got the litter box clean, filled the kibble bowl and water bottle, and gave a look at the toys. The blocks were looking old and beaten up, one even had small teeth marks on the round corners. Mister Bling Bling Boy was looking dirty and old, and I smiled holding the little guy up, he needed some stitches or the stuffing would soon come out from under the right armpit, they probably made more than one tug-o-war fighting for the privilege to hug him. The ball was nowhere to be found, probably amidst the cardboard boxes i kept in the corner of the basement or under the washing or drying machine, no way in hell i was going to look for it right now. The crayons were reduced to just three now, a black one, a blue, and a yellow one, and there were a lot of drawings if I could call them that, scattered around. I started picking them up and could figure out what some of them meant.

There was a drawing of birds and a black figure among them, certainly a piece from Raven and her desire to fly. One was a crude interpretation of Mister Bling Bling Boy being hugged by a Blue figure, no doubt it was BlueBalls manifesting his love. There was a funny one, and I only made it out because I recognized the distorted interpretation of a watch, a circle with sticks coming out of its center, that one was from Chandra drawing her treasures, and I stopped at the last two ones I had on my hands. One was a stick figure human, holding a black figure on his hands, with an incredibly ugly excuse for a word inscribed under it. I couldn’t figure the word out, but I was so impressed that Raven tried to write, I didn’t even know they could write! I never stopped to teach them the alphabet. Was it possible for Hasbio to have programmed even basic writing skills into the fluffys? Yeah they could draw, but even monkeys were able to draw, one thing was drawing another was writing, just how much do fluffys know? The other one… the other one made me smile, and wish the glassier did his job as fast as possible.

It was simple, just like a kid’s one would be, but better than all the other ones, done with all the colors still available. It was a portrait of all my fluffys, Gaylord included because the artist used all the colors to try and mimic his rainbow patterns, and one detail made me notice that Gaylord’s obsession with being the bestest babbeh had a different origin than what I could imagine. Gaylord was the only one with a crude heart around him on the drawing, and Raven was made in the background as if made after the drawing was ready, or shoved in the back on purpose.

“Asuna, Asuna, Asuna” - I said, shaking my head and folding the drawing, putting it in my left back pocket - “You are a VERY bad fluffy, aren’t you?”

I put the other drawings inside the cardboard box I used to store them, doing that only because I didn’t feel like throwing them away since Asuna did the first drawing for me, and left a new set of blank paper on the floor so they could use it later. Went back to the kitchen, and caught Asuna trying to catch her breath again as I entered the living room, making me smile as I could barely hold my anxiety for what I had planned for her and Gaylord.

I fixed something for me to eat, gave the Fluffys some old cookies I had laying around, and we all gathered in the living room to watch a movie. They were all on the sofa with me as we watched Hocus Pocus, and I chucked every time Binx appeared, making them all close their eyes and “hide” from the scary hissi munstah.

Asuna, Chandra, and Blueballs were laying on my belly, curled up and cooing as they hugged each other and watched the television, occasionally blinking and saying they loved me and movie night. Raven was curled up on my neck, as close as she could to my face, she’d suffocate me if a Fluffy was heavy enough for that. She’d lick my face from time to time, cooing and peeping as I scratched her back, and she whispered more than once that she loved me.

Movie over I told them it was time for bed, and they whined and protested asking for another movie.

“No can do kiddos” - I said putting each one on the floor - “Daddy has to work tomorrow”

“Asuna no wike dummy wowk! Asuna wan daddeh!” - Asuna protested, hugging my leg, being imitated by all the foals.

“And daddy wants to be with you guys, but life isn’t all about what we want kids” - I said, hugging each one of them and giving them a kind slap on the ass so they would go to the safe room.

After getting them inside the safe room and locking the door I went to my bedroom, getting the same sorry stick I used on Raven. Gaylord welts were pretty painful as they were, I would have to give his ten slashes of the day with the kindest sorry stick I had, at least until they fully healed.

I got inside the bathroom, turning on the lights, and before I could even look in his direction he was already crying.

“HHHUUUU DADDEH! PWEASE! PWEASE MAKE MEANIE NU SEE WAWW GU WAY! GAYWOWD WAN MAKE GUD POOPIES!” - He screamed hitting the shower box with his front hooves, damn, I was sure the little guy would shit inside the shower box again, that was the sole reason I closed it.

“Ok, ok” - I said sliding the shower box open - “Go for it Gaylord”

He was already able to limp, a good sign, and he closed the distance from the shower box and the litter box in record time, for a limping fluffy foal at least. As soon as his ass was inside the litter box he let everything out, letting out a long sigh of relief, and smiling as he used his hind legs to cover the shit with litter.

“Wook daddeh, wook! Gaywowd make gud poopies! Gaywowd gud fwuffy fo daddeh!” - He said proud of himself, and I had to give credit to the little guy, he was really starting to make me believe he could change.

“You really did Gaylord, daddy is really proud of you” - I said smiling, you even deserve some mashed kibble and good wawa today”

GASP FANK YOU DADDEH! FANK YOU!” - He screamed, peeping with joy, and started limping in my direction after getting out of the litter box.

“Yeah but no huggies, you still not a good fluffy” - I said, stepping away from him as he got close to my feet, making him start crying.

“HHuuuhhuuuu SNIF Daddeh nu wuv Gaywowd hhhuuhhuuhhuuu”

“I love you Gaylord, but you must be a good fluffy to receive huggies, remember?” - I said, rubbing my forehead, and he seemed to finally notice the sorry stick.

“hhhuuu… SNIF Gay… Gaywowd get huggies aftew sowwy stick?” - He asked me in a shy tone.

Hum… he DID hold his shit in until I opened the shower box for him, maybe I should reward the little fucker for trying so hard. But then again, maybe I should just see him suffering.

“Tell you what Gaylord. Daddeh is going to flip a coin” - I said after putting the sorry stick on the sink and fetching my lucky coin from inside my front right pocket and showing him each side - “If its heads, you get huggies, if its tails, you don’t”

He looked at the coin and swallowed.

“Pwease mistah pwetty shinny coin, wet Gaywowd haf huggies! Gaywowd haf biggest heawt hurties, wan wub fwom daddeh!” - He pleaded to the coin, and i flipped it.

I grabbed the coin in the air and slammed it against my left wrist, crouching so he could see the result with me. I moved my hand, and Gaylord started crying.


“Now, now, Gaylord, the coin is fair” - I said putting the coin back into my pocket, and held the sorry stick with my right hand - “No huggies for you today, maybe you get them tomorrow”

“NU! GAYWOWD WAN HUGGIES NAO! HAF BIGGEST HEAWT HUWTIES!” - He screamed, shaking his head, and I smiled.

“Gaylord… you trying to tell daddy what to do? You DEMANDING things from daddy?”

He stopped his little tantrum and went silent as he realized what he was doing.

“Nu… nu daddeh… nu… Gaywowd sowwy… nu huggies fo Gaywowd…”

“Yeah… I don’t believe you’re sorry” - I said scratching my chin - “Remember, good fluffys don’t demand things from daddy, maybe you’re just a bad fluffy after all…”

“NU DADDEH! NU! WOOK! GAYWOWD DANCIE BABBEH FO DADDEH!” - He screamed getting up on his hind legs, this time making that silly and funny dance fluffies did, and started chirping in pain as I could see little droplets of blood covering all his ass. Hum, seems like the pokes hadn’t fully healed.

“Dan CHIRP Dancie babbeh fo daddeh! hhuuuhhuuuu chirp Gaywowd gud! Gud SOB gud fwuffy!” - He cried as I chuckled, and I raised the sorry stick.

“Ok Gaylord, I believe you, you only get your ten strikes of the day” - I said, bringing the sorry stick down before he could protest or fully understand what was going on.

“SSSSRRREEEEEEKKKKKK! NU DADDEH! NU! GAYWOWD GUD FWUFFY!” - He screamed after I hit him in the middle of his dance, throwing him with force on his side.

“Shut the fuck up and take your punishment Gaylord! After this, you will need only more sixty strikes and you’re a good fluffy!” - I said striking him again, this time making him slide on the floor.



“Four!” - I giggled, hitting his ass after he got up, trying to run away from me.


“I will love you after you become a good fluffy!” - I said, hitting him again, and he curled in a ball on the floor, hugging his naked tail and sucking his right front hoof, emitting muffled chirps each time I struck him.

“There Gaylord, ten strikes, you on the clear for today” - I said after I finished his daily punishment, and left the bathroom open as I went to the kitchen. I made his mashed kibble, put it in the same bowl I used to the night before, and went back to the bathroom, a little disappointed to see him still curled up on the floor as I got back, I was sure he would try to run away.

“Come on, time to eat” - I said, putting the bowl in front of him, and he chirped and cried being unable to get up. I rolled my eyes and helped him with my hands, putting his head into the bowl and supporting his body as he ate. Mashed kibble finished. I gave him a bowl of water, and after he was fed I put him inside the sink.

“Daddy has to smell pretty now, don’t move” - I said as I took my clothes off.

After I showered and dried myself, Gaylord was back in the shower box.

“Daddeh… peep pwease nu wet meanie nu see waww nu wet Gaywowd gu tu wittah box” - He said as I was closing the shower box, and I smiled shaking my head.

“Good fluffys only make good poopies and peepees, Gaylord. Hold it.” - I said, closing the door, smiling as he cried, sobbing, and sucking his front right hoof as I turned off the lights after gathering everything, and closed the door.

Morning rolled in without anything big going on. I woke up, fixed myself some coffee, went to the bathroom to find Gaylord screaming for me that he needed to make good poopies and peepees, but no sight of bad one anywhere; let him out to see him trotting to the litter box and being proud of himself for being able to hold everything inside until he could go to the litter box, got my shower, ignored Gaylord pleads for love and hugs, back to my bedroom, uniform, kitchen, breakfast, out to work. Meh, a pretty boring morning.

In the middle of my shift my cell phone rings, store policy says we can’t get calls during work hours but I was in the back so it was no big deal. It was the glazier, my order was ready. I finished my shift, driving as fast as I could to the glazier. Got my sorry box, and drove to an old friend’s store.

Icarus was a nice guy, we met in kindergarten and even if we haven’t been “best friends” since then, we always kept in touch. We had some things in common, my sister being one of them, as the love for pain and suffering. But while I liked to torment and move on, Icarus was in love with immortalizing what he called his “art”. Best taxidermist I know.

“Oho! Looks who decided to come out of his dungeon!” - Icarus said as I entered the store, and I smiled hugging him, feeling his strong arms crushing me in what for me was the equivalent of a bear hug and the faint and ever so present scent of cigars. Icarus himself was the closest a human could get to a bear; really tall, fat, strong build, bearded, had long and wild hair he sometimes tied in a ponytail and was hairy, SUPER hairy. Jesus knew I would make fun of him in our teen years screaming that sasquatch was alive each time we hit the shower after gym class.

“Hey, you old fart! How’s life faring?” - I said after he released me, smacking his right arm and smiling as my hand was the one hurting, son of a bitch was hitting the gym or hunting bigger prey nowadays.

“Meh, can’t complain, things are going pretty nice for me” - He said motioning me to follow him after telling one of his helpers to keep a look at the store - “I’m still no Chuck Testa, but I will get there”.

I laughed at his remark, being followed by his deep, strong laugh. For most people, the Chuck Testa joke would just remind them of the youtube video, but believe it or not, it was that commercial that got Icarus interested in taxidermy.

We got inside his workshop, and the smell of blood, leather, strong chemicals, and cigars assaulted my nostrils. I looked around after he closed the door, again being impressed by his newer works. Icarus really was an artist in what he did, granted he could turn roadkill into a piece worth the walls of any hunter trophy room, but what I really loved were his “customized” pieces, especially the ones with Fluffys.

He had a piece in progress, it was a curious, and incredible thing. It had the body of a fluffy, molded so it would look incredible fat, no fur at all, and under the skin as if trying to get out of the massive stomach and walls of fat, you could see the distorted face of fluffys and little legs, a desperate struggle after being eaten alive. It had three heads on its front, the central one i believe, still retained its fluff, a red unicorn with a yellow mane; its face was an eternal cry of despair, looking up while holding a foal in its hooves, stretching the foal up, as if trying to give the foal to the skies. The left head was a Purple earthy with Brown mane, its face distorted in an angry snarl as it bitted down the head of a foal while it seemed to struggle for its life. I crouched so I could give a good look at the foal face expression inside the left head mouth: pain, suffering, despair. The right head was that of another unicorn, brown fur and pink mane, its face was a mask of happiness, a collar of foals skulls was around its neck, the head of one jammed in its tiny horn, blood was oozing from its mouth. There was no rear end to the body, instead, there was another head, this one as naked and fat as the body, piles, and piles of spaghetti, foals bodies, fluffys carcass and kibble around it as it pulled everything inside its massive mouth, it’s tiny black eyes almost disappearing amidst all the fat accumulated on the cheeks and forehead.

“Whoa!” - I said getting up, looking at Icarus and being received by his massive and proud smile - “Just… whoa!”

“I’ve been working on this one for quite some time now, I call it “Gluttony”. It was hard to get Penelope to the right weight before putting her down, the others that came before her died from being overweight A LOT sooner. I wanted her to be a Unicorn, but the Earthys were the only ones that proved to be able to get so fat” - He said with a chuckle, opening his minibar and getting two beers out, throwing me one - “And I had to raise the little lady since birth, already giving her a high fat concentrated formula and as much junk food as I could as soon as she had teeth so her body would adapt to the overweight. It took quite some time, but I’m proud of the result”

He lifted his beer bottle, and I did the same, we both brought them down, drinking as much as possible, and as always, Icarus won our little game of drinking. He burped, laughed, and grabbed another two bottles, throwing me mine.

“You got weak, Fox”

“You’re just too strong, Bear”

The Bear and the Fox… Oh, the nostalgia. I believe the moment in our lives we were the closest was during our teens, and it was when we got the nickname, as the song that came with it. But this is a tale for another time.

He smiled, chuckled again, raised his beer bottle, and I accepted the challenge, losing once again. He opened the minibar after putting his empty beer bottle on the table that was in the middle of the workshop, grabbing another two, and I almost let mine fall, making him laugh aloud.

“You already drunk? Man, you became a little girl over the years!”

“I’m not drunk, it’s just too hard to keep up with your pace!”

“PPIIIFFFF, spare me” - He said rolling his eyes, but smiling. He lifted his beer, and once again, I obliged.

“Another loss for the Fox” - He said after burping and opened the minibar again, Jesus fuck he would get me drunk, as always.

“Dude, really, for the love of God, slow down” - I said after grabbing the new bottle, this one coming with a little more force, the bastard was starting to have his fun with me.

“That’s what the ladies keep saying” - He said with a big grin on his face, and we both started laughing.

“So, what brings the great Fox to my humble abode?” - He said, raising his bottle, and I almost didn’t follow him, but it was our ritual, no backing off. Another loss, another bottle my way, Jesus… I was starting to feel lightheaded.

“I am working on a new project” - I said after he opened his new bottle of beer, sitting on his big black leather reclinable chair, and motioning me to sit beside him on the black leather couch. - “And I believe you can help me with it”.

“What do you have in mind?” - He asked while I sat down, and we said cheers, hitting our bottles on each other.

“I’m looking for something special” - I said after a sip, trying to find a comfortable position on the couch, and decided to lay there, fuck it, it was Saturday and I finished my shift, I had time. - “You see… I have this fluffy family now, and I’m having a shit load of fun with them!”

“Oho! You finally decided to give the kids a chance!” - He said clapping his hands while I finished my bottle, hugging it as I could feel drunkenness kicking in - “Good to see you joining us! I haven’t hunted anything that gives me as much pleasure as fluffys! Their screams are just too sweet to let pass, and man, do I LOVE to work on them!”

I smiled, most people wouldn’t understand why the Bear got so happy about working on his pieces, but I knew. He’d always do it with the animals still alive. I could only dream about the screams he’d extract from the fluffys while working on them.

“Yeah… they like… knocked on my door one morning, and now I can’t see myself without them” - I said giggling, and the Bear giggled too.

“Aren’t they just the cutest things ever?”

“Sure as hell!” - I said getting my cell phone out of my pocket - “Here, let me show you the family”

We watched all the videos I made, and the Bear really liked the one from Gaylord’s last punishment session. He even told me Raven was incredibly cute and would look gorgeous in one of his pieces if I wished to have her forever after I was done with her. I told him I would think about it, saying that was easier to hand him Asuna so he could work on her, and he just scoffed.

“Worked with My Little Pony fluffys before; a fancy store asked me to do some pieces so they could attract clients, they didn’t have the right combinations of colors or kind so it was a complete custom work” - He said with a frow of annoyance on his face - “Didn’t really like that one, I like to create, not copy someone else’s work. I’d love to work with your Dark Lady, but her mother? She’d only be good for spare parts for custom pieces’’

I chuckled imagining Asuna becoming one of the Bear’s toys before he was done with the extraction of spare parts. God knows I couldn’t forget the first time I saw him doing it, and shook my head when the image of the one being harvested became Raven.

“So, what are you looking for?” - He asked me, reclining on his chair again.

“You know Gaylord? The one I am ‘training’ right now?”

“The dancie babbeh?” - He chuckled

“Rightioh!” - I said raising my empty bottle - “I’m keeping him locked in the bathroom, figured some isolation would do good to the little bastard after he had the nerve to attack Raven”

“And the others are asking about him, especially Asuna” - I said after burping - “So I figured I’d have some fun with the little lady, told her there’s a monster inside the bathroom and she should never go inside there”

“Sure as hell she picked up Gaylords scent, and her curiosity is also a great incentive, so…”

“You came for me looking for your monster, right?”

“Right again mighty Bear!”

He got up, a big smile on his face, and walked around, looking at his pieces. He’d stop in front of one, think a little, shake his head, look at another one. After some time he stopped in the middle of the workshop, in front of the table, and started scratching his beard, eyes closed in deep thought.

“Yeah… Crow might be the best choice for you” - He said getting out of the workshop before I could even question him if a simple crow really would do the trick.

I waited for some time, and when the door opened again my smile couldn’t be bigger.

“Bear… you’re a genius” - I said getting up, and he smiled putting the Crow on the table.

“Tell me something I don’t know”

We both laughed, and had another six beers each before I was on my way, driving like an old granny and praying to all gods no police officer would stop me or I sure as hell would make a trip to the police station. The Bear didn’t accept money, his price was a favor, this was the deal between us, favors above money.

I got home, tripping while I opened the door and was carrying the Crow and the sorry box, and went to my room before anything else, hiding the Crow inside my wardrobe. I’d have some fun with him the next afternoon. And the sorry box I left on my nightstand.

I wobbled to the bathroom, listening to Gaylord’s cries and screams for me before I even opened the door, and as soon as I turned on the lights he was going nuts.


“HEy GAYloRDIO! How ya DOIiinng my nniiiggggaahhhh!!!” - I giggled going in the toilet direction, pissing while he screamed about good poopies or some shit like that.

“Yeah, yeah, give me a second” - I said going to the shower box, sliding the door open, then closing it, giggling with his desperate screams.

“PWEASE DADDEH! GAYWOWD HAF BIGGEST POOPIE PLACE HUWTIES! NED MAKE GUD POOPIES NAO!” - He cried after I closed the door in front of him for the third time, and I let it open this time.

“Go on shitrat, do your business” - I said walking to the kitchen, I really needed something to eat.

I opened the freezer, not really finding anything I wanted to eat, and looked in the safe room direction, trying to understand what the fluffys were screaming on the other side of the door. I grabbed the six-pack of canned beer I had inside the freezer, closed it, looked to the saferoom door, and ignored it, wobbling to the living room. Got my phone, dialed “Pablito’s Pizza”, the best pizza we had around, ordered a family size pizza half spicy chicken with jalapeño and half spicy pepperoni with onions, and laid on my couch, opening one of the beers and drinking it while I waited for the pizza to arrive.

I turned on the TV, switched channels until I found anything worth watching, and stopped at a sci-fi movie. I think there was a monster, or Antropomorfos kinda thing attacking some dudes with guns that shoot lasers, so it was probably a sci-fi movie. My doorbell rang after some time, I couldn’t really tell how much, and I wobbled to the front door, almost tripping and giggling as I was able to keep my balance and not spill my beer.

I opened the door, being greeted by Juan, the delivery guy that always seemed to deliver to my place, and gave him a ten dollars tip after paying for my pizza. He started thanking me, talking in English and Spanish at the same time but went silent looking above my shoulder.

“Hey, Jefe, I think you have a problem with ratas” - He said, and I blinked in confusion.

“A what now, Juan?”

‘Ratas” - He said pointing with his chin, and I looked behind me. For a second I believed an ugly naked rat was walking around my living room, smelling the empty beer can that was on the floor and making a disgusted frow, i even started saying ‘that’s a fucking ugly…’, but as the thing looked at me I recognized it as Gaylord.

“OH! No, no, no, no, no, my friend” - I said laughing - “That’s just my fucking ugly fluffy! Gaylordio!”

“YO! GAYLORDIO! Come over here and say hi to Juan!” - I said looking at him, and he looked at me with scared eyes.

“Daddeh nu angwy? Gaywowd can weave meanie dawk safe woom?” - He asked me, peeping and looking at me with pleading eyes.

“Oh… rrrriiiiggghhhhttttt….” - I said remembering his punishment - “You’ve gone and really fucked up now, Gaylordio…”

“Sorry Juan, Gaylordio is a bad fluffy, he can’t talk to you now!” - I said smiling, and Juan just shrugged, thanked me for the tip, and was on his way.

I closed the door, walked to the living room, and lied down on the couch again, dropping the pizza box on the floor beside the pack of beers. Got me a piece of spicy chicken, and started eating it as the movie monster pinned down a big bust blond, impaling her with its tails.

“Well, that gotta hurt” - I said while giggling.

“Daddeh?” - Gaylord said coming close to me - “Can Gaywowd haf nummies? See famiwy? Sweep in warm nestie with mommah an sissies an bwutha?”

I looked at him, munching my pizza slice as I thought about it, opened another beer, and burped.

“You want nummies Gaylordio my friend?” - I asked him as I fetched a slice of spicy chicken from the box and put it on the floor in front of him - “Go ahead little bitch, eat as much as you can!”

“FANK YOU DADDEH! FANK YOU!” - He screamed, eyes full of joy - “GAYWOWD WUV YOU!”

“Yeah, yeah, just let me watch my movie” - I said looking at the tv again, and after some time he started screaming.



“BIGGEST BURNIE OUCHIES DADDEH! GAYWOWD NU WIKE MEANIE NUMMIES! NED WAWA!” - He cried while trying to rub his tongue with his front hooves.



“Motherfuckingungratefullsonofabitchshitrat!” - I roared picking him up, ignoring his cries of bad upsies - “I SHARE MY FUCKING PIZZA, AND YOU COMPLAIN?!”

“HHHUUUUUUUU SOWWY DADDEH! SOB GAYWOWD SOWWY! SOB MAKE MEANIE BUWNIE OUCHIES GU WAY! PWEASE!” - He cried, licking my hand, and I smiled, grabbing another beer with my left hand and opening it with some difficulty.

“I’m going to make them go away, alright” - I said holding the sides of his mouth with my right index finger and thumb, laughing at his desperate and weak struggle against my grip - “OPEN WIDE GAYLORDIO!”

I poured the beer inside his mouth, more going inside his nostril and to the floor than inside his tiny mouth, but I could see his little throat working as he gulped down as much as he could so he wouldn’t drown.

“COME ON YOU UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF SHIT! YOU GOING TO DRINK THE HOLE CAN!” - I said as his struggle got weaker, eyes rolling to the back of his head, shaking him with force so he wouldn’t pass out on me.

The can was gone, and he coughed, wheezed, and started crying.


“Oh kiddo, you don’t know what pain is” - I said grinning, and got a firm grip around him, shaking him up and down as hard as I could. Laughing and ignoring the vomit, piss, and shit that started flying around me as Gaylord lost control of all his bowels.


I stopped after getting tired, ignoring the disgusting mixture that was covering my hand and forearm, looking at it falling to the floor as Gaylord vomited again, eyes spinning and body lump under my grip.

“There Gaylordio! You don’t have anymore burnie ouchies in your mouthie, do you?!” - I asked him, and the only answer he gave me was a soft ‘hhhhuuuuuuuu’ before vomiting again.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought” - I said putting him on the floor amidst his vomit and the beer that fell, looking at him trying to walk, and failing miserably, staying on the floor while crying.

“Don’t move little bitch! I haven’t forgotten your daily strikes!” - I said getting up and sitting again as the world spun around me for a second. I stayed seated for some time and finally was able to get up, going to my room and grabbing the first sorry stick I could find, as the mirror sorry box. I put the sorry box on the floor and got closer to Gaylord.

“Got anything to say in your defense?” - I said as I sat on the floor beside him, no way in hell I was going to be crouched while giving him his ten strikes.

“Gayw…. SSSSSSSHHHHHHHRRRRREEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!” - He screamed as I brought the sorry stick down, not really giving a shit for what he had to tell me.

I gave him his ten strikes, or maybe it was fifteen? I don’t know, it was his fault for pissing me off while I was drunk. And dropped the sorry stick next to him, laughing at the pathetic sight of him sucking his left front hoof and crying while chirping.

“There we go faggot” - I said stretching my hand to the sorry box, and I had to lay on the floor so I could reach it - “Nooowwww, you’ve been a very, very, VVVVEEEERRRRYYYY bad fluffy, GAyloOOOOOOOORDio my man! SO today, today we have to bring something new to the party!”

I picked him up, and put him inside the sorry box, closing the lid and nodding in satisfaction, glad he fitted inside it just as planned.

“NOw” - I said raising the sorry box, and could hear a desperate muffled scream coming from inside it - “THis is the…. the… awesome super duper incredible ultra sorry box for bad stupid poopie babbehs! Cause that’s what you are! And you’re going to stay there… going to stay there until I feel like taking you out, cause let’s face it, you’re a fucking piece of shit, Gaylordio!”

I pushed the sorry box under the sofa, and was back to my movie, getting myself another slice of pizza and a beer. I don’t remember when I fell asleep, but man, that pizza tasted fucking awesome!

Chapter 5


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