Basic Fluffy Facts

please note some and possibly most of these facts have been taken from art i have seen so these facts willbe removed at the request of the art’s owner

Fact 1 - fluffies are not animals and animal rights do not apply to them…

fact 2a - 70% of feral fluffies’ diet is grass and plants.

fact 2B - former home fluffies cannot eat grass and plants because they don’t find it delicious, however after a week on the street they switch to plant based food

Fact 3 - To prevent legal issues, Hasbio put fluffies under the category of"canned soup" ( fact provided by Fluffy_idiot_2 )


#1 brings up a funny story…

To prevent legal issues, Hasbio put fluffies under the category of"canned soup"

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These seem awfully familiar

It is okay to make up your own ideas. Very few things in our fandom are hard-and-fast canon.


i know but i don’t ever think of anythign that really sounds like something a fluffy would do…

It’s also okay to just hang out and talk with us in the comments until you come up with ideas of your own.

Nobody is required to create.

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i know that but if i don’t then i feel like i’m not contributing enough…

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The majority of our fandom doesn’t contribute any stories or art.
We still like having them here.

i didn’t know that… but still i have this bad habit where if i feel like i need to “contribute” and i don’t then i start to feel useless


Knowing that you have a habit is the first step toward changing it. So you’ve got that going for you.

But you should keep in mind that the big sin in any creative community is plagiarizing/tracing. People get really upset about that.

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yeah thats why i updated the post stating that if the artist requests the fact be taken down then i will because i used their fact without their permission

In some stories it was soap, as hasbio documented the fluffy project as developing a new type of soap so other companies couldnt make their own fluffies before hasbio, in the event of an information leak

@Skelley @Fluffy_idiot_2 I just find the idea somewhat dumb because fluffies don’t have any practical application as “soap”. Kalooboo kind of point that out succinctly enough. Even if Hasbio wanted to beat other companies to the punch, they could do so in other ways (like litigation)

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i see the government creating a new “biotoy” category as the most plausible option in this question. vanilla, but works like a charm


if they weren’t classified as soap then they would’ve gotten animal rights pretty quickly (i assume anyways)

Well, and as I always say

it depends on headcanon

Some headcanons, especially recent ones, have been looking into fluffies defined as animals. Some headcanons point out that fluffies are pretty much very artificial in nature, so the “biotoy” definition fits them. It really is based on what story or idea related to the fluffy in question - artist and authors within this fandom do NOT all have the same ideas.



Also, and because this topic is coming off as more as a lore discussion, I am recategorizing this topic as a “community post”. Lore discussions count as community posts. Text self-posting is when you have an actual story of your own to contribute, and not just regurgitating what you came across.


Just interacting with other peoples content goes a mile if you’re not ready to create yourself yet c: And even if you’re completely silent, you’d be one of many, many lurkers and just as much a part of the community!


regurgitating… lmao

Yeah, just take your time :slight_smile: i used to be a lurker before i decided to contribute with art. People here are very welcoming i noticed, so dont be shy in commenting on other peoples works if you dont feel you have an original art piece to share just yet