Banshee with Babbehs (sexygoatgod)

that bitch
Idk man if she wasn’t a smarty cunt I’d probably raise a foal abusing fluffy


Banshee needs her ass beat…


This is before she got hit by the bat i wonder whats the aftermath effect on that.


Why does she want the baby? And why does the owner keep expecting her to take care of it when she isn’t secretive about her hate for it?


She’s not only not asking for babies, but actively asking to not to get them, and you want to correct that?

She doesn’t.

She’s literally saying “When did I ask for a baby? Never. Get rid of it.”

Then when it gets sick from neglect (I assume the owner is feeding it?) the owner says they’ll buy her another. Presumably its “Fluffy dies if not loved” rules.

Its almost like a cartoon where the audience hears the animal talk but the humans just hear animal noises.


I meant to write why doesn’t she love the baby orz

She’s a selfish, self centered cunt who wants to be pampered and spoiled without having to share it with a baby she would have to care for.

The owner is a dim witted lady who just wants her adorable Banshee to have a baby of her own. After all, all fluffies want babies, don’t they? Doesn’t really listen to what Banshee herself says.


Sounds like an average person who just assumes other people all want the same things. You tell them ‘no thanks’ and they take it to mean something like ‘oh, they’re just being silly. Of course they want it!’ and then they proceed to keep forcing it on you.

Oddly though I hate smarties, somehow, Banshee is amusing me. Her nonchalance is refreshing.

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