Babbehs Bound to Happen Ch.6 [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Your name was Bailey, and you felt horrible!

You wanted Babbehs so! SO badly that you did the worst thing ever… You made bad special-huggies to Mambo, you disobeyed your mummah and daddehs. Now you had to wait and see if your family and friends were going to keep you in the house, wether or not they were going to keep you children in the house…

You wish you could take it all back, you wished that you never had babbehs in the first place! But… But you had babbehs, they were alive and hopefully well. You loved your babbehs… You wanted to be there for them, you wanted to show your Mummah that you WERE a good Mummah!

You have been left alone in the sorry room for a while, and you miss your friends. Daddeh said that you would be able to go back to the safe-room if they still wanted you, that you’d get to keep your babbehs if they said you could stay!

You hoped that Mambo would be okay. You pleaded out loud in silence to the sorry room that you just wanted to go back! That you just wanted to be with your family!

You hoped they still loved you.

As your stay in the sorry room began to feel like forever, your Daddeh, Clint, opened the door and picked you up. He told you that the Herd was going to decide if you get to stay, or if you have to go. If your babbehs should stay, or if they should go to new families.

As you entered the room you were greeted by a few hurtful, and a few hopeful, stares. And a very scared Mambo, cowering behind his Brother, Volt. You saw your Mummah, she was so sad! Crush was just staring forward at you, not crying, and not smiling either. Your siblings didn’t really seems to care that much you were back, which made you feel even worse.

Then, you saw them, your babbehs! THey were all getting milk and cuddling together by Nu-Mummah Hera and Nu-Mummah Jolene! They were safe! Now you just had to hope they would stay that way.

Daddeh Clint set you down on top of a big box in the center of the room.

“H-hewwo f-fwends!”

Your name is Clint, and you were hosting a Mock-Fluffy Trial…

God you needed friends.

As you set down Bailey she greeted the herd as if trying to pretend she totally didn’t rape Mambo and force him to give her babies. Granted they were fucking goldmines, but what she did was a absolute no-go. And now you were having her former family and friends decide her fate, her children fate…

But to be honest, you already planed out what was going to happen, If they didn’t want her you were going to take her to the Alley, and leave her. Yeah a bit short and sweet, but honestly you had a lot of Fluffy blood on your hands and you still loved her to a degree. The babbehs, if voted to leave, were going to be given to a few Top choice breeders, all except the Red and Blue one. You wanted that one a lot, what kinda American doesn’t want a patriotic Fluffy?

"Okay everyone, Bailey is going to say a few words, then you all get to decide if she leaves or stays. IF she stays, shes going to have to be punished for what she did, if she goes, you all can say goodbye to her, and then ill take her away. After her choice is made, you are going to do the same with the babies. IF they stay, they get to be raised by Hera and Jolene, until Bailey get back from her punishment. IF they go, then I’m going to go find them good families for them. Sound good?

With the announcement said, you turned to Bailey. “Okay Bailey, Go ahead and try to say why you should stay.”

And with that you stepped back, popped a squat along the wall behind her, and enjoyed the Fluffy Nuremberg Trial.

You were Mambo. And you were so conflicted.

On one hoof, you saw that your babbehs were beautiful, and they were only babbehs! They didn’t to be punished because Bailey as a meanie! But on the other hoof, you were still very young, you knew nothing of being a daddeh! You had alerady made up your mind about Bailey herself, but your babbehs? You just didn’t know.

As the thoughts collected in your mind, Bailey began her case. “Baiwey… Baiwey am su sowwy… Am sowwy Baiwey nu wisten to mummah, ow daddehs. Baiwey am sowwy about what she did to Fwend Mambo… Mambo, am su SU sowwy about what Baiwey du to 'ou. Baiwey know ‘ou may nebah fowgibe Baiwey, an’ Fwuffy know dat. Buh just know, dat Fwuffy wiww awways wemembah what Baiwey did to 'ou. Am su-su-su sowwy…” as she finished her case, you felt a little bad, she seemed to have meant it.

But you already made your choice, and even though she was going to remember it, she was going to have to live with it.

One by one, all the smaller families grouped together and talked about whether or not she would stay, your family, already deciding that she was going to leave, finished early and waited for the others. Your family was so nice to you, Volt was always there to be your big brother, always playing with you when Oingo and Chili were asleep or eating. Your sissy’s were also backing you up, Smoke was always with you, and Agate was always with her, so your family was always close.

The next family that had made there decision was Oingo’s. He had seemed the most angry with what Bailey did to you, he was protective and you loved your best friend for that! Next was Cooler, Hera, and Jolene, They weren’t a family, but the excess adults made it easy to just pair them up. then, finally, was Bailey’s Family. They looked slightly sad but were ready to give there vote.

“Okay so, who here thinks Bailey should stay with the herd?” All but Bailey’s family said no. “Okay, so Bailey is going to leave. And hat about the Babies?” This time, All but your Family said no.

“Okay, babies go away as well! That’s that. Bailey go ahead and say goodbye to everyone.”

You won. but at a cost of your own children. Well, at least they were getting good families!

You snuggled up with your family, feeling safe knowing Bailey was going to leave now.

This was good!

As soon as it started it was over. Bailey had been voted out of the herd, for the crime of Rape.

Your name was Clint, and now you had a very easy mess to clean up.

Bailey as absolutely distraught, thinking that her Herd hated her, but in fact most, besides a few, really loved her. Kahlua hugged her daughter, told how proud she was of her and her beautiful babies, but was so disappointed in her for how she was so impatient, and let her need for children come over her need to be a good fluffy. Crush was apathetic to her, giving her a hug, and a “gud wuck.”

Bailey tried to appologize to Mambo, but his family wasn’t about to let her go near him. So instead, she hugged her babies before she was let out of the safe-room and placed in the sorry room. WAving goodbye to her herd, her family, and her children.

Next was the babies, you picked all but the Red/Blue up telling Hera that this one was going to stay, to her enjoyment. You then brought over the foals in the sorry room, and locked the door behind you.

Setting down the Tupperware container holding the babies next to Bailey, She looked at you confused, asking “W-why babbehs hewe? Dey nu gettin nyu famawies?”

“They are, but i figured I’d have a small talk with you before you left. You see, Your mother was right, I WAS going to let you find a special friend, I WAS going to let you have your own family, but you got impatient, you got greedy, and because of that you need to be punished.” as you calmly told the now distressed mare, you grabbed Sherri from the wall mount, and rummaged around till you found one of the earthie babies, the Purple and Gold one specifically, setting it down in front of Bailey.

“Bailey, you hurt one of my Fluffies, you yourself are one of mine, and I cant seem to bring myself to punish you, so instead, I’m going to take each one of your babies, and I’m going to punish them, I’m going to hurt them, each, twice.” Before she could protest, you brought the Sorry-stick down on the poor foal, not understanding why it as receiving pain, as it chirped and cried out for help, the second hit met his now reddened rump.

Grasping the foal, you hand it to Bailey, who cries and hugs the peeping baby. Onto the next one.

The next is the Alicorn, the Golden Celestia. Placing it down with two finger around the base of its neck, you swatted the foal, resulting in another symphony of cries and peeps, the second silencing the foal, as it began to suckle its hoof, hoping that would dull the pain.

Each foal received two swats. one after another, the cries were heard and no action was taken from Bailey. Besides, its not like she could stop you.

“P-pwease daddeh, nu mowe huwties, nu mowe!” she cried out, as you were contemplating going further. “Your right, dont want them to go forever sleepies!” The mere mention of the dreaded words, caused your sweet little confused rapist ocer the edge, crying and sobbing thinking her loving daddeh was about to kill her babies.

“Okay bailey, that’s it! Time to go away!” you say picking up the mare in one hand, putting the foals back into the small container with the other. now holding a sobbing mare, and a plastic bowl of babies, you bring them outside, over to the nearest Alleyway, and set her down. “Bailey, I love you, and i wish you all the best.” As you get up to turn away, she begins to cry, sobbing and begging to go back into the house, hoping that she’ll be safe and protected again. In response, you turn back around and lower yourself right so you can whisper into her ear.

“If you don’t start leaving I’m going to hurt you like i hurt Pedo.”

With the threat understood, she began to run down the alley, only to turn and yell out. “Baiwey wub 'ou daddeh! Gud bye babbehs! Pwease be gud fow Daddeh!” And with that said, she turns the alley, and shes gone.

looking down at the foals, you think for a small while.

“I hope she will be okay…”


Part of me still wants her dead. But being abandoned by the only family she has, losing the very foals that started all of this AND understanding that it’s her own damn fault. That should hurt Bailey enough for sufficient punishment.

Though judging by that last line, I think (and hope) she’s not gonna be alright after all


Well let’s hope She’s not going to be attacked by a random street rat while scavenging for food. If only she listened… Tsk tsk…

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Its a dreaded world out there especially in the alley its a rollercoaster ride for her, hope lady luck gave her a chance to survive.

Ok. The guy is now contributing to the feral problem. If he doesn’t want her, a better answer is to end her life or take her to a shelter.

An even better answer is to take her and the foals to a breeder and sell them, but apparently he’s a rich idiot without a day job who doesn’t care about money.


It would’ve been more of a punishment if she’d been spayed before released. Never ever having children again would be a constant reminder of her past crimes. :hmm:


A brief state of clarity


Who is pedi?

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A former Smarty from another story that follows the continuity of this one.

Nice bit of assholery to threaten her with death there Clint, and instead of selling the designer foals you leave them to die with a miserable mare on the street, causing the feral problem to get worse, nice going!

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thats uh… Well since your reading the whole story, you’ll find out.