Avarice (Reddith83r)

It did not take long at all to find the source of that annoying scratching on the other side of the fence. The culprit was never in doubt. A quick scruffing done with gloved hands earned a pathetic outburst of, “Bad upsies! Fwuffy nu wan bad upsies; fwuffy am gud fwuffy!”

The owner of the homestead eyed the squirming mass of fat and repulsively saturated fur with a coldly level stare. “Bad upsies?” they asked their self while ignoring the regurgitation of nonsensical babbling from the sordid creature. A curt jab into the side of the jaw momentarily silenced the offensive thing.

However, the beat lasted barely a minute before the irritating fluffy started to bawl like a child. It did not speak anymore lispy words, though. Its jaw was broken.

Unlike most who would have ended the audacious and inconsiderate pest then and there, this person took the fluffy in and nursed its broken bones to mending. The teeth could not be salvaged, but the injury healed well nonetheless. But even so, the fluffy did not speak much, for the memory of the worstest hurties ever replayed in its small mind. Time and time again, the fluffy recalled the speed of the monster’s hand when it crashed into its maw and made the blood flow down its throat; a yucky taste that was a punishment for bad talkies.

The fluffy was eventually released back to its feral ways by the person of the property. Its refusal to speak led to a lonely life among its kind. Companionship was integral to survival, and the lack of it led to a miserable life of failure and rejection for the traumatized fluffy. Despite its harrowing memories, the fluffy returned to the fence one day.

Even though it experienced great duress at this place, the fence was a place of kindness as well as pain. Desperate to solve the puzzle that was entry, the fluffy got to frantic digging.

Its hooves were raw when the owner of the homestead appeared. The person anticipated a moronic expulsion of words, but was greeted instead by a tense silence. It took a minute for them to realize this fluffy was one that had come once before.

Unfortunately, by time they did, they had broken the fluffy’s forelegs to permanently put an end to its digging habits. It was the screaming that made this come clear.

A fluffy this greedy could not be left to its own devices.

It died in the garage, broken, crying and suffering.


This man has a complicated relationship with fluffies. He should probably get out more.


They’ve seen what it’s like on the outside.


if fluffies were smarter, I could see this becoming a fluffy fairy-tail. Strange story but I liked it.