Animatronics Chapter 3 [bloodwoodsrisen]

Alexis grabbed a clean knife, running the blade along a chunk of obsidian she had nearby. As she approached the table where Cashew was hanging, the fluffy’s consciousness was transferred from his corporeal body to the computer panel attached to the ceiling above.

“M-mummuh nu huwt Cas’yu… Cas’yu am gud fwuffy!!” He whimpered, unable to move his limbs to attempt an escape.

“You are a very good fluffy, Cashew,” Alexis cooed, piercing the flesh just above the muscle, working her knife through the skin to get a clean pelt. “Which means you’ll listen to Mummuh when she tells you to do something. Your special friend behaved wonderfully when she was here, you don’t want to disappoint her now; do you?”

“Nu Mummuh… Cas’yu be gud…”

A flick of the knife at the end of each leg dehooved the poor pegasus, his fluff being taken by Mortifico to be cleaned up in another room. Grabbing a brand new scalpel and working her way around each individual muscle caused blood to start pouring onto the angled table; draining it into a bucket below the surface. The muscles twitched as the blade cut nerve endings and ligaments, dropping the fresh meat into an ice packed cooler next to her boots. As the pain registered in what was Cashew’s brain, his whole- well what was left of it heaved, expelling leftover kibble and stomach acid onto the table’s surface.

Alexis recoiled hard, the smell was terrible! Though she needed to continue; going for the intestines and rectum first. Her fingers wrapped around the softened flesh, squeezing out miniscule spurts of shit as she pulled the rectum and the small intestine out of the off white frame in front of her. With a flick of her knife, the small intestine was detached from its larger counterpart; Cashew watching in horror as his body was stripped of any resemblance of Fluffydome. Careful not to damage any of the bones, Alexis reached in to grab the kidneys, liver, and the stomach; small cuts removing the organs from their homes with increasing precision.

Cashew’s body curled into itself as the lungs were removed, as if trying to get air. Alexis relished in the pain she was causing to a sentient corpse, humming away as she cleaned the bones of any remaining substances. Once the table was cleaned up, she pulled up a clean and supporting stool to start replicating the skeletal structure hanging above her workspace. In her experience, each fluffy she transformed had some sort of unique build that no other one had; which resulted in personalized bodies for her machines.

“Mortifico, could you take the bucket of organs down to the containment chamber? S1 seems to be a bit restless…”

Mortifico stretched before transforming to become a much taller horse-like creature. His bones cracking at every opportunity. Picking up the bucket by the handle, he trotted away; the doors opening as soon as he approached them.

“Muhhmuh… muuuhhh…muh…” a voice called from below the platform that Mortifico stood, “ess-one want to hunt…”

"Soon, Mother has sent the remains of another Subject." Placing the bucket on a lift; his foot pressed down on the switch, lowering the lift into the pit that S1 inhabited.

The creature towered over any living humanoid of the living world; standing at about ten feet tall. Her steel hooves clicking on the ground below her as her light yet powerful wings folded into the slots along her back. Leaning down to sniff at the bucket, her front claws tapped at the wall, the metal having been stained permanently red from the blood of her feasts. The covers of her hooves retracted upwards to allow a new pair of talons– used often for balance or grip– to unfold and press down against the hardened floor as S1 grabbed the bucket; unhinging her jaw then dumping the contents down into the now rotating rows of teeth.

The many sets of organs were soon pulverized into a substance that would be converted to energy to keep the Droid running without needing to recharge. After setting the empty bucket down, S1 stood up straight, what would be her front legs bending at odd angles as she sent the lift back up.

"Rest, the hunt shall begin soon," Mortifico left with the bucket, and S1 returned to her bed.

Alexis had turned to standing to get the legs in the correct position for Cashew’s body, grunting as they clicked into place. With a few bolts tightened and a couple welds to hold everything in place, all that was left was the head and the fur. Walking around the body a few times then adjusting the wingspan, she sat down to weld in three sets of teeth. Wiring in the sensors for smell, taste, as well as sight, possibly even the capability to have independence, she screwed the eyes into place and put the head on the body.

“Flesh on metal bones…” Alexis mumbled, humming away as she applied the brown pelt to it’s new host. Brushing out the fur for the tail and mane was always one of the most calming parts of this process, allowing for the receptors in the mechanical body to pick up on the fine hairs; often resulting in a slight wag. Once the minute details were finished, the cord connected to the computer panel housing Cashew’s consciousness was lowered to the body; allowing him to possess it as his own.

“Cashew, its done. You can wake up now sweetie…”

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Eyy chapter 3 is finished! S1 was created before the start of this series so thats fun. Will probably shorten Alexis’ name to Alex from now on so keep that in mind as well.


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