An Introduction to

Welcome to !
You can see that this is quite different from any of the homes fluffy enthusiasts have had before.

And we’re going to have to do things differently, as you might expect.

But take a look around, and I think you might come to like the new layout, and enjoy the new features that it gives us.

If you’re coming from fluffybooru, you’ll notice that the site is far more accessible on mobile devices.
If you’re coming from reddit, you’ll notice that we actually have a tagging system here. Use it wisely.
And no matter where you’re coming from, you’ll notice that you’re able to edit your titles and posts, now.

Speaking of titles and tags, we’re going to have to use the system that we developed on reddit for making an artist’s or an author’s works searchable. This means that we all need to be adding the name of the artist/author to the title line (not making tags for each artist like we did on fluffybooru).

You are able to add new tags, but be careful in doing this. Try to make sure your tags are descriptive, hyphenated (not underscored), and correctly spelled. I do plan to maintain the tag list and keep it curated so that the tags don’t become the mess that we became familiar with on fluffybooru.

Writers will quickly notice that we currently have limited support for BBcode. The plan is to expand that support soon so you can make your posts as attractive and unique as you want.
You are also able to add images to your text posts in order to have a “cover image”

Artists will notice that you are able to add multiple images to a single post, so if you want to post a full collection that is meant to be together, you are able to. You can even add more images to this collection at a later time.

The first thing many people will want to do is to upload their collection of archived images made by the great fluffy artists of the last eight years.
This is something we cannot do at this time. The staff here is hard at work trying to obtain permission from the artists and writers that we can still locate. We have a list of some who have given permission for such reposts of their work. I will be providing that list in another post, and keeping it updated as it expands.

Many people asked me to find a way to filter their feed so that particularly objectionable material would not show up for them. We have been able to do this by muting certain tags by default.
Right now those muted tags are: enfie-babbeh, and human-fluffy-sex.
You can change your own list of muted tags in your preferences page.

You will also notice that a particular category is muted by default; The Community Posts category.
This is done because many people are not going to want discussions, memes, polls, et cetera on their front page.
If you want to change this setting, that can be done on this page

You are also able to ignore individual users so that their posts and comments do not show up on your feed. We feel that this is far preferable than a user feeling the need to comment on all of a person’s work how horrible they are, etc.

So you’re able to avoid as much hugbox, or abuse, or memes as you want, depending on how you tailor this site to your desires.

We are all going to need some time to get used to this new format. Try and help your neighbors out as we get settled in.


So is the site finally, officially opened?

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No, this is just in preparation for it

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Bump for visibility

Quick Q:

On the old booru, we could browse posts within other posts, by the “Previous/Next” links. I’m not seeing that on the new design; does this have that sort of capability that I"m just missing? Thanks!


Sadly there is not any such functionality like that, yet.
But I’ll put it on the list of features people would like to see.


@Virgil Hello, thank you and the others on the team for creating a new site. I do have a question/issue though.

I’m trying to post screenshots of my story “Academic Studies” but as I am a new member to this specific site, I am limited to only one image per topic (eg, chapter/part). My first part of Academic Studies has 7 screenshots that I’ll need to post corresponding to the 7 Word pages. Is there a time/post threshold I need to reach until I am no longer considered a new member? Because as it is, I can’t really post my stories in an image format.

And in the introductory topic you made, you stated how the BBcode aspect still has some work to be done on it before presumably colored text can be added to text posts.

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I’ve made an adjustment to your user settings. Let me know if this allows you to add multiple images, now.
And you’re correct that the BBcode to customize color is not in place yet, but we do intend to have it.


Little question, human-on-fluffy content was banned on the sub but allowed on here. Any reason for the change?

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Human-fluffy sexuality was banned on the FluffyCommunity subreddit, but not in the name of protecting anyone’s delicate sensibilities.
It was done to protect the subreddit from being eliminated before we had a site to move to.

People that are deeply traumatized by the idea of human-fluffy sexuality would likely have been shocked to the point of needing therapy by simply browsing fluffybooru (.com or .org)
and we do not plan to hold your hand and rock you to sleep here, either.

Everyone here has been given the tools to filter out any content they don’t want to see.


Thanks for the clarification.

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Thanks much for setting that out plainly.


Can we create tags ourselves? Or is there a tag-creation-submission topic? I miss so far only aquafluff, but I bet there will be more

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You are able to create tags yourselves.
Type out the tag, and if it is not yet present, the website should give you the option to create it
Please be careful with this.
20 characters is the maximum tag length (including hyphens)
Put hyphens between the words (not underscores)
Don’t make a tag for your artist name (they’re not necessary here)
Make sure the spelling is correct.

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Huh, I’m probably not worthy yet. But thanks for answer!

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I’m not sure if there’s a Trust Level associated with creating tags, but just in case there is I went ahead and put an “aquafluff” tag on your artwork.


I might be late to the party, but I can still be somewhat relevant.

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nice, it’s mobile accessible!


Yeah, that’s one of the things that pleased me the most about this software. :martinidrink: