An actual written bit [ Written by Kathi ]

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Did I actually write just my side of things and the fluffies panic at the end? Yes, because Owl may wanna write his own side, thoughts and such so I left it a s such. Plus I didn’t actually write chapters to any of the stories yesterday so this is me saying sorry, take this-

This all started due to those damned papers, a farmer wanting an odd looking ‘flufffy’ out of their farmland, in hindsight with the words ‘THIS THING HAS TAKEN ALL I HAVE’ probably should had been the bit where it was no, I’m not doing this but her and her biig mouth, she also dragged another into it. Agent Owl, her partner for this containment they are doing. The car they came in? Still good, that’s… Well good! Oh God this is awkward.

Lee, or known as ‘Agent Kathi’ looked over at the other, unsure what he was thinking in the moment, probably Why did this idiot drag me into this? Wouldn’t blame him if that was it. “Soo, let’s get the sear-” Before the words can even be finished, the car? Up in flames, with a loud sound to boot. “… Greaat… There’s one route to flee… Gone, just like that.” She ran a hand down her face, that wasn’t in the plan- Not at all but it’s fine! … Right? Hopefully?

The eyes being felt though, it was so close but so far, she turned her headlight on as she looked around for a moment. The question of can you see it? wanted to escape her but in the moment she just decided to keep her mouth shut. There was some rustling that both looked, it left, probably going off to not get caught, or lead them to something that possibly would be horrible, oh what fun.

Following it was an even worse idea, sweater ruined? Yeah, but that damned thing- It, IT attacked them. It moved so fast that she wasn’t even sure if it was the damned creature, guess the sweater can be useful even in it’s semi early death, covering the injuries brought by that thing was important, the scraps and cuts from running in the woods? Not that bad, they can worry about those kinds of things later.

The steel chest got put down as she sat on it. “This shit sucks.” She thought aloud, her partner was actually doing some work, considering he had an idea, If it’s assumed that fluffies are afraid of jellens on an intuitive level, can we use one to detect if it’s close? Which was a pretty smart one, let’s be real here. Finding ferals, was an even bigger move on his part. Good thing she got leashes, didn’t know how this night would turn out…

She got them out of the chest, it can stay here, shit weighed a ton just to carry around, and at this point it wasn’t helping them if they can’t even get the creature, if they manage, they will come back. If the spot is remembered- Which with her horrible memory? Probably not with her.

They were off once more, leashed fluffies in hand, the two they caught aren’t the happiest, in fact they were downright terrified of what was possibly near, that means that demon was somewhere just… Where? The two fluffies couldn’t pinpoint it, she stopped, the one she had was trying to run back from where they came while the one Owl had was trying to run ahead, unlike her, he had the leash wrapped around his hand a few times to keep it on the shorter end.

“Fwuffy nu wike! Fwuffy am scawedy of munstah! Nu wan’, nu wan’!” The green stallion cried out, not being able to get too far due to the connection it had going on. The brown mare whimpering as she mumbled. “Fwuffy nu nummies…” To say that they wanted to be far from the current spot would be an understatement. “Wee… Should try and spot it here, if they’re having this big of a reaction…”