Amanda Part 2 [BrainStemScoliosis]

Amanda Part 1

It had been a couple days since Adrian had adopted Amanda. He had used an old dog pen to fence off an area of the living room he had converted into a safe room for Amanda.

Unfortunately he had little opportunity to interact with her, she was usually playing or nursing her foals. While Adrian was unfortunately stuck dealing with Firestreak’s increasingly clever attempts at escaping his saferoom and making his way into Amanda’s pen.

Adrian had punished Firestreak multiple times for leaving the saferoom and disobeying Adrian. But none if it seemed to stick. Firestreak was rather young and had never mated nor been castrated. Adrian knew he would need to up his game if he wanted Firestreak to behave.

For now though Adrian wanted to check on Amanda, while she had eaten the kibble and used the litterbox without needing to tell her. Her foals were well old enough to use the litterbox and she had refused to be given a bath.

“Gud bwight time daddeh! Amandwa suu happies tu see ou”
She said with a big smile on her face sitting on her rump while her foals fed.

She asked tilting her head and raising her front legs. She didn’t seem to care that her five foals would no longer have milk as she was cuddled and probably would miss their mother.

‘How selfish, I think its about time you and I got the adrenal glands running’
Adrian thought to himself with a smirk.

He picked her up, causing her five foals to loose the warmth and comfort of the mother.
“Cheep! Mummah! Mummah!”
"Nuuu! Babbeh stiww have tummy hurties!"

Amanda ignored her spawn and instead went to nuzzle and coo in Adrians arms. He began walking toward the bathroom when another set of chirps and peeps, faintly came from the other side of the pen. It was the brown foal, malnourished with dirty matted fur laying in the far corner of the pen all alone. It chirped and peeped faintly hearing the distress of its littermates. Being the runt of the litter and most likely neglected considering the state it was in, it’s development seemed to have halted at it’s body lacked the proper nutrient to grow.

Adrian took note of this and grabbed the foal, unaware that Amanda had noticed his attention no longer being focused on her. As soon as he lifted up the fragile foal up to his chest Amanda snapped.

“Nu! Nu bwing poopie babeh wiff mummah! Poopie babeh nu am gud fo huggies. Onwy wicky cweanies!”

Adrian was shocked, he had heard of bitch mare syndrome and brown foal abuse but he did not expect Amanda to be so voilent. Snapping at it with her jaws and fruitlessly trying to hit it with her legs.

"Dummeh daddeh nu bwing poopie babeh. Bwing bestes babeh, am gib ou bestest huggies"

Amanda demanded, sternly at first but changed to a softer tone when uttering the second part of her phrase. Adrian did not expect this from her, she was carrying it on her back same as her other foals when she came to his door a few days ago. She had treated it equally in the brief moments Adrian saw them and had even snapped at Firestreak when he go to close to it. To see such a sudden change of heart was bewildering to him, after handling hundreds of fluffies he had never seen anything like this.

While disappointed in her behaviour, Adrian was ecstatic as he now had a punching bag he would not feel guilty about breaking. Putting on a fake smile Adrian nodded to Amanda and placed the brown foal back in the corner of the pen.

“Now which one of these is bestest?”
Adrian asked Amanda enthusiastically

“Am dat one, pointy babeh wiff bwue see pawces”
Amanda pointed to the recently formed fluff pile which was of no use to Adrian. However the description would be more than enough.
Adrian carefully sorted through the pile and brought all the foals except the brown one outside the pen.

“Wai am bwing aww babehs? Mummah owny say bestest.”

“We’ll I thought it was about time I gave your babies names now that they’re growing up”

At this prospect the foals all got excited and started dancing and cheering at the prospect of being given their own individual name.

“Let’s see, il name the blue one tuna”
Adrian picked up the dark blue earthie with a pink mare and set him down besides his mummah

“Tunwa wuv nyu namsies tank ou daddeh! Ou bestes daddeh evah!”
The newly names foal esclaimed as he ran happily arround his mother. Having forgiven or more likely forgotten his abandonment.

Adrian repeated this process four more times. Tuna was the blue/pink earthie, Peaches was a light orange pegasus with a black mane,


This part originally contained the description of a green foal which I have replaced as I forgot that I had already described one of the foals. Tldr make a general script and reference sheet for fluffies, its a bit of a chore but it’ll make your life easier in the long run

Treasure was the purple-blue foal Adrian had picked off Amanda yesterday, Cherry was a dark almost purple, red earthie with a pink mare. Finally there was blossom; the bestest babeh. Being a light pink unicorn just like Amanda predisposed her to be the favourite, therefore spoiled and likely to develop smarty syndrome or simply grow up with an entitled attitude.

“Cheep! Cheep!”
The once again faint vocalizations of the brown foal were heard with Amanda stomping her hoof at her distant foal.

“Sthap make noises poppie babeh! Ou nu get namesies, namsies onwy fo gud babehs”
Amanda said arrogantly before turning her back to the brown foal so she could sing and feed her preferred foals in peace.

“Okay now everyone on mummahs belly, I have a surprise for you guys”
Adrian picked up the mare and foals once they were on her belly, and made his way to the bathroom. He even heard Blossom blow a raspberry and taunt the poor foal as he carried them.

Amanda Part 3


Looks like her bitchy true color comes out already ,time to wet the bitch.


What happened to the foal with the gold mane from part 1?

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We love surprises in the bathroom.

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I hope the poopie is also tortured/hurt, it’s waaaaaaaaay to cliche to save it and have it grow as a pet.

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