Allie and Alex. (A littlepog story)

(I wanted to try my hand at writing an “Alleyway” story. I wanna stretch it out a bit, so here’s a little build-up and introduction)

Allie sighed contently as she flopped down on the discarded seat-cushion covered in dull-colored plastic Easter grass that made up her nest. It sat safely tucked away in a dryer-vent alcove behind a dollar-tree/ Laundromat tucked behind a small, rarely used recycling dumpster.

Alex grunted in satisfaction as his mission to find more nummies for the cold-time storage was quite successful. He had found a crate filled with expired boxes of twinkies that had been tossed behind the store some time ago and had been working all day to move them.

SPSHEW grunt FWN’ grunt

Alex huffed between strained grunts as he pulled another pile of sweetie-softie nummies over to the over-turned garbage can hidden beneath a pile of boxes that made up the fluffie’s food storage. The can, on top of being well hidden, was also water-proof and easily accessible if Alex moved a heavy boxie away from it.

Allie, having just barely gotten comfortable in the nest, looks up at Alex with an annoyed huff.

Wuts won’, spewshew fwen?

Allie asks in the most innocent, sad, and pleading voice she can muster.

Alex was a shimmering slate black Pegasus fluffy with a deep matte black mane and tail, with a matching set of tipped wings and hooves. He was a larger fluffy to be sure. Not through fluff or fat, but sheer muscle mass. A perfect toughie build. He was a buff fluffy for sure. Bluffy. Bluffy toughie. Fuck you.

Allie was a beautiful Alicorn, not that Alex would notice. Her horn was removed surgically at the skull when she was a newborn, removing any trace save for a small arrow shaped scar hidden quite well under her snowy-matte-white mane (and matching tale of course) drapped gracefully over her soft sky-blue fluff speckled with white spots that looked like clouds. Her wings blended perfectly with her fluff color, and her hooves where a matching matte-white.

Allie watched as Alex finished dragging the last pile of softie-nummie boxies over to the nummie-place, shoving a large boxie over enough to put the nummies inside the nummie-can. When he was finished, He simply gave Allie an angry glare before shoving the hidey-boxie in front of the nummie storage and walking away again.

Alex has been hard at work gathering as many nummies as he could possibly find, leaving Allie responsible for building up the best coldie-time nestie possible. But since they found the vent alcove hidden under the big blue metal trashie box, he thinks Allie is getting lazy in her excitement to make tummeh babbehs.

Alex shook the thought away from his head. He knew the long cold times are the worst possible times to have babbies. There are far too few nummies to be found and the worst coldies can give many fluffies forever-sleepies in less than a bright time.

"Awex teww speciew fwen nee’ make safie nestie… Nu make nestie safies. Onwly watch Awex bwing aw’ dah’ nummies back tu’ nestie…"

Alex grumbles to himself as he begins gathering green leafie-nummies from a nearby discarded house-plant. Using a ratty-baby blanket as a makeshift bindle, he collects all the leafy-nummies he can reach and a few discarded (over-ripened) apple/pear cores, banana peels, and mellon-rinds carefully in the bindle before folding it up and dragging it back to his nest.

Allie hears the annoyed grunts of her special friend returning from another successful foraging journey after being gone for so many forevers! (10ish minutes)

She excitedly jumps up and rushes the aid of her mate, grabbing a sagging corner of the bindle and helping Alex pull it back to the nest for tonight’s dinner.

Allie grunts through a mouthful of blanket as Alex drops his corner of it in front of the nest.

"Nu’ tawkies wif’ moufie fuww pwease, speshew-fwen…"

Alex says with a sigh as he looks over the still-baron looking nest. Sure it was hidden and had a warm air vent behind it, but it had nothing protecting it from the flooding sky-wawas, or bad wooshy-times. It wasn’t even that well hidden. The dull Easter grass was a rainbow color, acting like a beacon for a wondering eye.

Allie opens her mouth with a grin, dropping her corner and strewing the fruit and veggie scraps all over the ground. Her Expression goes slightly sour before turning back to Alex, who has already begun walking out of the safe-nestie area in search of better nest material.

She simply sighed and flopped onto her haunches, staring at her flat milkie places as she saddly picks up an apple-core in her little stubby hoofies.

"Nu’ wan nu-pwetty fwuity nummies… wan’ sweetie nummies fo’ make miwkies fow’ futuah’ soon-babbehs…"

She wrinkles her nose in slight irritation as she bites into the core, chewing as little as possible before swallowing so as not to taste the old fruit for any longer than she absolutely needs to. She finishes the core and moves onto another one, followed by a bruised banana peel after.

After a few more forevers, she finally swallows the peel and reaches for one of the melon rinds, trying but failing miserably to pick it up with her hoofies.

"Dummeh’ fwuitie nummies, wai nu wet’ Awwie gwabbies?"

She struggles once more to pick up the slippery, over-ripened melon skin in her soft, squishy hooves. It uselessly falls the ground for a 3rd time as Allie jumps to her feet with a huff. She puffs out her cheeks and tilts her chin up at the fruit scraps.

"Awwie nu nee’ dummeh nummies… Gon’ gu’ pway in pwetty nest…nestie…"

Allie turns around toward her nest just in time to see Alex standing on top of a box, using his teeth to hang his bindle-baby blanket on two small rusty screws over part of the opening that made up their nest. It did pretty well at being urban camo, covering any of the out-of-place colors that would normally draw the eye toward the fluffy nest.

A cardboard tube had been rolled in front of it, holding the blanket in place and acting as a makeshift path for any approaching ground water to flow by without getting into the nest. Cloth scraps and tufts of black fluff line the walls of the alcove and the surrounding floor on the nest, acting as another layer of insulation for the nestie spot.

Alex gracefully hops off the box, admiring the makeshift door he had now hung up in front of his new and improved safe nestie. He winces as he catches a glance at the many large bald-spots on his tummy and leggies where he pulled the fluff out that he used to line the nest.

"Dew. Awex gonna nee’ mow nestie wawmies tho…"

His belly rumbled something fierce, and a few stray rain-drops began flitting to the ground from the sky. Alex looks up and sighs, feeling the tiny drops break against his wings and back fluff as he slowly walks over to where Allie is waiting for him. A slow waddle is all Alex can manage, shaking when he enters the safe spot and collapsing straight into his soft nestie behind the new blanket wall as soon as he reaches it.

Allie happily waddles up to him, wrapping her hoofies around Alex in a big, loving hug.

"Awwie miss ou’ speshew-fwen!"
"Gib’ speshew fwen dah bestes huggies n’ wuvies n’ wawmies!!"

Alex closes his eyes, almost melting into his special-friends bestest huggies. He listens to her soft voice and enjoys the pretty smell of her fluff as he slowly closes his eyes. Exhaustion from a long day of nummie gathering and hanging up the blanket in front of their nest has totally warn the black fluffy out.

"Awex su’ tiwed… Nee’ sweepies…"

He says as he slowly feels himself losing the fight against his exhaustion. The warmth and love that wells inside him from his most prettiest special friend giving him bestest hugs and lickie-kisses gently put his mind at ease as the Rain now begins to grow into a small storm.

"Wuv ou’ speshew-fwen…Gud’ sweepie-times…"

He manages to croak out just before succumbing to his tiredness.

Allie looks down at her handsome special friend as he gently snores against her belly fluff. She gives him one last soft hug before looking out over the cement-grounds that made up their safe nestie place under the tall recycling dumpster that hides the vent alcove that made up their nest.

"Wuv ou’ tu speshew fwen. Haf’ bestes sweepie-pictews!"

The alleyway, filled to the brim with boxes of expired/broken merchandise, was blocked by a small gate installed by the neighboring businesses in a futile attempt at keeping fluffies out of their combined garbage pit. Alex, being the smart little dude he is, found a way to get into the alley with his special friend AND close the gate again so munstahs couldn’t get to them. Unfortunately this also made it incredibly hard to escape, should they ever need to.

Allie’s attention is snapped back to her special-friend, a small hint of sadness now filling her normal expression of content as her thoughts wonder to pretty babbehs, givin’ babbehs the bestes’ miwkies, and lots and lots of wawmsies and wuv. She gently sighs, remembering what her special-friend said about having babbehs during the long-cold times. A small tear rolls down her cheek-fluff and a few tiny “huus” escape her lips a she gently curls herself around Alex.

"Awwie nu dat Awwie make gud-mummah… Huu Awwie jus’ wan’ pwettiest babbehs n’ tu be mummah… Huuhuuu…"

Her tiny sobs are drowned out by the small storm now growing into a thunderstorm overhead. A roll of thunder in the distance rumbles, Alex continues snoring, and Allie cries herself to sleep over the babbehs that she wanted to have.

She slowly drifts off to sleep as the soft hum of the dryer vent expels warm, linen scented air into the nest. The stormy night passes over, and the warmed (now safer) nestie protects the sleeping fluffs while they rest in anticipation for a new day.