Alice's Fluffies - Part 03 - A Fluffy Party - Story by Hornlarry Art by Peppermint Parchment (Booru ID 39202)

Alice arrived home from her play date, and couldn’t find her fluffies. At first she thought they were playing hide and peepies with her, but when she couldn’t find them, she called out their names.

“Wendy? Rebecca? Where are you?” she asked, “Humphrey? Please tell me where you are? Mummah is scared…”

Just then, Humphrey poken his little green head out from under her bed “Mummah…?” he asked, timidly.

“Oh there you are!” Alice began, and sat down, starting to tell Humphrey excitedly about all the fun things she had done.

Then, Alice noticed that Humphrey looked like he had been crying. Wendy and Rebecca where still hiding behind him, and they looked really sad too.

“What happened Humphrey?” Alice asked.

“Umm… um… nu wan say…” the fluffy replied, looking away from her towards the floor.

“What?” She asked, then she smelled the poop. Over on the floor, by a pile of blocks, were poop stains all over the carpet!

“Did you poop on the carpet? Is that why you are hiding?” She asked, “You DID poop on the carpet! Bad fluffy! Very very bad fluffy!” Alice ran out of the room to tell her mummy. Mummy said that if any poop got onto the carpet, it needed to be cleaned and shampooed as soon as possible.

Alice’s mummy was not happy about cleaning the carpet. She made sure that Alice told off the fluffies, bopped them on the noses, and made them promise not to poop on the carpet ever again. That weekend, there were no special sketties for them. The fluffies cried, but promised to be good.

Two weeks later, it was Alice’s Birthday! Her mummy and daddy agreed that she could have a fluffy costume party. There would be lots of her friends, and her cousin Claire (who was really cool) and all of them would bring their fluffies and dress them up in little fluffy costumes! The day before her party, Alice dressed up her fluffies for a practice and play.

For Humphrey, Alice found a knight’s horse costume, with medieval heraldry, and a little plastic knight’s helmet. He looked so cute, and very brave. Humphrey loved the costume, and ran around in it, chasing his sisters. Wendy dressed up as a princess, with a long white dress, a pointy princess hat and a tiara! Rebecca wanted to dress as a “Scawy Munstah” so Alice found a Fluffy Dragon costume for her. All the costumes were on Amazon with next day delivery, so even though she had just got daddy to order them the day before, Rebecca was able to run and play with Humphrey and Wendy, before tomorrow’s party.

“Waaaaaawwwwwww! Webecca am scawy DWAGON-Munstah! Am num aww da fwuffies! Am num dem naow!” Rebecca growled.

“Nu wowwy Pwincess Wendy,” said Humphrey, “Siw Humpfwee wiww save fwuffy.”

Then Humphrey charged the Dragon-Munstah, and Webecca pretended to be forever sleepies. It was so cute that Rebecca always wanted to pretend to be the scary munstah, and that she knew that scary munstahs always lost in the end. She would roll over and play dead, and Humphrey would look really happy because he had saved Wendy.

Alice thought they were all adorable, but then something strange happened.

“Fankyu fow saving Pwincess Wendy,” said Wendy to Humphrey, “Siw Humpfwee am Bwave Knight Fwuffy, wan hav speciaw huggies wiv Pwincess Wendy?”

As Alice watched, Wendy crouched on the floor and raised her bum into the air. Free from her princess dress, she waved and wiggled it near Humphrey’s face. Alice could see that Wendy’s private parts were all swollen and pink! It was really naughty! Humphrey just looked sad though.

“Wat mattew Humpfwee? Nu wan speciaw huggies wiv Pwincess Wendy? Nu fink Wendy am pwetty mawe?”

“Huu huu huu… Humphrey can no giv speciaw huggies… VETS am took speciaw wumps…”

Alice was shocked. They were going to… DO IT. Alice’s friends said that boy fluffies would HUMP girl fluffies, and put their peeny inside the girl fluffy. Alice knew that was how babies were made, for people and fluffies, but she’d never thought her fluffies would do it. That was bad.

“No! Bad fluffies! No special huggies! Its naughty!” she said, very sternly.

“But mummah! Wendy wan hav babbehs. Need speciaw huggies,” Wendy explained. Humphrey just looked sad, and Rebecca was still growling, pretending to be a Dragon.

The next day was Alice’s Birthday! She was SEVEN!

Mummy had made a really special effort for her birthday party. She had let her invite ten of her bestest friends (all girls of course) and also her cousin Claire. Lots of mummies and daddies were also there, and everyone had brought their fluffies. Claire’s fluffy Jelly, a fat little mare with red fluff, was dressed as a Hula girl, and looked really cute in her grass skirt with a garland of flowers around her neck. Snowflake, her white Unicorn mare, who was a little bit smaller and skinnier than Jelly, was dressed as a ballerina. Humphrey, Wendy and Rebecca were dressed in their costumes from the day before.

Lots of other girls had thought of brilliant costumes! There were cowboys and spacemen, seventies disco fluffies, fluffies with giant Afros, and fluffies dressed as robots and Alligators. It was amazing!

Even better, Alice’s mummy had made a MASSIVE pot of spaghetti. There was enough for all the fluffies, Alice and her friends, and all the mummies and daddies that were staying. Alice’s mummy had set up a fluffy sized table! With little fluffy sized seats! It had a white table cloth, and little fluffy sized bowls! Alice sat down next to Claire, because Claire was really cool.

As soon as the fluffies entered the house, they could smell the sketties, and they got really excited.

“Sketties! Sketties!” they were squeaking at each other.

“Sketties? Fow Snowfwake? Weawy? Snowfwake am gud fwuffy?” said Claire’s ballerina Unicorn.

“Buttewcup wan sketties NAOW!” one greedy yellow fluffy was saying, wearing red princess dress that matched her mane.

“Dis am bestest day of Fwuffy wife!” declared a blue boy fluffy in a Cowboy costume, crying tears of joy.

Alice’s mummy brought in the giant pot of Spaghetti sauce and pasta, and started to dish it out into the little fluffy bowls, then all hell broke loose.

First, Claire yelled out in pain. Jelly had bitten her hand!


Jelly ran straight for the Spaghetti, roughly shoving other Fluffies out of the way and making some of Alice’s friends trip over her and fall. The other fluffy owners took this as a sign that meal time had begun, and let their fluffies go too. In no time at all, the table was swarmed with fluffies, all in their cute little costumes, rushing the spaghetti bowls and filling their faces with pasta, meat and sauce.

“Om nom nom nom!” were the only sounds, as the fluffies stuffed their little faces. Jelly was stuffing her face like a PIG! She finished her bowl before any of the other fluffies, and started looking for more, even while Alice’s mummy was serving her friends and the other mummies and daddies. Then, Jelly started stealing Sketties from a baby blue fluffy!

“Nuuuu!” the baby blue foal cried as the fat red fluffy pushed her out of the way, “Am Tinkabewws Sketties! Nu eat Tinkabewws sketties meany wed fwuffy!”

Jelly just ignored the baby fluffy, even though she was crying, and started eating ALL her sketties! It was really mean. Alice didn’t know what to do, but then her friend Stacey grabbed Jelly and pulled her away from Tinkerbell.

“NUUUU! BAD UPSIES!” Cried Jelly, spewing half eaten spaghetti all over the little blue foal, “NU AM JEWWY’S SKETTIES! WET GO! OR JEWWY GIV WOWSTEST OWWIES!”

Stacey didn’t let her go though, and tried to give the bad fluffy a bop on the nose. Then Jelly bit Stacey! Stacey dropped Jelly and started to cry. Alice stood up and tried to hug Stacey but nearly tripped over Jelly as Jelly ran to eat one of the daddy’s bowls of sketty. Stacey’s mummy shoed Jelly away from the bowl of sketty, and Jelly just turned a GROWLED at her like she was a wild dog! Then, Jelly ran back to the table, climbed up on top of it, and reared up on her hind legs.


39475 - Artist-PeppermintParchment Author-Hornlarry Jelly_and_Snowflake Jellyverse brat costume earthie mare party pegasus request-Hornlarry safe sketties smarty spaghetti stallion unicorn

Then, Jelly pooped ALL OVER THE TABLE. All over the white tablecloth, all over Tinkerbell and Buttercup, all over Stacey and Anna and Anna’s mummy. Then she kicked another foal out of the way, and started to eat her sketties too.

Then things went really crazy. Alice’s friends and fluffies started to cry, and some of them started to run away from Jelly. One of the daddies grabbed Jelly by the scruff of her neck, yanking her away from the table, and yelling about a sorry stick and sorry box. Girls and fluffies were running everywhere, and people were tripping over each other and treading on fluffies!

Alice knew she had to rescue her fluffies to make sure they didn’t get hurt. She quickly found Humphrey, who stood up on his rear legs and reached up for her. He had a little splatter of poop on his costume from Jelly’s projectile diarrhea, but wasn’t crying. Everywhere there were shrieks and screams, and the sound of children and fluffies crying. Someone stood on Alice’s food, and a daddy bumped into her. Two fluffies were fighting over sketties, and Claire was holding Snowflake and crying. Alice had never seen her cry before.

Alice looked around desperately for Wendy and Rebecca. She found Rebecca eating sketties from an abandoned human sized bowl. She scooped the Dragon-Munstah fluffy away from the bowl, and the fluffy complained with sketty sauce all over her face.

“Nu faiw! Sketties am fow Webecca!”

There was shouting from the kitchen, and one of the daddies was telling off Jelly, using bad swear words. Jelly was in a cardboard box, and the daddy was kicking the box, but Jelly was just shouting back at him!

“Claire!” Alice shouted, have you seen Wendy?

“No, I haven’t” Claire began, “Alice, I’m really sorry…”

“Where’s Wendy?” Alice asked another friend, ignoring her cousin. Where was she? What if she had been trodden on?

Alice looked around the room, while Claire rushed into the kitchen to take her bad fluffies home. Wendy was nowhere to be found, but Alice could see other fluffies, still fighting over sketties, and owners picking them up, along with mummies and daddies comforting their crying children, and children comforting their crying fluffies.

A few minutes later, once things had calmed down, she found Wendy with the blue Cowboy fluffy. He was HUMPING HER!

“No! Bad fluffies!” Alice said, staring in disbelief and not knowing what to do.

“ENF ENF ENF!” the blue fluffy replied, thrusting himself in and out of the willing Princess Wendy, who was squealing with delight. “Uuuuugghhhh!” the blue fluffy gasped, “Guud FEEEEWS!” he sighed, before dismounting her, and slinking off under a table. Alice could see there was white icky stuff leaking out of Wendy’s vagina! Wendy was just smiling.

“Noooooo!” screamed Alice.

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Alice’s fluffies are pretty good at taking advantage of chaos, I’ll give them that. Wendy is shaping up to be a big problem though. I can easily see her becoming a bitch mummah.


I’m just about to post part 4 because I didn’t post anything yesterday so you can read on and find out :slight_smile:




Ah the potential for Abuse is riesing.


can’t blame the blue cowboy. little guy just needed some relief and wendy took advantage of that. wendy is a little bitch