Adopting a Good Toughie Friend 8 (by: Biorb_McBiorb) {aka me!}



Oingo didn’t want to be like Pedo right? God Clint hoped not. Maybe he could talk the foal out of his “set course”. Looking at Oingo he could see the little guy was obviously thinking about something, not demanding, not puffing his cheeks, maybe he was just confused? Oingo was still young, but Clint guessed he was old enough to understand what a Smarty was.

“Uh… a Smarty? Why do you wanna be like that meanie Pedo?” Clint tried to direct Oingo. If he could maybe make the foal thing that being a Smarty was like being Pedo, then maybe he wouldn’t want to be one!

“‘Cos! Meanie Pedo was bad Smawty, Pedo did bad thin’ an’ nu desewbe be Smawty. Know that nice Daddeh Cwint am g-good Daddeh, buh Fwuffies nee’ Smawty to make suwe dey do gud fo’ Daddeh Cwint! wan’ to be gud S-smawty fo’ Daddeh 'cos Oingo wub Daddeh Cwint!” Oingo exclaimed. the foal began to tear up. “P-pwease D-daddeh Cwint! Oingo wan’ to be gud Smawty fo’ Daddeh! Wub Daddeh su much! Just wan’ daddeh to get wid of meanie P-pedo, Pedo bad fwuffy! Daddeh onwy desewbe dah bestes’ Fwuffies ebew!” Oingo began to softly cry and point his head down. Quietly he cried matting his fluff.

Oh fuck, right in the feels.

“Buddy, you don’t want to be a Smarty! You want to be a Leader!” As Clint said the word leader, Oingo raised his head, sill sobbing and asked. “W-weadew? w-what that daddeh?”

“Weadah am Fwuffie who am smawt, buh not Smawty, smawt Fwuffie take cawe of othah Fwuffies. Smawty take cawe of sewf fiwst, nu make gud de-cis-ions fo’ hewd, ow famiwy. Smawt fwuffie make gud de-cis-ions, an’ take cawe of hewd, meanie Pedo am bad weadew, Oingo nu wan’ to be Smawty, Oingo wan’ to be weadew!” Chuck corrected his son, giving him a hug, huggies made everything better.

“Chuck is right buddy!” Clint said, picking up Chuck and Oingo sofly as not to hurt them. “If you want to be a leader, thats fine, but leaders care about others first, and themselves last. Are you sure thats what you want to do?”

Oingo nodded his head and replied “Y-yus, Oingo wan be gud Fwuffie fo’ Daddeh Cwint, an’ be gud weadah fo’ fwiends! Buh not Daddeh an’ Mummah, ow othah Fwuffies cus dey owdah den Oingo an’ Oingo hab to wisten to owdah Fwuffies!”

“Gud job wem-embew-in’ wuwes Chuck towd ‘ou babbeh Oingo! mummah Gwen gon’ be su happies to heaw ‘ou fowwowin’ aww dah wuwes!” Chuck said hugging Oingo. “Teehee! Wub boff of Oingo’s Daddehs!” Oingo responded by hugging both of his daddies the best he could. Clint was about to start tearing up himself. His “Smarty” Oingo just wanted to Lead his Friends, he was far too young to be worrying about that, but considering they were Ferals, they obviously wanted to just survive and enjoy life. And a leader always made life a little easier, adleast for Fluffies.

“Well you’re still a Baby Oingo, so for now just let your Daddy and Mummah and Daddeh take care of things ok?”

“Hehehe, Otay daddeh! Oingo wiww just be babbeh fo’ nao!” Oingo beamed, god this lil dude was cute.

As Clint brought in the pair of FLuffies he began to hear the sounds of the other Fluffies waiting by the door to the Safe room. After doing a quick check list of all the fluffies to make sure they were all here, Clint opened the door to a… Well a very fucked up sight. Pedo biting Bubblegum’s exposed tummy and teats, all while calling her names and blaming her for his problems, and being a bad Special friend. When Pedo turned to give her bad pooppies, he was met with his old herd and his mean daddy Clint watching him.

“uh… fwuffie sowwy? hehehe?”

Clint set the pair down and told all the fluffies to get into the safe-room. Once all the fluffies were in Clint then unlatched Bubblegum, and picked her and Pedo up. Bubblegum was crying and bleeding a little bit, mostly around her teats, but the wounds looked like if a kid fell and scrapped his knee, but on a much smaller level. “She’ll be fine” Clint thought, and brought the pair of bad parents to the bathroom. he was going to have to clean these two, part of him wanted to just push Pedo’s Head underwater and hold it there. But Clint’s vengeance would be slow and worse than a bad wawa end.

“OK, who’s first?” Clint’s question was met with a mix of “wawa bad for fwuffies” and “nuuu…”

Clint decided to start with Bubblegum. She resisted a bit but only as much as a pillowed bitch mare could. The water was warm, not too hot, and not too cold, Clint used the sink as the bath would be a bit much he thought. Bubblegum was lowered in slowly with her belly facing down. She at first resisted, but began to coo, and mumble niceties. Clint didn’t like her, but he did feel bad for her. After rinsing her off he began to shampoo her fluff, he had gotten a fluffy safe shampoo from the Fluff mart where he had met them.

Bubblegum began to feel a different side of her mean daddy, maybe she had done something wrong? She thought she was doing good? What did she do to get her leggies taken away? or being hugged to the wall and forced to feed other babbehs? SHe thought she was the bestest Mummah ever! Was she?

So she asked.

“Um… mistah meanie Daddeh?” Bubblegum asked.

With a slightly annoyed sigh, Clint responded “Yeah Bubblegum?”

“Why did 'ou take 'way fwuffy’s weggies?” To her suprise she got a very clear answer. “Well. I took your legs away because you ki- uh, gave forever sleepies to Cognac, and because I couldnt trust you to not hurt your other babies, I took them.”

“Buh Cognac was poopie babbeh wight? Bubbwegum was doin’ gud thin’… Wight?” The water began to turn room temp. “No” Clint responded in a slightly angry tone. “You did a very bad thing. There is no such thing as “Poopie” Babies, or “Munsta” babies, you’re a Mom, you are supposed to love all your babies. It shouldn’t matter what color the fluff is, they are still your babies.” Clint said getting a towel for her to dry off in.

“Buh, Bubbwegum’s Mummah did that to one of Fwuffy’s sistahs, was she wong?” Bubblegum asked, she was sure she was being a good Mummah. But what is she was wrong?! What if she was a BAD Mummah! Did that mean HER Mummah was bad too!?

“Yeah. ALL babies are good babies, even the ones with colors you don’t like, or ones with horns and wings. A GOOD mummah would take care of all her babies.” Clint said, as if that wasn’t common knowledge.

“Su… dat mean dat, B-bubbwegum bad?” Bubblegum was begining to cry into the towel she was wrapped in.

“Well, right now? Yeah, your a bad Mummah. But… Maybe you could be a Good mummah again.” CLint leaned down to meet the eyes of Bubblegum. “If I let the wall not Hug you, would you take care of all your babies? Or even Gwen’s Babies? Kahlua’s? a Good Mummah would take care of all babies.” Clint stated.

“NAO SPESHUW FWEND!” Pedo yelled.

Clint was answered by Bubblegum trying to bite his nose, missing.

they… they tried to trick me? ME? After everything I’ve done for them? taking the whole herd off of the streets? THAT WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH? Clint looked to Pedo, who was staring at his special friend in disbelief that she missed calling her Stupid and Dummy for missing the chance he made for them!

Clint was about to smack the Pink Bitch, but realized something. He didn’t really need her. He could always get a Nurse to help out with her babies. What was stopping him from just, killing her?

Picking up Bubblegum, towel and all, to her behest.Clint placed her back into the now colder light brown poop water. Clint looked over to Pedo, meeting his eyes.

“huh? why Bubbwegum back in wawa? why wawa nu smeww pwetty? wet Bubbwegu-GWHUWRK” Clint had cut her off by forcing her head into the light brown water, and holding it there.

Trying to breath Bubblegum was drowning, gasping for air while struggling, and throwing her weight and stumps around, trying to break free of her daddeh’s grip.

Clint pushed Bubblegum’s head further against the sink’s basin. All while staring at Pedo, Unblinking. These two were the worst fucking things. he was doing the world and all other fluffies a service.

Pedo began to beg and plead with Clint to stop “PWEASE STAHP MISTAH CWINT DADDEH, B-BUBBWEGUM AM GUD MUMMAH FWUFFY SWEAR!” As if to answer Pedo, Clint, in one motion twisted his arm, Snapping Bubblegum’s neck, still holding her under the shit colored water. Pedo began to cry, thinking about how his last words to his special friend were horrible, mean, and not nice at all.

Clint then picked up Pedo, and brougth him to the sorry room, the garage. set him down in a extra moving box He had, and went back inside, grabbing his coat.

You’re Pedo, and you have the worst heart huwties, your meanie daddeh just gave your special friend forever sweepies. You never got to say sowwy for giving her meanie bites!

You were set alone in a Sorry box, but your daddeh left and hasnt came back!

“Pedo su sowwy Bubbwegum huu-huu, neba mean tu go foweber sweepies huu-huu”

Daddeh just came back! Oh no! what now?!

Daddeh didnt say anything, he just threw your dead special friend in to the box with you.

You see her face. She was scared. YOU are scared.

Daddeh went back into the house and left you alone with Bubblegum.

“Pwease Bubbwegum… Pwease, wake up?”

She didn’t. You are along, so you hug the lifeless body of Bubblegum, The mummah to you’re babbehs… WAIT

“BABBEHS!” you cry out. If daddeh did this to you’re special friend…

what would he do to your babbehs?

Clint entered the safe-room, to a chorus of “yay!” and “Daddeh!”

“Chuck you are in charge, OK? Daddy is going to go give Bubblegum and Pedo away to a shelter, ill be back later, you guys have food, and water, Play nice and make sure you all go good poopies OK?” Clint told Chuck as he put on his coat.

“wait daddeh Cwint! wha’ about Pedo’s babbehs? dey awn’t goin’ with? just Bubbwegum an’ Pedo?” Chuck asked, confused. “Nope! They are staying here, Pedo and Bubblegum said they didnt want them anymore!” As they heard those words, Clint thought he would hear the foals cry, he didn’t want to make them cry, they didn’t deserve it, but thankfully he was met by a cheer of “!” and “stoopi’ Mummah an’ Daddeh!”

“Gut who gon’ take cawe of babbehs?” Gwen asks. “Kahlua? i know your gonna be a soon mon, but would you help take care of the Foals?” Clint ask. “Buh Kahwua gon’ be soon-mummah! nee miwkies fo’ Kahwua’s tummeh babbehs!” Kahlua responds.

“Im not asking you to take care of them forever, just for a little bit till i can get a nurse mare to help out, OK?”

“Weww…” Kahlua says as she looks down at the foals, all giving her sad eyes. “Otay Daddeh, Kahwua wiww take cawe of babbehs!” meeting the Response of Kahlua, Volt, Agate, Smoke, and Mambo all peep and cheer and give even more hugs! Mambo tried but kinda just, fell on his rump and hugged Smoke.

“OK guys, ill be right back be good, and well have Sketti tonight!” As Clint walked out, waving to the fluffies, he could hear them all cheer and play.

Clint went back to the garage and picked up the moving box containing Pedo and the Pink corpse. Unceremoniously throws in the back of his truck. Hoping into it Clint drives down the road.

Before the fun began he was going to see if he could sell some of Pedo’s genetics. He drove for what seemed hours, reached the Outside city, and went into a Breeding Mill. They were very skeptical because the shit covering the rear of this Pillowed Golden fluffy, But they relented, Clint also got some eyes from other breeders in the lobby begging to get a chance with Pedo. Pedo looked quite happy, people wanted to be with him! They were all met with a firm no. Pedo was handed over to the receptionist, and Clint was told that he would be ready in about a two hours.

Clint handed over Pedo, and left to get some food. Clint promised Sketti, and by god his babbehs were gonna get some Sketti.

2 hours later after many forced breeding’s with Pedo.

Clint came back to the breeding mill, and picked up his Gold mine, being promised a Foal from each litter, since payment was denied. Clint just agreed to 3 foals of his choice as he was informed Pedo was bred Thirty-Two times. the Mill agreed.

“So… how was he?” Clint asked

The Receptionist went into detail about how he cried a lot and was more or less forced to enf the willing mares. as he got tried around the 6th breeding he was attached to a I.V. bag so he wouldn’t become dehydrated. He was also apparently very happy to be with other fluffies and away from his daddy.

No Comment.

Clint was brought Pedo who was horrified to see his daddy again. “Its OK Pedo, its OK, were gonna go home OK?” That did not calm him down at all. He lied, of course. He was going to leave the golden fuck out in the wild, all alone with his Bitch.

Clint living in California was a bit perfect, as he knew it was summer, and most of the mountains and hills were dry and hot. Reaching his destination, a hiking trail. Clint parked the car, grabbed the box, and began down the trail, hearing “pwease” and “wet fwuffie gu” all falling on deaf ears. Once Clint reached the top of the nearest hill, he plopped the box down, looked down at Pedo, picking up Bubblegum’s corpse and tossing it just outside of the box.

God it was a hot one.


“Goodbye Pedo. I just want you to know, Your babies will be so happy without you, in fact! They’re getting sketti tonight!” Clint bent over petting Pedo’s lack mane

“w-wha about Pedo?”

“What about you?”

Hearing cries and please walking down back to his car, he got back in, and waited, having full view of the box, he saw it.

a Mountain Lion.

You’re Pedo, your hungry, tired, and your special lumps are sore.

you begin to cry.

then you hear something coming, you think its your Daddeh! Hes back! He doesn’t hate you anymore! You wanna apologize! You’ll be good! You swear to yourself!

“D-daddeh? Dedo sowwy! Pedo su sowwwy! Wiww be gud nao Pedo pwomise”

The noises get louder, something… something doesn’t sound right, you see a pink blur just above the top of the box.

And then a loud and meaty rip.

Something falls into the box… Its a see-pwacie! It…

It looks like Bubblegum’s see-pwace! Is your Special Fweind back?! “B-bubbwegum?”

the noise outside stops. but no response from your special friend.

“B-bubbwegum? it Pedo! Fluffie in Sowwy-Baw-”

You receive your response sooner than expected.

Then you hear it.

You hear growling.


I forgot Pedo was golden, might as well milk the fucker for all he’s worth.

Solid way to get rid of them both, no point dragging it out if neither of them are willing to learn


Considering Clint gets 3 foals out of Pedo id say the milking was successful, and thanks man, i actually got a lil inspired by howbyou handleded the Babbeh enfer in one of your stories, i think he was next o a creek or something, i dont remember lol

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Sounds like Toughie from the Technicolor Smarty Herd. Pillowed, castrated then stuck next to a river for a year and a half to be used and abused by any stallion who finds him.

Still think I wasn’t hard enough on him


YEAH also agreed

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Cant believe pedo and bubblegum even trys to bite Clint! Those fuckers!

Drowning bubblegum for her idiocy would have it much longer if lifted her gaspin and dunk her again and repeat x2 while looking at pedo coldly would have him shit alot :rofl:

Serves you right pedo, meat for the mountain lion!

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now its happy time junction for the rest of the fluffies! Or…?

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Hmm im sure there will be issue still , and it comes with Pedos foals if one of them would snapped and turned into as worst as their parents.

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Eh… having him to enf the mares is too Good for him. The mill should have used a Breeding machine and hooked him up to be sucked dry for 3 straight days.

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Honestly yeah, but Clint had had enough man, hes just hapoy he gets to asd 3 new Foals to the family, when you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough

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I literally called Clint using the term Leader instead of Smarty a few chapters ago with no clues. Good stuff. Although the breeding mill was bit too much tell don’t show. I want to see Pedo suffer from too much breeding.

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