A toughie's duty (swiftbitches)

The garden was a beautiful paradise with giant bushes full of fruits and vegetables, more flowers than Marvin could count and toys scattered through the yard like little presents left out just for his herd. Despite all this, Marvin just couldn’t help the pit of dread forming in his stomach. This was a human’s yard and Marvin had always been warned to stay away from the two legged beasts.

The stories his father had burned into his mind of humans brutalizing fluffies, tearing them limb from limb, crushing their foals into a bright red smear in the dirt and guns turning their kin into a messy spatter of blood and gore across the ground. Their dogs ripping and shredding too slow fluffies with their sharp teeth and eating little chirpies whole as they screamed fruitlessly for their mothers.

Marvin could barely even muster a smile when special friend, Mango, brushed past, a huge smile on her face and all the herd’s foals waddling after her. She was a lovely peach mare with a bright green mane and it was her job to watch all the foals while their parents worked on gathering food. Mango was the sweetest mare ever, she had no color prejudices and wingie-pointies weren’t monsters to her, she loved every fluffy and every fluffy loved her.

Turning around, Marvin spotted a row of bushes next to the deck, all heavy with dark fruits. He had barely begun to dig into the fruit bushes that lined the deck, pulling branches off to carry back with them, when he smelt something…another fluffy? He could smell other fluffies everywhere but this was different if was much stronger…almost like the fluffy was right there.

“Why dummehs in Mummah Bonnie’s gawden?” An angry little voice squeaked from above Marvin.

Marvin glanced up to see a stocky dark red unicorn colt glaring down at him from the deck, his cheeks puffed up and his narrowed eyes narrowed.

“Wha…who awe yu?” Marvin dropped the fruit he had been picking and glanced around for anymore new fluffies.

“Fwuffy am Bootchew, and Daddeh gib dummies fowebah sweepies if dummies don weave!” Butcher stomped his hoof, attracting the attention of a few fluffies around them.

“Oh? New babbeh?” Mango trotted up her head swiveling back and forth, trying to make sure she hadn’t misplaced one of her foals. Her head tilted to the side as she took in the sight and smell of the new colt, he was larger than most colts his age and his bright yellow eyes displayed nothing but disgust and malice. Something felt…off about this foal, the distgusted sneer that marred his face didn’t look natural for a fluffy.

“Das it, yu nu weabe so gon get daddeh, he gib you aww fowebah sweepies!” The colt sneered and ran back to the doggy door.

Daddeh? F-fowebah sweepies? Did he mean a human daddeh!?

Marvin’s thoughts were soon interrupted by a chorus of hooves thudding on the deck. He looked up to see three large fluffies standing on the deck, a humungous dark red earthy stallion, a bright orange pegasus stallion with one eye, and a pale pink unicorn mare with a crooked leg that pointed outwards. The little unicorn foal stood peering out from behind of them, a tiny smug grin on his face. A faint breeze blew by his nose, the stench of blood and death wafting past his face.

“Dose dummehs am wuinin Mummah’s gawden!” The pink mare yelled, stomping her good hoof, her bored expression morphing to one of outrage.

The pit of dread in Marvin’s stomach began creeping through his body. He turned to usher his special friend away from the deck when he noticed the Smarty and his entourage of mares slowly making their way back to the hole under the fence. Where was that bastard going?

Marvin’s ears perked and he turned around as he heard the ‘thump thump thump’ of the three giants descending the deck stairs.

“Mango, wun.” He hissed at the mare in front of him and began nudging her towards the back of the garden.

“Wh-whad am speciaw fwiend doin! Wan meet new fwiends.” Mango whined, glancing back at the trio as they made their way through the yard and towards the herd members who were happily trotting over to greet them.

“Dey am not fwiends, Mango.” Marvin’s voice shook as he shoved her forward with his snout, careful not to step on any of the babies that waddled around their feet.

A pained scream startled the pair as they were almost at the hole, the Smarty and his harem having made it out seconds before they arrived. Marvin’s head shot back towards the commotion and he watched as the unicorn violently yanked her horn out of the stallion she had skewered, a sticky trail of blood dripping down her face.

“Kiww dah intwudews!” The orange pegasus flaired his wings and reared back to smack a blue mare across the face with his hoof, knocking her onto her side and spilling the chirpies she had stacked on her back across the grass.

The giant maroon stallion charged forward and grabbed a faded yellow colt by his neck and shaking him back and forth like a dog with it’s toy. He threw the colt’s limp body into the dirt and charged into the panicking herd. The herd had slowly begun to spread out, screaming and scrambling for places to hide, as the three attackers made their way through the herd. Trampling dropped chirpies and crushing limbs and heads as they went.

“Yeh! Get dose dummies! Kiww dem aww!” Butcher cackled from his spot next to the railing of the deck. His siblings sat next to him, eyes wide with wonder as they watched their father, grandfather and Valentine rip through the ferals. Blood soaked into the grass as tufts of fur flew through the air, the screams of his terrified herd mates sent chills of fear through Marvin.

“Gu gu gu!” Marvin began to shove his special friend towards the gap in the fence much more faster and panicked than before. The foals around their hooves squeaked in fear as they tried their best to keep up. As he watched his special friend disappear through the hole he turned to face the crowd of on coming fluffies.

He charged through the on coming stampede of fluffies to the spot where four of the herd’s toughies were valiantly holding off the herd’s assailants, hooves flying and teeth ripping flesh as the tangle of fur and bodies fought. Marvin leapt into the fray, his head connected with the pink unicorns side sending her tumbling to the ground.

“Speciaw fwend!” The orange pegasus cried out from where he wrestled with a forest green toughie, a flicker of fear flashed through his eyes for just a moment before turned to his opponent and reared up and slammed his hooves into the sides of the toughie’s head. The toughie cried out in pain and stumbled back, leaving just enough of a gap for the lean pegasus to slither through the battlefield and yank his special friend to her hooves.

“Wet fwuffies gu an’ toughies won’ kiww yu.” Marvin snarled, taking a step towards the couple. The two other toughies slowly moving up to flank the couple, one still rubbing his ringing ears.

Bruno hated to give in but the toughies had him and Valentine out numbered, a quick glance at Brute told him that his son was tiring, his movements slowing and becoming sloppy.

He sighed and lowered his head in defeat, a feeling the orange pegasus did not like one bit, “Bwute, stop! We done hewe.” Brute’s expression of sick joy slowly melted to one of sad confusion as he turned to face his dad. One of the toughies he was facing took the opportunity to clock him in the back of the head.

“Hey! Daddeh says fwuffies am done!” Brute roared, turning on them with an angry snarl. The toughie jumped back a foot, his own snarl on his face.

“Cawm down,” Marvin snapped, his body tense with anxiety, every muscle in him screaming at to just tear these monsters apart. With their stench of death and the glee they exhibited while tearing his herd apart, but Marvin knew that was wrong. They had trespassed in their territory and paid the price for it. Their dumb Smarty had led them into yet another death trap.

Marvin wriggled out of the little hole dug under the fence, the dull feeling of regret and anger for his dead or grievously injured herd mates that he had left behind. He stood next to the hole as his fellow toughies squeezed through, beginning to limp off. A flash of orange in his peripheral caught his attention, a dirtied orange pegasus with a shock of green mane lay under a bush, her wide eyes peering out at the bruised and bloodied toughies.

“Mango! Wha yu doin’ hewe?!” He galloped over to the grinning mare who burst out of the bush to snuggle into her special friend.

“Mango wait fow yu! Couldn’ weabe yu hewe awone.” She cooed, running her tongue over his soft cheek.

Marvin breathed in her soft scent and nuzzled into her neck. Tears pricked his eyes as he buried himself into her fur. They had lost almost half their herd, friends he had considered close to family lay mangled in the twisted garden of Eden.

“Wet’s gu.” He sniffled, rubbing a hoof across his face to get rid of the soft tears tricking down his cheeks.

Their trek back to the herd was long and quiet, only interrupted by the babbles of hunger and complaints of tiredness from the young colts and fillies that trailed behind them.

“Toughies am back, toughies am back!” A cheerful green stallion cried as the toughies came into view of the wounded herd. Many fluffies lay licking their wounds, mostly earned from the herd trampling each other to escape.

“Babbehs!” A pink mare squealed as she jumped up and rushed to her foals which broke off from the group trailing around Mango’s hooves.

Marvin and toughies began to quickly advance to where the Smarty and his harem lay, the mares quietly grooming the light green unicorn. The Smarty sleepily looked up to the toughies as they approached him, a lazy smile on his face.

“Yu dummeh! Yu don’ desewbe to be Smawty!” Marvin roared as he lunged for the Smarty, his rage over taking him as he laid eyes on the incompetent fuck in front of him.

The mares around the Smarty shrieked and jumped out of the way as the two stallions tumbled into the dirt.

The few fluffies that moved to stop the small scrap that had started were quickly stopped by the accompanying toughies. The herd stared on in confusion as of to what was going on.

“Ged off of Smawty!” The green unicorn screeched as he batted at the larger earthie with his soft hooves.

Marvin gave the the wailing Smarty a hard smack across the face, stunning the unicorn. He shoved his hoof into the Smarty’s throat, earning a soft gurgle of pain, and stood proud, looking at all his herd mates gathered around him.

“Smawty am stoopid dummeh! Smawty wed us into Hooman wand, and now, hawf ob hewd is fowebah sweepies!” Marvin had always respected the hierarchy, unicorns were leaders, pegasi were scouts, and earthies were toughies, that was how it was. But enough was enough.

“Mawbin am Smawty now.” A cruel grin spread across his face as he moved his other hoof onto the Smarty’s throat. The Smarty’s eyes widened as what little air he had been breathing disappeared. He gasped and choked, pawing desperately and Marvin’s hooves, his back legs pounding against Marvin’s stomach.

Marvin held fast, pressing with all his might until the green unicorn fell limp. His eyes bulged and his tongue hung from his mouth. Marvin slowly backed of of the former Smarty’s body and slowly scanned the area, his head held high. He caught his special friend staring at him, fright and grief in her eyes. Mango knew it was necessary, she remembered her foals that starved to death last cold time while the Smarty lived like a lord in his mansion.

A cheer from one of the toughie’s sounded, the cheer began to slowly spread until it was a chant, ‘Marvin’. An uncontrollable grin spread across Marvin’s face as his chest swelled with pride, he’d make this the best herd he could!


I want to punt Butcher so much right now.

Well, the other three murderous jackasses aswell.

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Hmmm that was a good read and i wish Marvin the best of luck :grin:

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