A Shepard and his herd (by DweadHowdeGenewaw)

The chatter of fluffies, and their distinct scent slowly becomes more stronger to the shepard as he nears the den. His day was near the end, his last job was to make sure his herd safely eats one last time in the evening.

Whistling and calling out to his herd the shepard notices that they were too preoccupied with something happening in the den. “What are you all doing? Its going to be sundown soon and then it’ll be far too cold to have you fluffies out.”

“Wuffy nu cawe if ‘umkin’ say am smawty! Wuffy say hewd wisten to nice mistah and stay hewe!”
“Stupiee fwuffy! Smawty knu wat bestest fow hewd WOMP an’ smawty gif wostest huwties if wuffy nu be quiet!”

The two stallions faced eachother puffing their faces and standing as tall as they can. The blue smarty unicorn fluffy began to raise its fore legs to stomp on the gray alicorn, Luffy took this moment to charge and drive his horn into the chest of the smarty SHIK

Cough “wowest owwies” Wheeze…Wheeze “Smaw- smawty nu can bweaf”

The shepard crouches down into the den and sighs in dissapointent “Seems like Dingo just couldn’t be kept in check, huh Luffy?”

“Nu nice mistuh, Wuffy twy teww Dinno tu stay hewe an nu twy ta’e hewd… buh buh Dinno twy be smawty fwuffy an twy giff fowevew sweepies… an an…”

“Whats wrong Luffy? You can tell me, I’ll fix things.”

“Dinno gif bad speciaw huggies to Wiwwies babbehs…”

The sheppard quietly picked up the smarty and put him into a sack, tying it and throwing it to the side. The smarty can be herd wheezing and trying to cry for help. He went over to the nest occupied by Lilly a yellow mare with white mane and tail. Shes curled up tail wrapping around and covering her legs, sobbing and craddling what looks like two young foals barely old enough to talk. Their cries of bad special huggies and poopie place owwies and Lilly trying to console and comfort them saddend the young man.

“Daddeh?, Babbehs haf wostest huwties, nu can ma’e bettew…”
“Give me your children, I’ll help them Lilly. I’ll make everything okay. Luffy, take the herd out to eat theres only a couple hours left of sunlight. I must tend to the young stallions and make an example of Dingo.”

In his shed he sets the now healed foals to rest in a hay pile and throws the sack carrying the dying smarty onto a wooden table. The stallion wheezes trying to scream as he is yanked out and tossed to his side. The sheppard takes his palm and presses hard onto the wound, breath finaly fills the stallions lungs and the hole closes.

“Fank yew… nice mistuh nu mad?”
“Your punishment will come.”
“Wha? wha dat mean?”
“I saved you so that I could make an example of you, my herds havent had a smarty in a couple of years. And if you showed up there will be more eventually so now I must make sure they know what will happen.”

The stallion is strapped down legs splayed to the sides and head held down, struggling to free himself he hears the sounds of sharpening blades.
“Wha daddeh doin? Pwease wet gud fwuffy go, fwuffy be gud fwuffy fow daddeh gif wots of huggies an’ wuv.”
“Shhhhhh, its okay Dingo just relax.”


Pretty interesting, and we’re glad to have you with us.
There’s only one thing I might gripe about, and it’s mainly because it’s a pet peeve of mine.