A Fresh New Hell part 6 (By: Kersploosh)

Bob’s wild smile got slowly bigger as the smarty approaches, but nothing could prepare him for what came next. “Am ‘ou munstah hoomin dat gibs fowebah-sweepies tu fwuffies?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Heawd da scweamin’. Tink maybe ‘ou can hewp smawtie.”

“Help you with what exactly?” His curiosity was peaked. Normally a smarty would be oblivious and demand stuff or run away. Bob also noticed the smarty was a unicorn with light blue fluff, covered in cow like black splotches, and had an almost silvery gray mane.

The fluffy dropped to his stomach and said something he never expected, “pwease gib smawty an hewd fowebah-sweepies. Can take dewe stupidity nu mowe.” Both the herd and Bob were in total shock upon hearing this. He then spilled his entire experience as a herd leader. “Fiwst dewe was da nummie findah nu wisten tu smawtie dat fuzzeh pwants nu am nummies and go fowebah-sweepies. Den the pink toughie am babbeh enfew su hab tu wip off weggies and no-no stick and weave neaw wed fwuffy bin. Den fwuffy mummahs nu wisten an pick bestest babbehs an nu gib miwkies tu odah babbehs, su smawty hab tu gib bestest babbehs fowebah-sweepies tu fix tings. Den dey just pick a nyu favowite an smawty hab tu du it again.”

An immobile light green earthie soon-mummah, with a purple mane, who looked way to small chimed in, “speshaw fwen bein ovewy dwamatic. Nu dat bad.”

The smarty rolled his eyes, “den thewe’s dat bish. Wimjob choose wowstest speshaw fwen evah. Tink she su smawt, but onwy awive cause smawty sabe hew fwom twyin tu hug movin metaw munstah.” The smarty looks Bob dead in the eyes, “pwease kiww hew befowe smawty su can hab a moment of siwence.”

Bob walked over to the soon-mummah to get a better look. As he suspected, she was a dwarf fluffy. How one survived being bred meant that either Rimjob was working with the world’s cruelest handicap, or he was smart enough to not thrust wildly. Probably both to be honest. “Well Rimjob, are you sure you are the father of these foals?”

“Of couwse smawty am daddeh, aww oddah stawwion’s hab speshaw fwen. If ‘ou askin’ how she nu gu fobebah-sweepies, then dat cause smawty knu not tu gu aww in wike smawty saw stawwion du tu fwuffy wike hew wun time. Su much boo-boo juice.”

“Well then bad news, she gets to live.” The mare gives a sigh of relief. “But I am going to cut her legs off once the foals are born. I needed another one like her to use as a breeder.” The fear returned to her face. “And you get to be a stud. As for your herd, some will live and some will die. I need to sure up my breeding stock before we open the store in a few months.”

“Oh, su wike pwace dat Wimjob was bown? Nu big fan, buh bettah than deawing wiff dese dummehs. Watheh shove no-no stick in stingy munstah nestie than wead dem anymowe.”

Bob couldn’t help but chuckle. This fluffy was so fed up with his herd’s bull shit that he went into a psuedo wan die loop. Instead of just seeking death, he wanted his whole herd to suffer. Some might call him an asshole, but really, if even half the stuff he said is true, who could blame him. Bob looked at the smarty, “I’m going to go get some friends to help deal with your herd. If any of them try to leave all of them die. If they are good, they might just live.”

“Otay. Wight evewyone?” The other herd mates nod in unison while the bitch Bob has by the scruff of the neck struggled in vain. Bob didn’t have to worry about them trying to overthrow their smarty as these fluffies were too stupid to figure that out. Plus, fluffies would obey the herd smarty friend even if it killed them in some cases. He also noticed a distinct lack of foals, save for a lavender pegasus in the corner cuddling a bunch of less desirable chirpies. Probably the only good mother in the group of thirteen adults.

Upon entering the saferoom to retrieve Anna and Ralph, bob sat the pregnant mare on a birthing mat he placed in there for resistant arrivals. “Pumpkin, watch this mare. If she gives birth, take the foals from her and clean them. I want her alive and the foals alive, but you have my permission to break her legs.”

“Otay daddeh.” This wasn’t the first time this had happened, and even with dwarf fluffies having more dense bones and muscle, cannibals were still much stronger.

“Good. Anna and Ralph, you come with me.” They nodded and followed Bob out of the room.

A minute later and the dam screamed, “Biggest Poopies!” The stress and fear prompted a slightly early birth, but fluffies in the immobile stage of pregnancy were safe to give birth at any point once it happened. It was just the body getting ready for the birthing process. Pumpkin approached the dam and took the foals from her and cleaned them as they were born. All of them had some form of pattern thanks to their father and stubby legs thanks to their mother. They were also about the size of runts, but had no bad babbeh smell.

All in all there were five foals, three fillies and two colts. The fillies were an earthie who had a brown front and white rear haunches, a unicorn that looked like her father, and a purple unicorn with yellow spots that looked like the big dipper on her side. The colts were an earthie who was split like his sister, only it was his left and right that were back and white respectfully and a red pegasus with a yellow lightning bolt on his sides.

Pumpkin immediately took the foals over to the auto feeders so they could feed. This prompted the mare to ask for her children, but Pumpkin just walked over and gave the mare a sorry-hoofsie. “Nu am ‘ou babbehs nu mowe dummeh. Dey am daddeh’s babbehs. Nao be gud, ow Pumpkin bweak weggies.”

“Huuhuuhuu, whay mawe bein meanie tu mummah? Jus’ wan gib babbehs huggies an’ wub.” Pumpkin just walked away back to the foals and rotated them until all of their bellies were full. The mare was still lived and tried to sneak up on Pumpkin. This went as well as a fat man trying to squeeze into skinny jeans. Before she even got half way to the foal area, Pumpkin turned around and tackled the fluffy to the ground. She didn’t let her go until she had broken all four of the mare’s stubby legs. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Wowsest huwties!”

Pumpkin dragged her over to the birthing mat. “Nao stay hewe ow Pumpkin wiww num ‘ou weggies.” The pained eyes of the mare got wide before she fainted. “Dummeh bettah nu die, daddeh am goin tu hab fun wiff ‘ou.” She then trotted back over to the foals and cuddled them. Pumpkin knew that the newborns would placed in an incubator eventually, so she wouldn’t waste her limited time with them.

Meanwhile outside, bob had emerged with his cannibal fluffs in tow. The fluffies had done a good job and hadn’t moved from the spots they were in before hand. If they were smart, they would have run. However, based on what Rimjob had told him, the thought probably never crossed their mind. “So Rimjob, any problems while I was gone.”

“Nu, mistah.”

“Wait, fwuffy’s namsies am Wimjob?” Ralph asked. Rimjob nodded and Ralph fell on his side laughing.

“Wha’ su funny?” Rimjob was clearly not amused.

“Hehehe .’Ou namsies am a ting humans du dat invowves putting the mouth on da poopie pwace.” Rimjob was horrified at this revelation.

“How do you know what a rimjob is?”


Bob just sighed. He would definitely have to look at the cannibal’s streaming history later. He probably learned it in one of those campy horror comedy movies he likes to watch, and Bob would have to ban the specific movie from the watch list. “Straighten up Ralph, you have work to do.” Ralph pulled himself up and sat their with a stupid grin on his face. “Ok, so first off Rimjob is to be left alone. Rimjob, tell me if any mares have had poity-wingy babbeh.”

“Dummeh wed mawe did,” he points to a bloated red pegasus soon mummah, “buh she tink babbeh munstah and twied tu wun away. Accidentwy cwushed aww hew babbehs.” He let out a sigh, “den hew speshaw fwen gib mowe tummie-babbehs eben though smawty say nu. Wen babbehs come, smawty gonna take dem and gib dem tu nuwse mawe obah dewe.” He motioned to the only mare with foals. “She aways hab miwkies su gud choice tu gib babbehs tu wen mummahs am dummehs.”

“Nu am dummeh, am gud mummah!” The red dam chimed in. “Munstah babbeh wan tu huwt mummah.”

“Anna, induce labor in her. Then pillow her.”

Before the mare could object, Anna grabbed and squeezed the dam’s stomach. As she gently applied more and more pressure, the bloated bitch screeched, “NU! BIGGEST POOPIES! BABBEHS COME TU SOON!” If that were the case then nothing would be lost by stillbirths. After all, a mare with alicorn genes is worth something. Not because alicorn’s are rare or anything, but because they are much harder to spoil to the point of smarty syndrome developing.

Plop plop plop plop.

With that, four little chirping foals emerged into the cruel world. The autumn breeze chilled them much quicker than normal. Bob cleaned them with a rag and looked over them. Sure enough, there were two alicorns, both fillies, accompanied by two pegasus colts. The mother didn’t get to even see them before Anna brutally ripped off her legs. Bob then let the alicorn foals suckle for a bit before chucking the colts into the still burning barrel. Even if they had alicorn genes, he had more than enough studs at this point. Their little screes caused the mother to start panicking, only to let out a large, “SCREEEEEEEEEEEE!” as Bob shoved hot metal into her stumps. “Rimjob, watch over these two while I assess the rest the herd.” Bob then noticed a brown earthie stallion trying to get to the recently pillowed fluff. As he yanked it up by the scruff of its neck, it begged for Bob not to hurt his special friend anymore. This was met with the stallion joining his sons in the fire. Not counting the smarty or pillow, there were five adults left. The nurse mare, two bloated but still mobile dams, and two unremarkable stallions.

The stallions were set upon by Ralph in an instant. The first to die was a gray earthie. Ralph made a simple quick death by tearing out the poor bastard’s throat. The second one was not so lucky. It was an orange pegasus with a red mane, and Ralph loved to kill pegasus fluffies the most. Like every time before, he slowly removed both of the screaming fluffy’s wings. Then he made the fluffy choose, his legs or his genitals. Being a stallion, his first words were, “pwease nu take speshaw wumps.” So Ralph granted the fluffy’s last request and removed his dick and front legs. Then he mounted the screaming pegasus. “Nu am mare! Nu am mare! Huuhuuhuu, wan daddeh!” Once Ralph had finished, Bob grabbed the sniveling rape victim and threw him into the burning barrel.

The mares were to be left unharmed, for the moment. The nurse seemed to be suffering from Over-Active Teat syndrome, which meant she would never stop producing milk. In a pet, this was an undesirable trait. As a nurse mare for the store, this was a highly desirable thing. After introducing the alicorns to her, she immediately hugged them and placed them with the other almost weanling sized foals. At first they were scared, but when their caretaker told them they were just fluffies like them, the foals immediately cuddled them. The other two mares were a pink pegasus with a gray mane, and a puke green earthie with a beautiful pastel rainbow mane.

If he was going to keep them, he had to scan them first. Only one had a chip, the pink pegasus. She had apparently ran away three months ago when told she couldn’t have babies. Bob really didn’t feel like dealing with people today, so he opted to throw her into the burning barrel. He wasn’t obligated to call anyone, but did make a note that she died when the feral herd she was with tried to claim his backyard. An obviously lie to anyone who was a witness, but the law was on his side if they tried to press charges.

He headed inside and showed Rimjob and the nurse mare where they would be staying. Both got a bath that they absolutely needed, as well as the foals who needed to get used to the sensation. He explained the rules and told the nurse mare that she had to teach any foals the rules as well. Her eyes lit up at the realization that she would be helping babies become good fluffies all of her life. Rimjob was placed in a special pen with a few of the well behaved studs. These were the ones that would spend most of their time in the good mummah section of the store breeding area. Basically, they were the privileged few studs that got comforts like toys, a soft bed, and plenty of friends. Rimjob quickly got acquainted with his new friends, that he thankfully didn’t have to keep from killing themselves constantly.

The nurse mare, that he named Debra, was placed the room with the cannibals and would be taught what she needed to know from Pumpkin, who was happy to have a friend that wasn’t her babbehs. Ralph and Anna didn’t mind the extra noise, and would never attack a fluffy without Bob’s permission. The dwarf fluffy was named Cumrag by Bob, much to her dismay. She was pillowed and shoved into a fluffy cell in the basement, but not before he used an insemination device to put some of Ralph’s spunk in her. She immediately perked up saying she could feel tummy-babies, but then it hit her. Cumrag could never hold or love any of them. As she started to cry, Bob just smiled before getting a frantic text from Luke with a picture of him holding something he never thought existed.


The smarty character is interesting. He seems to be more like a world-weary classic version of a smarty friend rather than a hellgremlin.


you know the herd is made of a bunch of idiots when even the smarty is sick of their shit


Yeah, I don’t like hellgremlins. Closest that’ll happen is Ralph, but even then he isn’t going to do stuff like shit every where or rape babies. Hell, Bob could take him to the park or a daycare without incident. He only kills on command because of how Bob trained him.

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First time seeing a smarty who is feed up surprisingly on his herd’s stupidity :joy::joy:

Hope all is well for him and the survived fluffies.

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