A Fresh New Hell part 4 (By: Kersploosh)

The fluffies in the warehouse never forgot that day. They had just witnessed their smarty get his head smashed in by a “munstah hoomin”, and then they started walking towards him. Every fiber of their being screamed to run, but they were compelled to listen to the man. By doing exactly what a rival smarty would do, he had effectively made himself the new smarty. The only way to free themselves from his control would be to kill him, but fluffies were incapable of doing that.

After that it was almost a blur. Adults and foals were put into crates, seemingly at random to the fluffies. And then the humans left. What was left of the herd cried and mourned their missing friends and children. That didn’t last long. The next mourning the humans came back and took even more of them. Only 18 of the 45 adults and 33 of the 143 foals remained.

They cried and mourned once more. So many broken families and so much pain. They wondered what they did to deserve this, and what their friends and families did to be taken. The third time the dark haired human came back alone with a large barrel and a red canister. He then started picking up the foals one by one and dropped them in the large metal barrel, adding some liquid from the red canister. They watched in horror as he lit a match and threw it in the barrel.

It was horrible. There was frantic screeing and chirping as the flames consumed the foals. Instead of running away, the adults ran up to him begging him to save their children. He just laughed and threw the adults in one by one. Until all that was left was a teal earthie with a black mane. This was a former toughy and the former smarty’s brother. He just sat their waiting for the human to throw him in too, but the human just stared at the fire, smiling at the pained screams of the dying fluffies.

After the fire died down, the man picked up the fluffy and put him in a crate in the back of his van. The fluffy just cried. He didn’t know why the man had spared him, but he didn’t want to be alive, he was supposed to keep the herd safe, but he just watched as the others were burned alive. Every time he closed his eyes, he heard their screams.

When the van finally stopped, he found himself outside of a house. Did the man decide to give him a new home? No it couldn’t be that. Then he smelled it, fluffies. Some were his old herd mates, some weren’t, but once he heard them, all he heard was misery. When he saw them, all he saw was sadness. Rows of metal cages big enough for just one fluffy each lined the walls.

There was no running, no playing. The mummahs were crying for their foals that had been taken away. This wasn’t how fluffies should live. The former toughy started to struggle as they approached a small cage but, it did no good. The man just threw him in the cage. “If you have to poop or pee do it in the litter box. Anywhere else and every fluffy here gets the sorry stick.” The fluffy had thought about trying to give the human sorry poopies, but at the mention of punishing all of the others for his actions, he decided against it.

“Biggest poopies!” A bright red alicorn mare with a golden mane, that he recognized as his special friend, was taken from a cage and put on a bench in front of him. He watched as the man helped her give birth, handing the foals to her for her to clean them. Only four foals were born, a golden unicorn colt, a brownish green earthie filly, a teal alicorn filly, and a pink unicorn colt. The man puts the golden unicorn and teal alicorn on her teats to drink.

At first the everything seemed fine, then he watches as the man picks up the earthie. With a simple flick of his thumb, the man snaps the newborn’s neck and drops it into a trash can. He then does the same to the pink unicorn. His special friend notices and starts to cry for her babbehs. He wanted to help her, give her hugs and tell her it will be alright, but wanting something and getting it are two separate things. The man then takes her and puts her back in her cage, then takes the living newborns out of the room. “Huuhuuhuu, poow widdwe babbehs,” his special friend whimpered. He just laid down and went to sleep, completely distraught at his failures.

Every day after that it was basically the same. Sometimes a mare would give birth and have her children taken. One time a mare gave birth in the night and tried to hide her foals from the man. He simply made her watch as he snapped all of their necks in front of her then proceeded to whip every fluffy there with the sorry stick until he drew blood.

Then one day a woman with red hair and green eyes came. She said she was there to make sure all the fluffies were healthy and give them shots. Despite the pain from getting a bunch of needles in him, the former toughie enjoyed the pets he got for, as she put it, “being a brave fluffy.” He told her he didn’t feel brave, and that he missed his special friend. She just laughed and asked him who his special friend was. He motioned to her and the woman wrote something down on her paper. She then put him back and continued examining all the fluffies.

A week later the last pregnant mare gave birth. The man seemed pleased as all of them were deemed acceptable, but the foals were taken away all the same. The thing that got him was the sound of the mother’s crying. Even knowing it would happen didn’t stop them. They didn’t beg for their foals back anymore at least. They learned that begging only got everyone in trouble and led to a sore rump.

After a bit, the man came by and attached a small tag to each cage. They each had a letter and number on them. Even if the fluffies could read, this would do them little good. “Well fluffies, I have good news and bad news. The good news is some of you get to leave here today. The bad news is you won’t be alive to enjoy it.”

The fluffies watched in horror as all the fluffies with a “C” on their tag were taken out and had their throats slit. All in all, four mares and three stallions laid on the ground dead in front of them. The man kicks the one mare that the former toughy recognized as the mare who hid her children. “Good colored foals aren’t enough to save you. Bad temperament and lying to me are also grounds for execution.”

He left soon after with all of the bodies. All the fluffies were cowering in their cells. All of them except the former toughy. He started to get flashbacks to the foals being burned alive, the smarty getting his head bashed in, and some of the shit he had witnessed in his past. The screams in his head got louder and louder. Suddenly, he started to hyperventilate and began bashing his head against the cage wall. “STOP PWEASE! FWUFFY SOWWY! FWUFFY SOW-” and then, there was silence.


143 foals? These motherfuckers were foal thieves, either that or they just fucked every mare as soon as she gave birth.


That’s roughly 3 foals per adult, and litters can be from 3 to 6 so roughly 1 and a half litters per mare, when if I recall correctly fucking the mare as soon as she gives birth in most headcannons would mean three litters of foals per mare. It’s a lot, but not as excessive as it first sounds. I’m more curious how a herd that big was getting enough food without the warehouse’ neighbours taking things into their own hands.


Yeah, it was an infestation, and it is fortunate that the fences got fixed trapping them. Well not for them as the grass and overgrowth would have lasted maybe another week.

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What happen to the toughie? Heart attack due to the trauma?

Man thats a huge infestation in that warehouse. :scream:

I was surprised he knew luke and seems they got some issue with a pet fluffy way back.

I hope bob will keep the deal with Luke.

He smashed his head against the wall enough to knock him self out. Whether he dies, derped himself, or is fine is still up in the air.

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I admit that I find it refreshing that there is a lot less alicorn discrimination in this Fresh New Hell series (I need to read the others which might be different).

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Alicorn fear is still a thing, but it is a fight or flight response to what is essentially the uncanny valley for fluffies. There’s nothing malicious about it, and most fluffies get over it when they realize alicorns are just other fluffies.

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