A Day in The Life (12 Days of Fluffmas Day 3) by Eck (FIXED)

-6:00 AM-6:30 AM-

I wake up, get in the shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, eat my breakfast and have a coffee.

I spend some time watching the news to see the weather make sure my day won’t be too miserable before work.

-6:50 AM-

I get in my car and head off to work. It’s about a 15 minute walk but I like to drive that way I can deal with less ferals on the way in.

-7:00 AM-

I clock into work at a speciality fluffy place. They prioritize selling fluffies with specific task in mind by commission ranging anywhere from milkbags to specially trained therapy fluffies. You would think there wouldn’t be high market for it but you’d be surprised at how many fluffies we sell that are trained to help people with anxiety or depression and since fluffies don’t last long we alway get repeat buyers.

-7:05 AM-

I start by going through the easy orders usually just making sure a fluffy remembers it’s training regiment before sending them out for delivery. This usually takes a good chunk of time since most our fluffies are early deliveries.

-8:00 AM-

After I finish setting up the fluffies scheduled for delivery, I feed the remaining fluffies and weaned foals. I ride this out til I go on break making sure to watch them eat to make sure none of them are being greedy with food.

-9:00 AM-

I start my break nothing eventful happens usually, I tend to just sit on my phone maybe have a snack or something from a vending machine.

-9:15 AM-

This is where I start going through the back double checking training regiment for foals that will be sold as therapy or aid fluffs. Generally speaking it’s just advanced FluffTV without all the fluffy brain rot and porn, strictly with shows depicting good fluffy behavior and depending on what they are being trained for shows that teach them how to do their jobs at the most basic level so that way they are easier to train as they grow older. All nurse mares that accompany them know the training by heart as well to help teach them.

This takes out a chunk of my day as we have about 20 pens with about 10 foals each and making sure they behave and are learning takes some time.

-12:00 PM-

My lunch begins usually just have a sandwich or whatever is in the “cafeteria” if you could call it that. I tend to take my time with lunch try and chat with some coworkers see what’s in store for the day. Other than that nothing eventful happens.

-12:30 AM-

Now that lunch is over the messy and unappetizing work comes in “pillowing and prep”. Here we do a daily rotation so no one person suffers burn out as unless you are a barebones sadist cutting apart fluffy limbs and other bits can become very mentally taxing. Today is my turn so I’d figure I’d share my list of task.

• 1 Enfie-Litter pal combo(sedate)
• 2 Litter pals(one neutral, one in wan die phase)

This isn’t the worst part of the job but it’s not the best if you have a heart and moral compass then it can be tough but after a while that gets thrown out so no need to worry.

I tend to start off with large batches of jobs so today I’ll start with the litter pals and combo, the only difference for the combo compared to the others is the container they go in it’s angles up at the back so their hind is showing for easy access while leaving the head exposed at and awkward angle for its litter purpose.

Hewwo mistah be nyu daddeh?

“Sorry bud I’m not gonna be your daddy, but I am gonna get you ready for your new owner.”

Weawwy fwuffy hab daddeh ow mummah!?

“That’s right! Now let’s get you all set up.”

I try to be nice to them I don’t think it makes it any better but hey guilty conscious and all. The first step is to get them into an immobilization board so they are easier to amputate, that and they can’t see their legs getting chopped off, they know but it would be just awful to see as well.

Mistah wai weggies nu wowk?

“Because your new owner needs to be able to tell if your a good fluffy with or without your legs.”

Wiww fwuffy weggies cum back.

“I’m sure they will if your good for your owner.”


All our amputee fluffs don’t get formal training as they have to high a mortality rate for it to be worth the cost. We also don’t discriminate by color or type, we have a deal with a local mill where we buy their bad product be it bad colors or bad personality and we get to keep a wide array of options for customers for it. You’d be surprised how many people want litterpals with nice colors just for the degradation of their psyche.

First I start by snapping the joints of they legs it makes cutting the limbs off even easier.



I also like to stuff the mouths with a cloth to muffle the screams better for the ears and all.




Now that the legs are dislocated I can start cutting and cauterizing. I’m thankful we make a decent amount here since it means we’re able to afford good equipment like the Leg Remover v2. It heats up enough to cauterize the wound but not enough to ignite the fluff allows for clean and efficient cuts.






“I’m sorry buddy but it’s part of the process. Don’t worry though your almost finished just got get you into your new house and then your owner will pick you up when they are ready.”

After the removal of the limbs we put the fluffs into their enclosure, which is basically just a glorified cage with a special poop chute the keeps all litter in front of them to eat.

“Alright here’s your new house. In a little bit your new owner will be here to pick you up.”


“That’s the spirit.”

Alright on to the next one.

Yu nyu daddeh nao!

“Nope. Here bite down on this.”











“Alright in the box!”


“Welcome to the club kid.”

Some customers with a pension for sadism like to have their fluffs suffer every bit of the way and since our specialty is custom orders we make sure to always deliver.

Next up is the combo nothing different really but this customer wants their fluffy to wake up to the new life they’ll have so I’m gonna sedate her and then continues the procedure.

Hewwo mistah yu am nyu daddeh? Gib fwuffy wots of wub an huggies an babbehs! Fwuffy wub babbehs su su mush, wan babbehs su bad.

“Well I’m not gonna be your daddeh but you are getting an owner and I’m sure they’ll let you have all the babbehs you could ever want. Here have a treat.”


“There we go now goodnight.”










Alright now it’s time for sleeping beauty to go into her little enclosure and out for receiving. Thankfully today’s workload was light but still enough to get me to break.

-2:00 PM-

My last break of the day is fairly similar to the first I usually just sit back and relax, the only difference really is washing myself up and preparing for my least favorite part of the job. Cleaning.

-2:15 PM-

Cleaning in of its self isn’t bad but the smell and visuals make it pretty awful even after working for a while. That and I hate cleaning in general. The vast amounts of shit piss and blood do not make it easier either. All in all though it’s a good way to pass the time till my favorite part of the day. Going home.

-3:00 PM-

After I clock out I tend to say hello to the next shift and warn them of what work they might have in store for themselves. After that I head out and go home. That’s really a basic day in my life at a custom order fluffy store it’s really nothing special but it’s pretty nice if you have the stomach or lack there of to handle it. See ya around.

Fuuuuuuck my life. I basically had to rewrite the second half of this from scratch and couldn’t properly remember a thing I wrote which is very upsetting. Curse random internet drops!

Ahem now back to the original outro I had planned.

Abstract abuse is still abuse right. I hope you all enjoyed figured I’d do some first person stuff and start flexing some writing muscles.