A Crash Landing (By Kersploosh)

Larry was happily rolling his special friend, Petunia, down the sidewalk on a bright and sunny day. Despite being named, they weren’t escaped domestics or drop-offs. No, they were just lucky enough to have been named by a drunk homeless man named Albert, who thought they were his former wife’s fluffies. Larry was a nice chestnut brown earthie with a cream colored mane, and petunia was a pretty lavender unicorn with a naturally curly lime green mane. Both of them had been together since they were born in the same herd. They had a nice warm building to sleep in with lots of grassy nummies to eat.

One day while they were out working as nummie finders, they returned to find the fence repaired, and they were unable to get back in. Thinking that their herd had abandoned them, they left to find another place to live. They ended up just moving place to place. It was safer that way as humans would find and destroy fluffy housies when they went to get nummies, or at night when fluffies couldn’t see them coming. Then one thing led to another, and Petunia was pregnant, but with no nest to call home, they ended up with Larry rolling her everywhere.

Everything was going great, until they ran into the cruelest meanest type of human imaginable, teenagers. The trio of boys saw the two fluffies rolling and strolling down the street and decided to have some fun with them. One of them pinned Larry down, and made him watch as the more burly member of the group grabbed Petunia by her tail. The teen started spinning round and round before he released her. This caused her to go soaring through the air. If she were a pegasus or alicorn, she might have enjoyed this little flight for a bit. However, any fun she might have had would have stopped as she crashed through a second floor screen window.

The crash was followed by a loud scree and her screaming for someone to help her. The trio immediately knew they fucked up and made a break for it. Teenagers being teenagers had just landed themselves in hot water. You see, using a fluffy to damage someone else’s property was a misdemeanor with a hefty fine attached. This was mostly to curtail the rise of abusers setting fluffies on fire and letting them run free.

The now free Larry ran towards the house and banged on the door until his little hooves were bleeding. When no one answered, he just laid down and started to cry.

Petunia was not in the best shape, but she was alive. She had managed to land on top of a shelf, knocking a bunch of glass objects to the ground and covering the ground in broken glass. All but her front left leg was broken, and she had cuts all over her face. She wailed in pain as long as she could, it was her hope that whoever lived in the house would find her and save her.

The owner did hear her, and was woken up from his sleep by her screaming and the shattered glass. He entered his office area to find the screen in his window torn and a fluffy laying on the shelves where he kept a bunch of knick-knacks that his family gave him. Martin was not happy about the situation, but he knew there was no way in hell that a fluffy managed to break in through his wind on its own.

“P-pwease nice mistah, hewp Petunia…. s…sabe babbehs.” In a flash, Martin made his was over to the struggling fluffy, the glass crunching underneath his slippers. From what he could tell, she needed medical attention and soon. That would have to wait though, as she had gone into labor. Martin sat her down on the floor, away from the glass, and gently petted her.

“I’ll be right back with something to help your babies.” He left to get a basin of warm water and some towels. Petunia couldn’t clean her children, so Martin would have to do it. He returned to find the first foal peeping. As he bathed and dried it, two more came. Both of them were healthy and chirping. Then the last two came. One was perfectly fine, but the other was stillborn. He just sighed and cleaned the living foals, then turned Petunia on her side, and helped the foals feed.

There four survivors were a lime green unicorn colt, a chestnut brown earthie filly, a purple earthie filly, and a cream colored pegasus filly. The dead one was a gray unicorn colt. The mother smiled at her brood. “Tank ou’ nice mistah.” Petunia coughed up a bit of blood, “wemebah babbehs, mummah wubs ou’.” Then she closed her eyes and was gone.

Martin watched as the foals started to chirp in distress. They knew something was wrong, despite being blind. He scratched his chin as he looked around the room trying to determine what had happened. Then he noticed the busted screen in his window. ‘Whoever through her had to have a hell of an arm to do this,’ he thought. There was no sense in dwelling on it at the moment, so Martin picked up the crying foals and placed them in an old shoe box with some rags. He didn’t have much in the way of chirpy supplies, so he decided to make a run to the local fluffy store for supplies.

As he opened the door he looked down to see a crying Larry curled up on his front step. “Hey, do you know anything about the fluffy I found in my house?”

Larry looked up at the human who addressed him. “Ou’ fin’ speshaw fwen? Wawwy wan see Petunia.”

Martin got a bit of a sad look on his face, “I’m sorry little guy, she didn’t make it.”

“NU! Nunununununu-”

Martin reached down and clamped the stallion’s mouth shut. “Calm down. I know you’re hurting, but she managed to give birth to your babies before she died. They need their father right now.”

“Wawwy am daddeh?!” A quick smile flashed across his face before another realization hit him, “buh, babbehs nee’ mummah fow miwkiew an wub.”

“Larry, I can buy formu- er special milkies that can replace Petunia’s, and you can give them love. That’s what dad’s do.”

He sniffled a bit, “weawwy? Wawwy nebah hab daddeh. Him gu fowebah-sweepies befowe Wawwy bown.”

“Well if you follow me inside, I can introduce you to your children, and get you set up in the safe room while I go get milk for them.”

Larry halfheartedly wagged his tail, “otay nice mistah. Wawwy fowwow ou’.” He followed Martin up some stairs and into what used to be a walk-in closet. What he saw was a fluffy paradise. Plenty of toys a nice soft bed, a litter box with a small ramp next to it, a food bowl that was still full, and a water bottle that was hooked up to a water cooler. Larry smelled another fluffy, but didn’t see one. “Am der anodah fwuffy hwew?”

“Not anymore, she was a VERY bad fluffy and killed a mother and her foal while trying to steal it, so I had to give her forever-sleepies. My ex was against it for the longest time, but after she left me, I snapped the things neck myself. I have no tolerance for bad fluffies.” Larry was stunned, but nodded his head in understanding. “Rules are simple, use the litter box over there to make good poopies and peepees, no demanding anything, all babies must be loved equally so NO bestest babbehs. Also, no using babehs as enfie toys.”

Larry gags a bit at that last one, “Wawwy nebah du dat. Wawwy gib fowebah-sweepies tu any fwuffy who twy dat.”

“Good, now the food and water should be fine as Sparkles was taken care of a few days ago. Just let me fill the litter box and I’ll get you situated.” Larry nodded and walked over to the bed to lie down. Martin made a note of his injured hooves and would clean the wounds when he got back. He then filled the litter box and grabbed the box containing the foals. As the foals were laid next to Larry, he smiled and cooed at them. “Now, you have to clean up after them. That means any poopies or peepees they make are your responsibility. Also, they need you to stay warm so try to limit your time away from them.”

“Otay nice mistah.” With that, Martin got up to leave and buy some formula. Larry was snuggling with his children with a tear in his eyes. “Nice mistah?”

“Yes, Larry.”

“Am ou’ Wawwy’s an Wawwy’s babbehs’ nyu daddeh?”

Martin just smiled, “sure kid, why not?”


Damn hope those morons get caught for damage of private property :grimacing::angry::triumph:

Larry now have to tske care if his babbehs ve strong Larry, be strong :muscle:


Larry is going to be the best daddy to those foals. I can feel it.