A Cold Reception (By: Kersploosh)

It was getting colder by the day and the pegasus mare was growing more and more desperate to find a warm place to live. After disobeying the smarty, and getting pregnant just before the winter months, she was given the choice to either leave the herd or abandon her children. The smarty knew that there wasn’t resources for the herd to rear children during the winter, so even if he let her keep the foals, they would have starved or frozen to death anyways. Obviously she chose to leave in her “infinite wisdom”, and now she was out in the cold with her brood nestled on her back. Her favorite, a pink pegasus like her, was nestled in the warmest part of her fluff with her other two, a yellow earthie and a red pegasus, close to him in order to keep him warm. If they froze first it didn’t matter to her, only her bestest’s life mattered and nothing else.

The current door she was knocking on was the only one in the neighborhood without a car in the driveway. The owner gone away on a trip to the store. This would prove an annoyance to the owner as he pulled into the driveway. While his neighbors just ignored the bitch mare so they didn’t have to kill and dispose of her themselves, he wouldn’t be able to ignore her plight. He got out of the car and proceeded to head to his front door, only to be stopped by the pink and yellow abomination of nature.

“Can I help you?” He asked against his better judgment.

“P-p-pwease n-n-nice mistah. F-fwuffy am mummah and need to get in a wawmsie pwace. C-c-cowdies nu gud fow bestest babbeh.”

“Bestest?” He raised his eyebrow at that. “What kind of shitty mother picks a favorite child?”

“NU! FWUFFY AM BESTEST MUM-” She quickly found her mouth held shut by the man with one hand while he grabbed the trio of foals from her back fluff. He could easily just kill them and be done with it, but he realized that he might have a use for her children. Without another word, he made his way inside with the foals, leaving the mother to start screaming and beating her hooves on the door. Crying to be allowed in with her bestest foal.

Roy Fritz was having a bit of an eventful day. After a year had passed since his dog died of old age, he decided to go shopping and stumbled across a foal-in-a-can vending machine. This seemed odd to him as most of the companies that stocked these machines were out of business due to the foal cans being to expensive to produce. This machine seemed to be selling blind buys, which took advantage of the same skitter-box technology that slot machines and lootboxes used to encourage people to buy more.

Well Roy’s curiosity got the better of him and he ended up punching in the number 10 and received a tube containing a small cheeping foal. Opening the container revealed it to be a pale green earthie. A quick check revealed that it was a girl and based on her size, she couldn’t have been more than a day or two old. Taken from her mother at birth and shoved into a sterile tube with no love or comfort offered to her, the simple act of being held by the 35 year old man caused her to peep happily. A quick trip to the local fluffy store later and he had all the supplies he would need to raise her.

Now he was home with his little bundle of joy, two mistreated foals, and a fat as fuck shit rat. The brood from the bitch mare couldn’t have been more than a week old their little nubs couldn’t support their bodies yet and they could not walk. It wasn’t hard to identify which was the favorite, he was much fatter than the others, most likely given as much as he could drink before the others got a single drop. He also felt a bit warmer and wasn’t shivering as much as his siblings.

There was no way Roy was going to keep the defective bestest foal, the simple fact that it got treated so well meant it would take a lot of work to fix, and no one had time to do that outside of shelter workers. Still killing him wouldn’t teach his mother anything as she would just have more, so Roy turned on the stove and heated up a razor sharp knife. He quickly pillowed the foal. Then, without giving it a second to rest, he used a pair of nail clippers to castrate the foal before using the hot knife to sear the wound closed. His pained chirps just barely could be heard outside.

The mare cried as her now bloody hooves beat on the door over and over again. The foal she gave up everything for was now far beyond her reach, and she could hear his pained screams. After a bit, the door opened and Roy stepped outside with the pillowed favorite in his hand. A small glimmer of hope flashed in her eyes before it faded into oblivion as Roy sat the pillowed foal in front of her. She didn’t have long to process it as Roy lifted her up by her tail and slammed a red hot poker into her vagina. This seared it and made her incapable of ever conceiving children ever again.

“Now take your shit rat son and get the fuck out of here.” With that, Roy went back inside and slammed the door. The mare wept over her child before picking him up and stumbling back out into the cold streets. Never again would she attempt to bother a human, and with no ability to have children, no stallion would ever be her special friend.

Inside it was a different story. The foals he spared were bathed and were snuggling with their new chirpie sister, now named Moss. A belly full of formula made them instantly forget their mother and the screams of their brother. Roy named the foals Lemon and Apple respectively and gave the three a some gentle pets before heading to bed. The three foals that never knew love before that day would go on to live happy lives.


Hmmm… ~contemplates if he too shall do something like this with his prize~