4chan Abuse Thread 9/23/2021

You guys wanna join me? Come post your favorite stuff?

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No reason not to post here either.



I didn’t even know that 4chan was still a thing

Hey I didn’t see this one before, I think:


Yeah, once you’re there though you’re there forever.
That one’s mine. I’ll probably post more from my gallery. I only just started uploading OC here like a month or so ago, so maybe you haven’t seen any of my stuff. If you think that one’s funny, you’ll probably like the others.


Remeber when \b\ was good? That’s right, you don’t. \b\ was never good.


That’s where I first saw this shit, back when fluffy abuse was allowed on /b/. That was probably the better part of 10 years ago at this point. I drew some OC back then, but it must be lost to the ages. I wish I had it.

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@LostDauphin did a comic a few months back that focused on exceptionally disturbing abuse. On top of that, his art always reminds me of Junji, which is great for making things seem creepy.

He also did one more recently that, while not particularly extreme for abuse, gave off some hard to explain unwholesome vibes that unsettled me.

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Holy shit that’s fucked.
Kind of reminds me of the first comic I posted here. I just posted it in the thread too: https://i.4cdn.org/trash/1632447574415.jpg That’s part 1/7.

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This might be my favorite fluffy comic. I’ve said it before, but @wolfram_sparks is my muse.

24839 - abuse amputation artist-wolfram_sparks bestest_babbeh choice comic crying explicit foal foal_abuse foals new-style original_art tears


Yo, how would normies that didn’t keep up with every variation of 4chan’s CAPTCHA system actually post?

Because I have no goddamn idea what this says
faggots prompt

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Random, pointless abuse is usually just “meh” to me. But this comic did a good job of making it feel bleak. I think because most of the comic focused on how the fluffies felt about the abuse, rather than showcasing the abuse itself.

Lmao. If you ask me, I like this new thing sort of. It’s a FUCK of a lot better than “select every image of mailbox” I feel like doing those kinds of captchas constantly permanently damaged my eyesight. For the slider thing, it helps if you squint a bit and just slide it fast across, then your brain subconsciously sees what you’re supposed to type. I agree with your sentiment though. I remember the days when there weren’t captchas. And I remember the days when a word just appeared and you could type in half the captcha, like 87XYH N****R and it would work. Obviously no captcha is best, but the next best would be the captcha I was just talking about, which is in this picture of George. FUCK the “select all driveways” that really pissed me the fuck off. My eyes hurt thinking about it.



Great analysis. That’s also what I like about wolfram’s stuff. A fluffy’s mental anguish is always way funnier than a fluffy just getting chopped up. What I tend to do with my comics is combine the mental abuse with the physical abuse, but I don’t usually linger on the psychological torture, and the payoff for a lot of my comics is a scene of hideous gore and physical suffering.
Like that comic posted in this thread with the Rottweiler. It ends with the last foal in absolute disbelief at the circumstances it’s in, realizing it’s mother cares more for herself than the foal, and not understanding why as it gets eaten.
That said, while hilarious, the psychological abuse doesn’t have as much of an impact and isn’t nearly as nuanced as wolfram’s stuff. He has comics with a fluffy slowly being broken down mentally over like 20 panels. Psychological torture is part of it, but like I said I pad it out with gore–nothing wrong with that, but I really, really like the drawn out mental breakdown if I’m the reader. Wolfram’s got a real knack for that.
I’ll take a whack at a comic like that someday, but I really wanna be inspired and do something original. One bit I really liked, shit I wish I could remember what comic it was from, was a pillowed fluffy watching FluffTV and it showed some fluffies running around playing and the pillowfluff watching it started screaming and crying for its “dad” to “shut the meanie pictures off”. A literal image of joy brought the fluffy to tears. Fucking hysterical. When I get a great idea like that I’ll make a comic that doesn’t involve physical abuse like that.

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Are you talking about this comic Evil-TV™?

Hahahaha. Yeah, nice snipe thanks. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s wolfram.

I’m the one in charge of reuploading Wolframs stuff to the website, that’s how I knew what comic you were talking about.

Oh, is the account on this site not really him? Or we’re not sure? I’m not hip to whatever’s going on behind the scenes. To be honest, I didn’t even know who the hell wolfram was until I found this site, realized a lot of my favorite fluffy stuff just happened to be by this guy.

I also wanna say off the top of my head I really like @artist-kun, and @SuperWeaner. When I first read this I ended up spitting out my drink:


@Virgil is here so I’ll post this one I just saw for the first time. Laughed my ass off.



That’s the real Wolfram, they’re not very active like everyone else on the website.

What a god.

That’s what it seems like until you grow up. But you never forget.

I’m proud of this one. I had to find and transpose a real pheasant under glass recipe and make it about fluffies. Reading it always makes me STARVING too.